{NY Trip: Jolie's Home Town}

Alrighty - I thought I would start this recap from the beginning - smart right!? But I plan to break it down into 3 posts. Pre-wedding/THE wedding/NYC.

So we left Calgary on the Thursday morning on a direct flight to JFK. We had Mom, Dad, Gran, Nana, Grampa, Chris, Whit along with a few of Jeff's buddies on our flight down there!
Delainey was excited to see the planes!

Side note: While going through security they made me lift up my shirt to prove I was actually pregnant. So odd. 

Delainey was awesome on the flight down. She napped on me for over an hour, watched bike videos on the IPAD for about 40 mins, ate all Gran's snacks and then went to play with my Mom and Dad in their seats with the books and puzzles they brought. 

When we arrived at JFK we had to take a bus and then a train shuttle to get to the terminal and then to the car rental.
We had a 2 hour drive to Montgomery from JFK - thank god Justin was driving and not me.
We had Whit with us and were following Dad's car who was following Joel's. We lost Dad along the way but we all made it in one piece right around the same time! We rented a car seat for our rental and Delainey slept most of the way and we even had to wake her up as we knew bed time wasn't too far away!

Our hotel was awesome and Delainey had fun on the King size bed but wasn't always a happy camper  being in the room which is understandable. Good thing she's darn cute.

We rented a crib for the hotel room and she slept pretty darn well, she was up early some days but thanks to blackout blind (& the air conditioner) she fell back asleep in our bed for a bit some mornings. I won't lie I did love this - we don't let her sleep in our bed at home so this was kind of a treat. Good thing we had a King bed there though as she sure made herself comfortable!

She loves brushing my hair - and hers.

The complimentary breakfast at the hotel was amazing. You could get anything from oatmeal, eggs, toast, yogurt, bacon, sausage, cinnamon buns, pancakes, toast, bagels, fresh fruit...you name it. Needless to say Delainey hardly ate a thing. oi. She did like my favorite yogurt {we don't get Chobani in Canada} and I did get a few spoonfuls into her. She was not her typical good eating self on this trip - thank god for pouches.
Note: I think this is the only time during the whole trip she didn't refuse a high chair also.

Friday morning we headed out to Jolie's parents house to get our first look at the wedding location and to put together the favors.
Their home and farm are just spectacular. I was in awe of how perfect it was for their wedding location.
The favors were these adorable S'mores kits for the wedding night as they had a bonfire later in the evening. Or if you are me - you eat it the next day un-s'mored. We had a great assembly line going and had 160 done in no time!

One of Delainey's super happy faces. ;) Checkin' out the hay bales with Uncle Jeff.

It was so nice to see Jolie's parents again and meet her brother finally. They are so awesome and we all wish they lived closer. They are a perfect addition to our family. Not sure how we got so lucky.

All ready for the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. Doing laps around the pond with Grandpa.

Dress c/o The Measure - see feature HERE if you missed it.

The wedding ceremony was held at Jolie's Grandma's farm house - as was the rehearsal. And they have a dairy farm!!

Delainey wasn't too sure of the cows especially when they moved or make a noise!

Delainey liked to "explore" meaning run away because she was mad. ;)

Thank goodness for Gramma during the rehearsal as Justin and I were both in the wedding party and Miss D was in a mood.

Jolie and all her maids! These girls were all so great. Such a sweet, fun group of girls.

My Mom and Dad hosted the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant in town. 

Whit of course was there and worked her magic as always. It was such a bonus to have her with us. I didn't take nearly as many photos as I would have liked to as I was chasing a toddler around most of the time but I knew Whit was there to take care of it.
The ridiculously beautiful bride-to-be and my handsome brother.

The fist part of the night was held in this beautiful court yard patio. Everyone got a drink and then I have never experienced weather change so fast! There was a crack of thunder and within seconds it poured harder than ever! Everyone was huddled under the patio umbrellas and then finally we had to make a mad dash inside. We were all soaked!! Luckily they could fit all ~40 of us inside so we could enjoy dinner as the court yard was floaded! So crazy but so fun at the same time! There is a great video but I can't get it to upload.

Dad & Jeff

After dinner Delainey and I as well as the grandparent all went back to the hotel around 10:30pm and the rest of the gang headed out to a few pubs.

{INSERT WEDDING DAY!!! To come next week!}

The afternoon after the wedding a bunch of us went back to Jolie's parents house for a BBQ. Delainey enjoyed all the games and toys Jolie's cousin brought over.

She also made a new friend - Jolie's little cousin Gunner.

We were all so sad to say bye to Whit as she left that afternoon to meet her sister in NYC. Everyone just loved her and raved about her as I knew they would - just wait until they see ALL the photos!

{I should have taken some notes cause I'm sure I am forgetting some details.}
Anyways the next morning we packed up and started our journey into NYC. I grabbed my first Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee as we don't have those in Canada either {nothing special in my opinion} and we headed to the train station.

I may have had a little meltdown once we got there as it seemed like a crazy plan but thankfully it all worked out. Mom, Dad & Justin took the rental cars back while we waited at the train station. Thank you to all the Grandparents who sat at the station while Delainey and I went to find a washroom and played at the park.

Grandma Chris came to play for a bit too.

I even got some food into this one!

Thankfully Mom, Dad and Justin made it back before our train arrived and all was well.

We finally got on the train and it was a really pretty ride that actually went really fast.
Delainey napped on me most of the way.

Justin may have too.

NYC recap - to come next week too! :)

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Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE all of this. Vacation recaps are my favorite posts!!! I can't wait to go there next summer!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

D was such a good little traveller! And we have the same Joe pjs :)
The smores favors are an awesome idea. I cannot wait to see the wedding post. Whit's teasers photos were amazing!

Bex said...

Aww how awesome that Miss D was so great with all of that travelling. Can't wait to read more!

Jen Linton said...

Ummm what the heck about making you lift your shirt?!!!!! That's crazy!!

Kaella Carr said...

That's weird about airport security! I never had to do that when I was pregnant!

Your trip sounds great! I know how stressful it can be to travel with a toddler but it seems like everything went so well! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip (especially the wedding!!!)

Nikki said...

Jfk is rough! Can't wait to see more wedding photos!

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!! Can't wait to see more pics and hear more about it!! Love the pic of everyone snoozing on you!! Toddlers seem like they are harder to travel with! I secretly want Noah to sleep with us one night ahaha!

Leigh said...

Glad the flight went well! Do you know why Delainey had no interest in eating? Teething or just too much stuff going on? And can't wait to hear more!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that the flight went well! That is a bummer that it was hard to get Delainey to eat on the vacation, though! That's awesome that your family hit it off so went with Jolies' family! I can't wait to hear more about the trip! Oh, and I love the dress you wore for the rehearsal!

Whit said...

Such an incredible weekend!!! Love these posts I can't wait to see the rest of them!! I can't believe I got to come with you guys.. seriously such a dream!! Delainey and her family were rock stars. It's hard to travel with so many people and little beans but you guys did so great!! xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like such a fun vacation!! It's stressful travelling with children but fun too! Looks like Delainey had the time of her life exploring! Thank goodness for Grandparents!

How special that Whit could be with you guys! I can't wait to see her photos!

Brie said...

Wow, their home and property is amazing! Have to admit, I'm a little jealous! ;) glad to hear all the travel parts went well! Taking the train would be so fun!