{weekend rewind}

What an amazing weekend we had. Actually going back to Wednesday on my first day off it's been great since. Weather has been SO nice so that always helps.
Rewind back to Thursday. We had our last gymnastics class. Delainey LOVES it so much and has made so much improvement with listening, waiting and even her "skills". She wants nothing to do with me helping her now. She walks up the incline beam all alone, throws herself in the pit, runs across the tramp and is so brave. I'm so proud her. I think I will actually register her for the next session even if runs into when her brother will arrive as it will be a good treat for her then and we will have family that may be able to take her for those last weeks if I can't.

This is her favorite thing EVER!

 Gramma Debbie came to watch and she was so cute waving to her up in the viewing area. At the end of class they called up each team to get a prize and photo. They had baskets with beach balls, tote bags, frisbees etc and Delainey grabbed this water bottle so fast and was first to climb up for her photos all by herself which is huge for my shy little monkey. {My Mom has a water bottle like this which she loves drinking out of so she has been obsessed with her new water bottle since}.

 Thursday night I had my dinner with the girls. We went to 80th and Ivy on 17th Ave and it was so delicious plus the perfect night to sit out on the patio. There was only 5 of us but we stayed well past paying our bill.

Friday morning we met up with Nicole & the kids {along with her SIL and another Mom} at the zoo. It was a hot one but as always we had a great time.

Spotted the Rhinos!

{Bucket List Tank - I love this tank!} 

Audrey & Miss D are such buddies.

Saturday morning Justin left early to go riding with Brian and Ian hoping to beat the heat. We met up with Barb (& Taylor), Julia and Nic for a beach day at Sikome lake. I had never been and was really impressed. We parked in overflow at the back so it was so quiet. The lake and sand were surprisingly super clean and we had a blast!

Delainey could not get enough of wading in the water!

Nic had a selfie stick which made for an easy {& awesome} group shot!


Saturday night Gramma Debbie offered to come over for us to go out for our anniversary which was on Saturday! 

6 YEARS! Part of me feeling like those year flew by and another part of me feels like I can't remember not being with Justin. As much as he drives me bonkers at time I can't imagine doing life with anyone else. Love you a lot lot Just.

Justin surprised me with where were went - Murietta's downtown - one of our favorites. The food is always amazing and Justin says I was a cheap date since we usually order a bottle of wine when we are there! :) They did make me an amazing virgin mojitos which hit the spot!

This was last year and it blows my mind how much Delainey has changed in a year!!

Trying out my shoes from the night before!

Sunday morning we decided to head out for a hike. We wanted something that had water for Cruz and that wasn't too long as it was SO hot already at 7am.

These too reading while I got ready. So cute.

Justin chose a new hike to me  - Elbow Pass which isn't a long hike (but holy hills batman!!) and you hike up to Elbow Lake that has camp sites.

As always the photos don't do it justice. It was SO beautiful up there!

Cruz was in heaven with her pre and post lunch swims!

We brought lunch to cook over the fire and Delainey was one happy camper!

She loved exploring, standing/jumping off rocks and getting covered in sap.

Tryng to get a photos of these girls together is impossible. One listens to stay. :)

 The water was COLD but felt very refreshing.

Cruz "fetching" rocks. AKA swimming in circles wondering where the hell they went. 

Justin took a detour on the way home to Cochrane. Best husband ever. To hit up MacKay's Ice Cream - one of my favorite spots. 
Post hike rituals are my favorite.
When we got there we were shocked {well kinda - it was SO hot} - there was the biggest line up!! We all waited a while and finally us girls needed the shade and Justin waited the rest of the time. Delainey got her own bowl and Cruz not only got licks the stinker took half my ice cream in one bite.

Delainey LOVES being out on the deck with Justin when he BBQs {I love it too!} She dances to the music, throws the ball for Cruz and chills with her drink and snack.
I bought this hat for her last year and it was way too big and just found it yesterday. I am thankful this year she is obsessed with hats cause she didn't take it off from the minute we gave it to her.

It was seriously such a fun filled weekend. I want a re-do. :)

PS. Whit has her blog post <------ about="" always="" amazing....seriously.="" amazing="" and="" anyone="" are="" as="" better.="" can="" cannot="" capturing="" click="" couple="" darn="" else="" enough="" font="" handsome="" her="" here="" i="" imagine="" it.="" it="" jeff="" jolie="" like="" looked="" model="" nbsp="" of="" photos="" pretty="" re-living="" remember="" right="" s="" said="" say="" seriously="" stunning.="" stunning="" t="" there.="" this="" too.="" up="" was="" wedding="" weekend.="" when="">
Thank you Whit!! xo

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Bex said...

What a perfect weekend. I love your hiking ritual ;) well worth the wait yesterday! D looks so cute in that hat!!

Happy anniversary to you two!

Nikki said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I think I may have asked you this before but what backpack carrier do y'all have?

Carolyn said...

What an awesome weekend!!! :) I love all of your family hikes! You live in a gorgeous spot for it!!!

Dad and Mom said...

Great photos! Count us in for gymnastics duty!!

Kaella Carr said...

I love everything about your weekend--it was jam packed just like we like too!! I LOVE that summer bucket list tank and her hat! D is such a stylish little girl!!

Ashley said...

Love the gymnastics shots! I think we will sign Noah up when he is old enough!! Such a good energy burner!! Sounds like such an awesome weekend!! I think I might have to come back to get our summer weather back! It hasn't been the same since I left it there last year ahaha. That and I miss the mountains!! Glad you guys got out for your anniversary! Love love love the wedding pics!! Amazing as usual! You look great and I love D's dress!!

Leigh said...

What a great weekend you guys had! The hike looked beautiful...might have to do it :) and happy anniversary again :)

Jen Linton said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! We want to take Wes on a hike sometime this summer...i think Tyler is most excited about driving the Jeep on some dirt!

Katie said...

i need to get addi in gymnastics! how cute!! and what a fun weekend! and I LOVE her little hate - she is just too cute!

Amber said...

What a fun weekend! You guys were super busy. That hike looks beautiful!! We have lots of amazing hikes around here but I wish I could find more hikes that end at lakes/water, it would be nice to cool the feet after a hike like that :)

Love the dress you wore for your anniversary dinner!

Gabriella said...

Little dare devil at gymnastics! That hike looked incredible. And I love how Cruz just jumps right in the water. Homie won't even go near water! Happy Anniversary. I am glad you got to enjoy a night out!! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you guys got a chance to go out to dinner to celebrate your anniversary! It's crazy how much Delainey has changed since your last anniversary! The hikes from your photo are gorgeous! I love where I live but I am envious of those who lives so close to great hiking with beautiful views as we have to drive quite a long ways to get to beautiful hiking areas!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Seriously could you add anymore fun into your weekends?? So jam packed! When do you rest?

That last hat on D is adorable! I need to find one like that for A- she would probably wear it to, as long as she has a dress on... ;) I love that picture you got of the two of them!

Happy Anniversary! Love Murrietas! You guys looked great. I can't believe how little D looks in the pic from last year!

Your hike looked great- definitely on our summer to-do list! With ice cream at the end ;)

Brie said...

What a great weekend! I can't wait until I can enroll Sully in gymnastics - I think he'll love it! (This fall I'm thinking he may be old enough?) Glad to hear Sikome lake was fun! We were just talking about going there but didn't know what to make of it being a man made lake. Sully loves the water and I'd rather be outside then in an indoor swimming pool :) Happy (belated) Anniversary!