{Baby Black Take 2: Week 25}

{I am posting a week behind - I am 26 weeks now}

I seriously don't know how I'm 25 weeks already and he is as big as a cauliflower! It's nuts.

How far along: 
25 weeks

Having my doctors appointment last week. I knew I was meeting a doctor in the same clinic I was at when I was pregnant with Delainey but was told it was with the high risk clinic. BUT turns out I am with the exact same team of 4 doctors as I was with last time {even though we didn't see any of them at the hospital} in the low risk clinic. Go figure. The nurse who did my intake didn't sound thrilled when she saw I wanted a VBAC but once I met with the doctor and she looked through my file she seemed confident.
Thankfully they do ultrasounds in clinic at 36 weeks now! That would have been nice last time! Oh well. I'm just relieved to have these doctors again as we liked them last time for all our appointments.
Little man didn't waste any time to show the doctor his moves and his heartbeat was just perfect. :)

I go from thinking I feel pretty decent in one moment to feeling awful the next. Headaches galore. Yesterday was the worst and the awful "olive bar" at Superstore got me and I got sick in the bathroom there which is terrible in itself. Yuck.

Icky & Loving:
I'm loving a splash of mango coconut water in my water these days and I am obsessed with blueberries. The end.

What I'm wearing:
I haven't purchased anything new maternity wise so far this pregnancy - I have been working with what I had, what Leigh lent me {thank you again!} and my wardrobe. Thankfully I can still wear all my maxi skirts and lot of my dresses although some are getting too short to wear while having a toddler to chase! Maternity jeans, capris and shorts are just so comfortable. Tanks and tees are a mix up of regular and maternity but many regular ones are getting too short. I still love the Target Liz Lange tanks - I never packed them up with my maternity clothes they are just the perfect tanks all around. Thankfully I stocked up before Target closed in Canada and have 5 of them!

 ^ tank c/o Sage & Sky Threads

^ our tee c/o Stellar Seven

4 - plus Cruz walks. This week I changed it up and did Jillian Micheals Ripped in 30 Level 1-4.
Good change and oh man I felt it!

What I'm looking forward to: 
Spending this weekend at the lake {it's Regatta!} and I am staying the next week too and Gran is visiting - YAY!
TAYLOR SWIFT concert in 1 WEEK with Mom!

Best moment of the week:
All this little man's CRAZY movement. Even if he does keep me up at night.
Having a team of doctors for delivery.
Seeing the spare room EMPTY! I'm pretty proud of myself for clearing out that closet. ;)

Finishing my string art for the nursery.

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Nikki said...

I think I already said this but gosh this pregnancy is FLYING! You look fabulous!

Ashley said...

So does pregnancy go quicker with second or what?? Seems too fast!! Good job on emptying the nursery!! So glad the doctors appointment went well! Yes an ultrasound at 36 weeks would have been handy for you last time haha! I loved later ultrasounds, although towards the end it's harder to get pics because they are usually "in position" but I have one of Noah 4 days before we had him! What is the big concern with vbac?

Bex said...

I'm glad that your doctor is confident in your VBAC. I really hope it ends up being a good experience for you.

You're looking fantastic, by the way, as always!

Christy said...

You look adorable! Sorry about getting sick at Superstore. My worst was in a trashcan downtown right in front of a crowd of people lol. Pregnancy is so glamorous! A 36 week US sounds fun!!! We have one at 32 and then I'm not sure if we will have anymore. I am hoping baby boy turns head down for you and you can get your vbac!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So glad you have your same team of docs!! What the heck is with crazy nurses? VBACs are not bad!! I still can't believe they didn't send you for an US last time to confirm. Late ultrasounds, while its always awesome to see baby, are a little less climatic than early ones bc baby is so smooshed you can't really see them, if that makes sense.

You look great!! I still need to dig out my clothes for you!! I don't have much summer stuff.

Yay for a cleared out nursery!

Brie said...

So glad you got the same team of doctors and are comfortable with them. Having a doctor(s) you like is SO important! That's awful you got sick at Superstore - there bathrooms are the worst! Have a great time at the lake (jealous!) :)

Leigh said...

So glad you are with doctors you like and that they do ultrasounds now. We had one and was surprised that you didn't...it's super short and not super clear but at least you can find how what position he is in! :)

Jen Linton said...

yeah that 36 weeks ultrasound is pretty great to give you an idea of positioning. although i think the machine they used was from the 80s haha

T. L. said...

I am so excited to see the little misters room!!

Whitney Cowan said...

Awe you poor thing, I didn't know you threw up at Superstore.. gross! Not fun at all, actually pretty miserable. Almost done, I know it's hard to enjoy it when you feel that rotten, but you're doing a good job of doing that. Empty room is SOOO exciting!! And you look awesome :)