{weekend rewind}

This weekend would have been awesome regardless just because the weather was perfection! 

Friday was a nice day and we spent most of the day at home as we had a repair man coming to fix our garage door.
Doing her chores...

This is her favorite spot. Add a "nack" and books and she is set. Cruz is learning to accept this.

Saturday morning after a big breakfast we cleaned the house in prep for the shower that evening. Justin was a huge help with vacuuming and he cleaned off the deck too since it was a beautiful day I hoped people would venture out there during the shower as well.

Justin left around noon with my Mom, Dad and Uncle Ken for Jeff's Stag {Mom dropped them off}. They had a FULL day of activities planned and I was actually surprised they made it until after midnight seeing as they started so early!

Us girls spent the afternoon enjoying the sun! It was amazing. Delainey loves this water table so much. It's nothing fancy {$3 kijiji find!} but she spent hours in it this weekend!

Bulldog clip to hold up her shorts!

She gets REALLY mad when Cruz drops her ball in it to take a drink! She waves her finger at her and says no no no no no!

Finally the shorts came off!

She spent SO much time putting a few drops of water in the watering can....

...then dribbling it on the plants!

While she napped I finished setting up for the shower. Mom came over later in the afternoon to help and prep and Debbie came to pick Delainey up for a sleepover around 4. The shower was an evening shower {6-8pm} so we served dinner and then the stagette was immediately after it. Worked really well.

Some shower details:

These peonies were my favorite! So beautiful.

I made her sash with some burlap and lace and then traced letters on to it with paint.

{Drunken rings are a bag of gummy rings I soaked in 2 cups of vodka for 2 days. They double in size from drinking all the vodka and from everyone's funny faces I guess they were potent!}

The mirrors make it nearly impossible to get a good photo but there is a clothes line of photos of Jeff and Jols as well as this cute map heart garland from here {made in Penticton, BC and everything is from recycled book pages}. I also got the heart table confetti too.

Diamond ring donuts.

Tissue paper poofs were almost as time consuming to make as it was to find an outfit I felt comfortable in. ;)

Found water bottle printables here and glued them on to cream paper then on to the water bottles.

Cut wine corks to make cupcake decos.

Sisters-to-be = 19 days! :)

I forgot to take photos of all the diamond ring wine charms name tags I made but here's Jolie's even though you can't really read bride on hers - ha.

Also forgot to take a photo of the set up of favors I made. I found the free printable for the "Mint To Be" that I glued around white tic tacs.

Before dinner we played a quick bubble gum/jello shooters game where I had already asked my brother questions and Jolie had to get the answer right or she had to put a piece of double bubble in her mouth or take a jello shooter. She did really well even with some of Jeff's ridiculous answers.

Thankfully the night stayed so warm and all 21 of us ate on the deck!
Mom was in charge of dinner. She made a ham, a delicious caprese salad, bean salad, buns, Nana brought a marinated veggie salad and I made a Caesar salad.

The Seba girls/cousins!

Mom, the beautiful bride-to-be, myself and of course Cruz.

Some guests left around 8, the rest of the girls had a few more drinks {& some drunken rings!} and we waited for the limo.

I had some tacky must haves for Jolie to wear, sent them with some inappropriate straws & ice cubes along with some molla to make sure she had enough shots and drinks to keep her happy. :)

 I mean who wouldn't want to marry this beauty?!

I was really sad to be missing out on the stagette part {like really disappointed!} but this body/baby of mine just wasn't cooperating. Jolie had fun which is all that mattered. 
And I made sure their ride downtown was done in style. 

Cruz really wanted to go or couldn't believe all those beautiful ladies fit into one vehicle.

So thankful for all the ladies that joined us that night to shower Jolie!

For the shower I made:

As well as Golden Graham Squares {same we rice crispy squares but with golden grahams}. They are always a hit - my MIL makes them whenever they come to the lake in the summer.

After everyone left Mom stayed and helped clean up and then Cruz and I crashed into bed just after 11. Of course when I was beyond exhausted I couldn't get to sleep until well after 2am. Oi.

Thankfully Delainey slept at Gramma Debbie's and Cruz was tired too and let me sleep until 7:45am which felt great. We left Justin in bed and enjoyed coffee in the backyard.

We picked Delainey up after her nap, Justin went for a nap and we went to the backyard!
Mom and Dad came for a visit before they headed back to the lake too.

Both girls enjoying the sunshine. Cruz kills me.

I swear she has clothes that fit. Apparently no shorts that stay up though!

Justin headed out to go biking with Brian - you know the man loves biking when he doesn't let a hangover stop him!

Nap time:

The rest of the day was spent playing outside, 

 changing out of wet clothes way too many times, being a cheeky monkey, 

running the ravine, going down the slide 196 times and doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper Fix - I did it twice this week and it's such a good arm workout/my arms are killing me today! :)
Hope everyone else enjoyed this sun this weekend too.

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Ashley said...

Hahah we have that shorts problem too!! Love how annoyed she looks about it!! You got that table for $3?? That's a steal! Glad my kid isn't the only one who soaks himself with the table! Haha. What an amazing shower you threw! Every detail is perfect!! Those golden grahm squares sound amazing, I will have to try making them instead of Rice Krispies! They would be similar to the golden graham granola bars with the chocolate chips in them too!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a nice, busy weekend! Great decorating! I want to get Tanner a water table, he loves it at daycare

Bex said...

Ok so I've said it before but I'm hiring you to plan any future parties. Seriously, you should go into business doing that! Gorgeous. Love all the little details. Looks like a fun day.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You put on such awesome parties! It all looked (and tastes!) great.
D's water table looks so clean! lol. Ours is always dirty, and I swear I clean it out all the time. It was such a perfect weekend to be outside lots :)
And I hear you on the slide thing, A does not stop either!

Leigh said...

LOVE how everything for the shower turned out! You are so talented friend :) and you only paid $3 for that water table?! What a great find!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The shower looked amazing!! How you find the time and energy!! While not feeling that well!! So disappointing that you didn't feel up to the stagette portion :( Aren't pom poms time consuming? I love how they look but man they take awhile to put together! I love the burlap sash!

How do you like the Honest Company diapers? Too funny that D's pants keep falling down! We have the same problems here... Although cloth diapers definitely help!

Whit said...

Looks like you guys rocked out an awesome shower for Jolie!! Such an awesome weekend for weather!! Wishing that tummy was happier for you to go out and have some fun, glad you enjoyed it none the less!! xox

Christy said...

Beautiful shower!

Jen Linton said...

that's a crazy good find on kijiji (I'm shocked somebody would actually go through the trouble of posting something online to sell for only $3 but WIN for you and delainey!) You are SO talented and creative with all the decorations..I should hire you for all the parties (i don't) have!!! great job!!

Kaella Carr said...

Like everyone said you are so crazy talented!! That party looked amazing! So much love'

Sorry you weren't feeling well though :(

Murdock's mama said...

You're such an awesome host! Everything looked gorgeous! I hate that you couldn't completely enjoy it...I sure hope you start to feel better soon!!

Nikki said...

What a great party! I love all the decorations!

#babybigtruck had a water table, I need to get it out now that it's getting warm out!

Rachel Steck said...

The shower looked amazing! You did a wonderful job!

Gabriella said...

Gorgeous shower! I love all the details and decorations. You did a beautiful job! Sorry you were not feeling good. :( And you looked adorable in the dress you chose. Love all the outside picture of D and her water table. She looks like she is loving it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You threw such a great shower! Those gummy bears sound delicious and dangerous. ;) I can't believe the wedding is only 3 weeks away!