{Baby Black Take 2: Week 18}

Happy Tuesday. Another week down. I kinda of feel like a zombie this morning and I forgot to take my diclectin this morning so I can't even blame that. I do know who I can blame though....

Thank goodness she is a cute one. She did not want to go to bed last night. I had big plans to shower and curl on top of the bed {cause it's SO hot} - watch the bachelorette and cuddle with Cruz.
{Justin was out for dinner with an old friend} Apparently Delainey wanted to join. And stay up 2 hours past her bed time. And then be up again from 2-3:30am. Oi Delainey.

Today is graduation at school though so I am excited about that. It's always fun to cry in front of all your staff members and students while taking photos. Good thing I am usually not the only one crying. It's just such a HUGE accomplishment for any student but ours really have to work hard. I'm so proud of them.

Ok I'm rambling. On to this update.

How far along: 
18 weeks
{I am posting a week behind - I am 19 weeks now}

top c/o There's a Peanut in my Belly


Easily our ultrasound time and finding out this babe is a BOY!

Having fun thinking about BOY names now and thinking about nursery ideas!

About the same. I had some pretty wicked headaches this weekend that the peppermint oil wasn't cutting through so I resorted to Tylenol.
I'm still not sold on the diclectin. I have tried many combinations and even taking half a pill and still my mornings are ok {nothing to rave about} but in the afternoons they just zonk me out completely and I feel like I can't function. Which doesn't work for me - I would rather suck it up and just work through the nausea as I have been all along.
LOVE all the little pokes and kicks I am getting.

What I'm wearing:

6 again! I'm so good if I have a strict calendar on the fridge. And if I still want to look ok in my bridesmaid dress along side all of Jolie's other beautiful bridesmaids. ;) Yesterday I told myself on the way home I didn't have to workout as I was feeling so tired but once I got home and realized the basement was probably the coolest place in the house - down we went. Delainey {& Cruz
} loves our workouts anyways. She dances to music and has certain moves she comes running over to grab the 3lb weights for. I think she wants to look like Autumn from the FIX too. :)

What I'm looking forward to: 
Leaving for NY on Thursday morning and the wedding on Saturday! I'm SO excited for this wedding. Seeing all the projects Jeff and Jolie are completing for the wedding just intensifies my excitement tenfold. But it's kind of crazy that my little brother is getting married!!
Dear Kleenex company. Please join us at the wedding. You will be needed :)
{I'm also dreading leaving Cruz though...}

Best Funniest moment of the week:
My brother is color blind. So he had been texting me all day on Friday wanting details on if he was getting another niece or a nephew and he had to wait and wait. When I finally sent the photos he sent a hilarious text back saying he knew there was a pink and blue ice cream cone but couldn't tell them apart so STILL didn't know what we were having! Never thought of that!! ha ha

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Bex said...

Ahaha, cute story about your brother. That would be so difficult!

Did you plan yours and Delaineys outfits based on the gender? Or did it just work out that way. Love your other outfits as always, you look great. I don't think you have anything to worry about looking good in the wedding. <3

Jen Linton said...

Yay for a boy! And I literally LOLd about the color blind thing!! :)

Kaella Carr said...

Haha your brother's message!! He must have been dying to know! Did you get D a blue shirt and a pink one or did it just work out the way? So cute!!

Great job on your workouts! You look amazing in everything and are going to be a gorgeous bridesmaid! I'm jealous you're going to NYC!! I can't wait to get back there in the fall!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So excited for you guys to have a little boy!!! Can't wait!! I also want to know- did you plan outfits depending on what gender or did it just work out that way? Love it all- especially the ice cream!

Too funny about Jeff and being colour blind! Poor guy!

You are going to be a stunning bridesmaid and I can't wait to see Miss D all dressed up!! Pack all the Kleenex!

Man that sucks about the diclectin. Have you tried ginger candy? Apparently that helps with nausea- I would have it on the tough days but it's not really my favourite flavor.

Leigh said...

Boo to feeling crappy :( and it's a good thing our kids are cute or else being awake for that long in the middle of the night would be worse ;) did she just have no interest in sleep? And love the story about Jeff! That's too funny

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh no! Is D's teeth bugging her? A refused her afternoon nap Sunday, such silly kids, they need to realize sleep is awesome!
I know a few of my friend's had to get other meds since the diclectin did not help them either, I felt way worse on it too. Maybe see about other options? Nausea is no fun!
I am excited for you gusy to go to NYC, you will all love it! Where is the wedding?
And too funny about your brother and the pics!! haha

Ashley said...

Does ginger ale help or mints with the nausea? (Aside from skittles ahah) Noah must have been partying with Delainey last night because he was up between 9:30 and 12... I still haven't watched the bachelorette! That is too funny about your brother!!! Poor guy! Also ironic D's big sister shirt is blue too!!! Did Justin wear blue that day as well? Lol. Can't believe the wedding is already!! That came up fast! Can't wait to see pics from it!!

Whit said...

hahaha poor Jeff! That's too funny.
You will look awesome in your dress! No need to be concerned!
So excited for NY!! Can't believe you're almost 50% done! Crazyiness. xox

Chelsea said...

You look so cute :) I was so sick with Little Miss and I totally understand how you feel it is bad, hope it lets up soon....

Kasey Sutgrey said...

That is always what I say about my daughter, "She better be glad she is cute!" I love how you dress your bump!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

That is always what I say about my daughter, "She better be glad she is cute!" I love how you dress your bump!

Danielle said...

Yay for a boy! That's so exciting :) I love all of your gender reveal photos, they're so cute!

Katie said...

way to go with working out!! i can only workout when addi naps or she freaks out. what the heck! maybe some day! LOVE that last dress you posted - cutest mini bump! and ugh for a late bedtime and being up in the middle of the night!!

Megan C said...

Yay for a boy! You will love being a boy mom!!