{THE Wedding}

{So I forgot to take my weekly belly pics yesterday until I was already tucked into bed with my sleep mask on...SO that will have to wait until tomorrow!}

BUT that means we get another NY recap. And this one is the BEST one. THE WEDDING.
These are all cell phone pics and I wish I HAD WAY more pics from that day but recap it is...

The morning of the wedding the wedding party met at Jolie's parents place. The girls got ready there all morning and then had photos done with Whit before the ceremony. 
It was so awesome to have Whit with us the morning of the wedding while we got ready {and living down the hall for 4 days!!} I know how hard it was for Whit to be away from her kids all this time {heck I cried watching all the cute videos they would send her every morning saying how much they missed her!!} but it was really special to have my best friend capturing my brother and his best girls wedding. I so appreciated all the time this gave us to hang out too. Thank you Jeff, Jolie & Whit!

A HUGE thank you to my Mom who took Delainey all morning until the wedding. They did a little shopping - Mom didn't realize these were her jammies! :)

Side note: This soother was a life saver on the trip. She typically only get her monkey soother at bed time and this one in the car if I want her to sleep...well it became a constant source of comfort for her on this trip and as much I hated it, we accepted it. It's amazing how much it calms her down. SO you'll see a lot of this damn soother.

The guys went out to do some skeet shooting in the morning. Whit went to capture some of their fun and had a chance to shoot a gun too!

Jolie getting even more beautiful!

Jolie had mugs for all of us with our initials filled with biscotti waiting for us. She also had pretty Victoria's Secret robes for us to get ready in {which I love and wear every morning getting ready now!} and the best bagels & cream cheese I have ever eaten. No joke. Along with coffee and a Mimosa bar. They even had virgin champagne for me. 

Jolie's dress was perfection. Suited her to a tee, fit her like a glove and she seriously looked like she walked out of the pages of a high end bridal magazine.

Getting her gift from Jeff - Whit doing her thing!

Tag of her with a little note from my brother! AMAZING.

Our cousin did Amanda did Jolie's hair, along with some of the other girls and mine. She also did my wedding hair and all my bridesmaids so it was fun to have her with us again.

Jolie's hair was incredible. So pretty.

Venue getting all set up! {This is her parents HOME!}

Jolie's girls!! Can't say enough about these girls either. They are SO great.

The week before the wedding Jeff and Jolie were in NY so Jeff and Ed {Jolie's Dad} built this awesome bar. It had a hockey stick on it and a super vintage Menendez Farm sign to top it off. Plus Canadian and American flags.
They also had a Whiskey & Cigar bar - as per Jeff's request!

The tables and flowers were stunning.

All ready with my monkey! I was just so relieved she didn't fight the tutu or the headband! :) Success. Thanks heavens for pouches and this soother!

Beautiful ceremony location - her Grandma's house.

{Her headband is c/o Tulip & Olive.
Danielle from Le Petit Coco made us some adorable cream moccs for the wedding but unfortunately they were still too big come wedding day so these bow ones were from a craft sale.
Tutu is from HERE and she wore it over a little onesie that had lace around the neck.
Soother is made by designer - just kidding. Damn soother.}

Totally biased but she was the cutest!

Their Geneseo hockey buddy Brandon did a great job officiating the wedding.

Love this photo of Mom and Miss D. Again thank you Mom for keeping D busy while we did photos after the ceremony and for part of the reception too.

First dance! I love this shot with me watching them in the back. :)

Their MC Balog was hilarious and I guess in the US they don't have MCs at weddings so he didn't even know what it was when Jeff and Jolie asked him but he killed it!
Clearly he got Jeff good by sharing this photo! :)

Dancing with Daddy.

She loved having this big dance floor and music {the live band was awesome!} all to herself.
So much for my shy gal.

But all that dancing was exhausting!

It was only a cat nap though, she was up again when I tried to put her to bed in the house and was until almost 11pm - dancing on the dance floor with us in her sleep sac!

One of my most favorite parts of the night was when Jolie sang to Jeff. She has the most beautiful voice and had this planned for a long time.
She looks so natural up there in this amazing dress and her bottle of beer. Video below.

