{weekend rewind}

Happy Monday!

^ Had to put that in for my geeky hubby. :) You bet he said this to me first this morning!!

My 5 days off flew by as always! Wednesday I don't even remember what we did... Delainey loves her new books my boss/friend Katie gave her as a "big sister" gift. They have penguins which she adores and points to each one on every page.

 Naked reading.

We did run some errands. Doing some shopping...

She saw this ball at Walmart and said "Mom ball woooooooooow" and then before I knew it I was putting in the cart. She got me. :)
I even had her playing barefoot on the grass with it though - she is not a real fan of grass yet! She is hilarious when she falls, she doesn't want to touch it with her hands so she arches her back and tries to roll over so she doesn't have to touch it!

 Beautiful sunny ravine run!

 Thursday we got up made scones that I was craving, cleaned a few areas in the house that were cluttered and bothering me, took Cruz for a walk and even stopped the swings cause it was so nice. 

Once we got home I saw myself in the mirror and commented to Delainey & Cruz how awful I looked and how Delainey still had yogurt on her face and in her hair. Not 2 seconds later my phone buzzed with a notification that we had a doctors appt at 8:30am. It was 8:30am. Awesome. I TOTALLY forgot. So I quickly called them asked if they could see me still if I left NOW, thankfully they could so I got Delainey dressed and I threw a hat on and we were out. Once I got there they needed a urine sample and since I was still so flustered when we got to the bathroom I forgot to actually pee in the cup. ha. Oh man. Thankfully I can pretty much pee on demand right now and it wasn't long before I could complete this task and get this morning over with. It's of course these mornings that I run into not 1 but 2 people I know. ;)

Stealing my smoothie after finishing her own.

Running around before gymnastics! These are her raindrop print mini yogini leggings from Muladhara Yoga.

She's a star in the etsy shop now - take a peek here! :)

 Trying to get at Cruz's last serving of food to feed her. She LOVES to feed Cruz. Sometimes piece by piece. Sorry Cruzie.

 Painting to make Finley her birthday card.

 We had a Tutti Fruiti Froyo date with Nicole and the kids Friday afternoon. We all were very happy campers stuffing our bellies. Delainey even got to have her own bowl this time mainlyt because I didn't want to share mine. :) But of course what's's mine is hers and she was eating mine before I knew it anyways. I could go there weekly just sayin'! Delainey and Audrey were cute playing with each other afterwards, too bad the wind was so awful otherwise they would have been happy to run and play outside.

 Nightly bike rides with Dad continue to be a hit.

 Saturday morning Justin had this weekly ride date with Brian. While he was gone Delainey and I cleaned the house - she loves to help and it's a real workout because when she was a baby we would hold her while we vacuumed cause she loved and still does!!
 I also JUST realized the the covers to our couch cushions come off!! So I threw them all in the wash and it made me SO happy. I do not want to tell you how many times I have scrubbed them trying to get Delainey messes and Cruz drool off them {when she sneaks up}! I have no idea why I didn't notice this sooner but the couch looks brand new now! Made my day.

Once Justin got home we got ready for Fin's birthday party! We had so much fun. They blew up a ton of balloons and made a balloon pit and it was a huge hit. 
We need a permanent one in the basement I think!

We had a delicious BBQ dinner and as always Whit's famous banana cake. SO good. She's a cake master that one. ;) Right Whit?!

Fin with Grampa!

 Happy Birthday Fin! We love you.

 Delainey doing the chores before she can have some cake.

Then trying to drive home solo. She had so much fun in their backyard!

 When we got home we watched some Suits and the 2 hour Chicago PD special.

Sunday mornings are so sitting on Cruz and looking through new Chatbooks.

While Justin ran errands and did an oil change for his Mom - Delainey & I took a drive out to Chestermere in the morning for a coffee date and tour of my girlfriend Sara & her new hubby's home they built. It is beautiful and I am obsessed with their floors. Delainey had fun reading to Taylor, sharing her monkey's, playing in their pantry and eating her weight in raspberries and banana bread.

In the afternoon we had a visit with my parents before they headed back to the lake and then got working on Justin's to do list while Delainey had a good nap.
We power washed the deck and uncovered/cleaned all the deck furniture, fertilized, pulled weeds and worked on "Cruz's patches" on the lawn. Justin changed the tires on the car and power washed the inside of the garage. So excited for deck season!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Wow what a busy weekend! Avery is still unsure of the grass too, I tried her once without shoes and it was a no go!
She is a fantastic model for the mini yoga pants :)
WHAT?! I don't have to spend house scrubbing the couch and get high from the fumes (rubbing alcohol) lol. For reals, this is awesome news!

Nikki said...

What a busy weekend! Sounds like you had a blas though and that is clearly what matters! YAY for warmer weather finally!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a great weekend, by Sunday night I bet you were tired! I love her headband! I love her style period!

Ashley said...

Noah isn't a fan of falling in the grass yet either! He doesn't like his hands dirty at this point! I'm soo mad chatbooks charges shipping now - I wish I had of ordered all my books! Soo mad!! That's too funny about the doctors office! Baby brain already lol! Fins party looked cute! Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Jen Linton said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We've re-sodded the backyard and our pups are only allowed in certain spots so they don't create any new brown patches before it fully grows! Can't wait for more deck/patio time either!

Susannah said...

Sounds like quite the wonderful weekend!!! Caleb explored grass for the first time this past week and, so far, seems to like it. :-)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy lady!! Oops about forgetting about your Doctor's appointment! Funny how things change for the 2nd babe! Someone once told me, when you are expecting your first, it's all about your first. When you are expecting your second, it's all about your first! So true!
And that happens to me too- when I have no makeup on and wearing sweats, I run into everyone!

Yay for realizing that you can take your couch covers off!! We could do that for our old couch and it was awesome!

I still need to make some of those Chatbooks!! I bet my kids would love them!

Look at D driving already! She looks like a teenager!

Gabriella said...

Fun and busy weekend! Fin's party looked so cute! I love the balloon pit idea. D looks pretty excited about that bike and car. So cute that she takes after her Dad and his love of bikes! :)

Katie said...

that's funny that you did all that before 8:30. that's how we are over here. early riser! :) or :( some days really is how i feel about that! and I still carry addi around when I vacuum because I always have. definitely a workout!

Whit said...

Hahahaha my cake skills :) At least the cake was tasty, the look.... well might leave something to be desired. Looks like such a fun weekend! I have never been to the yogurt place. We need to do that soon.
You guys got A LOT done on Sunday afternoon, sheesh girl. You need to now chill out on that deck and put your feet up! Although I do admit I love doing lawn stuff! Not to mention decluttering is one of my fav things too!!
Glad it was an awesome weekend, we loved having you guys here for another bday. xox

Mom said...

As always...great photos! Too funny about the doctor, yeah for the couch covers (who knew?!), the cutest etsy model ever, love the balloon pit, and I need to try Whit's Banana Cake

Leigh said...

Busy weekend you guys had! I think you need to share the scone recipe as they look yummy! Love the balloon pit ...such a great idea!

Bex said...

Wow what a busy weekend. I remember when Liam hated the grass too. So funny but they get over it. Delainey is so cute in her yoga pants!

Michelle said...

Where did you get D's long sleeved painters smock? Such a great idea for messes!