{weekend rewind}

 Happy Monday. We have had some busy days lately which means our days fly by but we've been having a great time. Despite Delainey being bothered by her teeth coming in, I feel so bad for her. 
Thursday I had a little helper help with feeding Cruz. One of my least favorite jobs these days.

We had her 18 month shots. She was not too pleased but was a trooper as always. The nurse said she is long and lean! Just a peanut but tall.
Sad eyes. "Teething and shots Mom - really?!"

We got groceries and headed to Gymnastics afterwards. It was forward "rock &" roll day  - meaning we did lots of forward rolls and got to dance to rock and roll music. AKA Delainey's favorite class. I think her favorite part was seeing me do forward rolls though. She just kept trying to push me over to do more! She also walked up the incline beam solo.

After nap time we took Cruz for her "pawdicure". Poor Delainey was traumatized when we left Cruz there for 5 minutes to go pay. I think she thought we were leaving her for longer, she screamed blue murder and as soon as I put her down after we paid she ran as fast as she could to the back of the store and tried to push the door open! Once Cruz was done Delainey was laughing and clapping through her tears! Poor thing. Cruz really is her best friend.

Friday morning we headed to the zoo with Nana and Auntie Jolie. 
We had a fun yet chilly morning and lunch together. Thanks again for joining us!

After our walks Delainey always has to climb up the front door, knock & stand on the ledge. Cruz always follows and Delainey gets extra excited when there is junk up there too.

Friday night Justin picked up Wok Box for dinner as I was feeling pretty rough and was happy to not have a meal cooked in the house. Plus I had to go out in the evening for our Mother's Day event at work.
Thankfully candy makes me feel better too. Our event was great. We painted pottery this year, mine I am certain will be hideous. I don't work well under pressure.

Saturday Justin met up with his bike boyfriend Brian for a ride in Canmore and this time Leigh and I met up too!

We walked around my neighborhood as it was our "Parade of Garage Sales". It was pretty disappointing. I did get D a puzzle [which she loves], 3 board books and a magnetic writer for in the truck all for $2. We had a nice walk in the sun and chatted so it was a good morning. Delainey is always excited to see Amelia [me too!] and loves a cuddle with Leigh.

Delainey spent more time blowing on her noodles than eating. She is big into copying me right now.

Saturday night Justin and I headed out for an early birthday dinner for him to The Keg. Thank you Gramma Debbie for having dinner with Miss D while we went out.

We had an amazing dinner even though they took MY meal off the menu. I NEVER order anything else other than the grilled shrimp skewers. Rude. BUT I changed it up and had the blackened Cajun sirloin and it did not disappoint. Either did the garlic mashed plus all mine and Justin's fresh green beans. Yum. They also made me a virgin watermelon mojito! We made a pit stop on the way home for ice cream since we didn't have any in the house and that will just not do.

Sunday Justin got up with Delainey so I could lay in bed a while longer. 
We wished our Mom's a HUGE Happy Mother's Day. We are so so lucky to have them - they truly are the best of the best.

 I am also so thankful for these two girls for making me a Mom. I love them something fierce.

After we made waffles for breaky we headed out to Home Depot! Happy Mother's Day to me!!!
We bought a bunch of perennials and bushes for 2 of the beds we planned to put in the backyard {or more so for Justin's vision}! I am excited for our lilac bush and lily's like we had at our old house.
Cruz was just excited to spend the day in the backyard!

Our little helper was the cutest. Thankfully she was happy to play with Cruz, help us and run around outside while she wasn't napping.

It was a ton of work - you can't see half of the plants in these photos - but it turned out really nice. I can't wait for the plants to grow big! 2 down how many to go?!
It did eat up all our "going for ice cream" time so Justin owes me. ;)

We had a delicious dinner, Justin BBQ'd ribs. Delainey wasn't too sure of the corn on the cob at first and then realized it was awesome. So cute.

Reading me books before bed.

I could have gone to bed with Delainey but we managed to watch a couple shows and then I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Literally.
Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend.

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a great weekend! Love what you guys did in the backyard! Landscaping is so time consuming and hard work but it's so worth it!

Yum to The Keg and ice cream afterwards!

D looks so grown up with that thick headband on! Poor girl getting so upset about Cruz going for her appointment!

Katie said...

that face she is giving you in that picture! too cute! happy mother's day friend!! glad you had a good weekend!

Murdock's mama said...

I love your weekend recaps! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day!

Ashley said...

Sounds like an amazing weekender we had waffles for breaky too on Sunday! You look fantastic!! My fav keg dinner is the baseball steak! And the twice baked potato! Yum! The gardens look great, want to come do mine?? Lol! We didn't get any yard work done this weekend, aside from grass cutting, but it is soo hot it needs to be done again! I hope D feels better soon! Noah's seemed to have stopped again!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What teeth does she have coming in?! Poor girl! We have the 18 month shots Wednesday, hoping they go okay since after she is off to dayhome!
It is so funny the things that bug them, it is pretty cute she got upset over leaving Cruz for a bit.
You look awesome :) I hate when meals are pulled off menus! Moxies is bad for that too.
Your yard looks great. We did a ton of yard work this weekend too. I am not putting too much effort in though since I really hope next summer our house is being rented out and we have a new one!

Rachel Steck said...

I am amazed by your front-roll skills! I bet Delainey loved watching you, ha!
I'm glad you had a good weekend and you look beautiful!

Pamela said...

bike boyfriend, ha!

Whit said...

Looks like another busy weekend!! The flower beds look great! definitely ice cream needed to pay for all that work ;) xox

Bex said...

Your weekend sounds perfect. The plants look great. You look gorgeous as always

Leigh said...

Poor girl getting teeth and shots :( it was great to see you and Delainey on Saturday...we need to make it happen more often when the boys have their bike dates :) we were just at pet smart this morning doing the same thing. How cute/sad that D thought Cruz was leaving forever

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, the story about her crying when Cruz was getting her pawdicure is so sweet - it reminds of how my nephews reacted the first time they brought their dog to be boarded for the weekend - he ran back and pounded on the windows. It was sad but sweet at the same time as it shows you how strong their bond is!

Your landscaping looks great! It will be fun to watch all the plants grow!!! I can't wait to do a little landscaping at Phil's!

Nikki said...

What a great weekend! Sounds like a great Mother's Day as well! Happy Mother's Day!

Jen Linton said...

How do you find out about neighborhood garage sales? I'd love to check one out! Awesome backyard project! My dad spruced ours up completely and even added a raised bed in the back corner- we just found out yesterday from our neighbor that both our property lines are actually 3 feet beyond where the fence was built. Dang it! Hopefully the rest of teething goes well- I'm dreading that part

Gabriella said...

The yard looks great! Hopefully Miss D and those teeth will start to feel better soon. I love the picture of her eating the corn! YUM!! I hope you had wonderful Mother's Day! :)