Delainey finally crashed on me just before 11 so I made the hard decision to take the 11:15pm shuttle back to the hotel. I didn't want to miss a thing {like the midnight poutine bar!} but I was exhausted and was afraid if I put D down she would wake up when I took the later shuttle and then not get her back down when I NEEDED to go to bed! ;)

It was an absolutely incredible day. From start to finish it was just amazing. The details {I LOVE details} were perfection. Jeff and Jolie did such a great job and Kathy & Ed {Jols parents} are rock stars for all the work they did at their house. Both Jeff and Jolie looked phenomenal and always looked SO happy whenever I saw them. It was one of my most favorite days. Seeing your little brother get married to a girl who I think the world of is pretty special. I lost track of how many times I cried HAPPY tears! ha

Of course having Whit there was just icing on the cake. I know I say this all the time but we SO wish she was doing photography back when we got married BUT having her capture Jeff and Jolie's wedding was JUST as good. Thank you again Whit for leaving your kids and Dust for this amazing day. Be sure to check out her post on the wedding HERE.

You BET I will be posting more wedding that Whit took but honestly it may be another 3 posts. GAH! Holy heck - Jolie sent me the link last night and I had to force myself to stop going through them.  But here are the sneak peeks Whit posted on her Facebook.

Here's a snippet of Jolie singing:. She rocked it and I still tear up and get chills watching it. I am SO glad she did this!!!

And one of our tiny dancer:

{NOT sure why this video flips! :(}

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Bex said...

What a seriously beautiful wedding. I love how they added American and Canadian traditions (I read Whit's blog post about it). So very cool. :)

Jen Linton said...

ah this makes me want to get married again! (to the same guy, of course!) So pretty- yay NY! And that dress...i DIE!!! (insert googly-eyed emoji here)

Leigh said...

What an absolutely gorgeous wedding and couple! They both looked so happy :) I don't know why, but you look so different with your hair like that! In a good way of course :) Delainey is so cute in her little tutu

Murdock's mama said...

LOVE everything about this! I'm wishing I were there and I don't even know them! :) It all looks perfect!!!

Gabriella said...

Everything was pure perfection! Jolie looked stunning, and they are the cutest couple! I loved the bridesmaid dresses, and Miss D in her tutu!! :) What a special day, and so great that Whitney was there to share it with you guys!

Kaella Carr said...

First of all, you look GORGEOUS!! I'm so happy for your brother and new sister-in-law. The wedding photos (I read the blog) are beautiful and it sounds like it was an absolutely perfect day!!

PS That video of D dancing is the best!!!!

Nikki said...

The photos...OMG the photos are gorgeous! Jols and Jeff congratulations! Sounds like it was a grea time! Everyone looked gorgeous! Loved your bridesmaid dresses too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, Jolie's dress was beautiful! She looked so gorgeous! And you, Justin, and Delainey all looked wonderful, too! I love Delainey's tutu! What a wonderful day. I am sure you wish you could live it all over again! I know the feeling of being so thankful that your sibling picked an amazing person to marry. That's how I feel about all 4 of my brothers- and sisters-in-law!

Rachel Steck said...

Jolie has a beautiful voice! Everything was beautiful and everyone was beautiful! Shake that booty Delainey!
Congrats again to Jeff and Jolie!

Carolyn said...

What a fun weekend! :) Everyone looked so pretty - her dress is AMAZING!!!!!

Christy said...

Beautiful wedding!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Where to start?! Her dress is perfection, and she rocked it. Their photos are all beautiful. You looked stunning too :-)
How cute & awesome is D?! That's no easy task for a toddler. I love the pics of her dancing. And I hear you on the soother. It's the same here.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Where to start?! Her dress is perfection, and she rocked it. Their photos are all beautiful. You looked stunning too :-)
How cute & awesome is D?! That's no easy task for a toddler. I love the pics of her dancing. And I hear you on the soother. It's the same here.

Amber said...

I saw you tagged in the wedding post on facebook and went and looked at all the photos and oh my god that is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen! The ceremony location in front of that big, beautiful farm house was absolutely stunning!

Brie said...

Wow, I'm speechless! I read this post a few days ago on my phone, but had to come back to look at Whit's photos. Could this wedding have been any more perfect?! I can't believe that's her parent's property - so lucky! And so amazing! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous - they make me want to re-do my wedding, haha! And talk about one good looking wedding party! ;)

Whit said...

It was a wedding that no one will ever forget or be able to compare to. It was an absolute dream to be there and best of all travel with my bestie. I'm not even sure how to even word it, it was pretty incredible. I've never been to a wedding like that before.. there was something so special about it. Not to mention traveling with YOU ...guys was the best. I haven't had more fun getting to know grandparents like I have with yours and teasing your poor Nana and Gran.. hahaha.. I'm sure they were happy to get rid of me. Thanks for taking me under your wing when I got lonesome for my kiddos or just always. Love you girl!! xox