Happy Thursday! We have a busy few days ahead {what else is new!} so I have some random {ings} for you today. Thank you Nicole for reminding me I did a post like this before. :)

Delainey and I have been on a baking kick lately. She's such a good and cute helper plus we really like to eat what we make. :)
I used this recipe for the scones {didn't glaze them} and added raisins and milk chocolate chips.
Not as good as Moms but close, next time I won't add chocolate chips. But truthfully I added them for Justin and apparently add scones to his list of things he doesn't like. Who is this guy?

Whatever is comfortable. Often flowy things.

I love these maternity pants though that my girlfriend Barb gave me. They are ASOS maternity {can't find anything similar to link to}. They are black and kinda shiny and oh so comfy.
They will be on rotation.

{working out}
I started PiYo on Monday I hope to stick with the calendar for these next few months.

Workouts have not been my favorite thing lately which has made me really sad. They typically have made me feel worse and exhaust me even more. The only ones I have been able to convince my body to do are the pilates and yoga from the 21 day fix Extreme and I am lucky if I can do them 3 days a week. It stressed me about at first but I have come to terms with it and I am just listening to my body. My main focus is this baby and having the energy to keep up with Delainey so if walks with my girls is all I do some days that's ok.
But yes I secretly hope I start feeling better so I can do more. :) PiYo is 6 days a week which might be pushing it but some days the workouts are short and they are gentle - perfect for what I need right now hopefully.

That we had weather nice enough for shorts! And Delainey loved that there were bikes on her shorts.

It's funny how Delainey can play with "mess free" water pen painting and still end up with blue hands, a blue face and blue all over her shirt.

Whatever the baby wants. Yes I bought white powdered donuts. They remind me of my Grandad and I haven't had them in years. Saw them in the bakery and HAD to have them. #chunkymonkey

This one is loving cereal lately. It's also something that often sounds ok to me too.

Like spring may be finally here to stay for a while. Fresh flowers help. Justin surprised me with flowers a few weeks back and Mom & Dad dropped off these pretty tulips for me too!

When this little one gets hurt. :( She walked right into a corner of the wall on Sunday night. First goose egg.

For Jolie's shower/stagette coming up. I have been telling myself I have to complete one project per nap time before I am allowed to plunk myself on the couch. So far I have been successful and I am checking items off my list!

At my last doctors appointment we had quite the conversation about my plans in regards to the birth of this next baby. I already knew he would have to transfer me sooner to the high risk clinic because Delainey was frank breech and I had to have a c-section with her. In my head I always just planned to hopefully have a VBAC but he has put a lot of thoughts into my head to think about and to be honest my head is kinda spinning with all the risks. I did chat with my girlfriends hubby who is a doctor and has delivered many babies and he is all for VBACs and said they are actually promoting them more now because the major surgery of a c-section has just as many risks. Anyways I'm torn. Thankfully I/we have a lot of time to think about it and make the best decision for our family.
{Anyone out there had a successful VBAC?}

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Poor D!! Goose eggs are no fun :( Those mini donuts look so yummy, good call!
Glad you are taking it easy, I know you'll be back at workouts when you are ready :-)
I'm all about another c section, no question in my mind. But my history doesn't favor a vbac & I have a few friends who are OR nurses and highly recommend them. Check the stats on successful vbacs :-)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Poor D!! Goose eggs are no fun :( Those mini donuts look so yummy, good call!
Glad you are taking it easy, I know you'll be back at workouts when you are ready :-)
I'm all about another c section, no question in my mind. But my history doesn't favor a vbac & I have a few friends who are OR nurses and highly recommend them. Check the stats on successful vbacs :-)

Bex said...

Poor D with that goose egg - but I can really see you in her in that picture! So beautiful just like her mama.

If I were to ever be pregnant again, I would try for a vbac just because I hated not getting to see Liam for hours after he was born (he had to go to Nicu when I went to recovery), I hated being on such strong pain meds, I hated that I couldn't just get up and go without help the weeks following. I know here there is a vbac support group and a couple doctors that are really in support. Good luck with your decision.

Rachel Steck said...

Those bike shorts are adorable and look super comfortable. Poor Delainey's goose egg!
I had a successful VBAC even though Mason was not in the correct position. My doctor actually turned him while he was still in my belly {a bit uncomfortable but not bad}. Apparently she thought I would have to have a c-section but I managed just fine, and Mason weighed 8 pounds 10.3 oz at birth. {I looked around for my blue ribbon but it never appeared.} Maybe your little peanut won't follow in big sister's footsteps!

Ashley said...

Love the bike shorts! I should get Noah's outfit from cheeky cheeky baby photographed this weekend while it is shorts weather too!! Today is the first shorts day here, but I have no help to wrangle him for a photo shoot haha. He's soo busy now! Love those outfits and I'm soo happy to see them again haha. I don't think I've ever had a scone!
I think I would do another c-section. Granted I can see how recovery would be easier with a vbac while having a toddler running around as well, but chances are I would need another section anyways because of pre-clampsia. My Dr would be reluctant to let me go till the end if my BP is an issue again. I actually didn't find the recovery that bad with Noah, I felt more symptoms with my BP than pain. You do have lots of time to decide! What are your concerns?

Leigh said...

Adding those scones to the list of things I need to bake- not that I really "need" anything as I made lactation cookies the other day and they seem to be disappearing quite quickly! Poor D and her forehead...did she scream? Hopefully the goose egg went away quickly

Christy said...

my friend wanted to have a VBAC in April (her son is 14 years old and she just had a little girl) but her baby was breech again so she did a section. I've heard lots of good things about them though and as long as babe is head down I don't think it will be too bad! The only thing I would make sure to ask about is the time, I think there is an amount of time they want to have passed between csection 1 & vbac but I have no idea what it is. Either way, I hope you can and your doc is on board!

The bike shorts are adorable!

Taren said...

My sister in law has had TWO successful VBACs! :-)

Stacy said...

Here is a good blog I read the other day about VBAC

Tawnya Faust said...

Oh my goodness that is quite the goose-egg! I love your outfits and I think I can see a little bump! Love it :) I've heard a lot of great success stories re: VBACs... it would never be for me just because the risks scare me and since I already have a compromised airway my OB would never go for it. C-sections suck.. but they're controlled. I think it depends on the doctor, if you're going to do it I say find one who's supportive and confident in the process :) it'll put your mind at ease!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Haha love that you did this again!! I see a little bump! Those pants look cool!

Don't feel bad about the lack of workouts. Enjoy this break! Easier said than done.

Poor D and her goose egg!

I can share some VBAC info with you. I discussed it with the OB before Leo was born bc it was a huge concern of mine. Don't let people scare you! Make an informed decision. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is a tough decision to make about the VBAC. My sister and SIL both had to make that decision and it's hard! That is great that you have a friend who is a doctor that you can talk to.

I love seeing a little bit of a bump in some of those photos! You look great but I hope you feel great soon, too! That is frustrating about the workouts, though. :( It's tough to not be able to do something that you love and that normally makes you feel good about yourself.

Kaella Carr said...

I am required to get C-Sections b/c of some health issues so I don't have a choice but I image it would be a tough one! You look adorable by the way!!

Katie said...

poor girl and that bump!! I am not looking forward to tons of bumps and bruises playing outside or even inside! and you are doing great with your workouts and are right that you just do whatever you can do - and chasing around a toddler is a whole lot!!!!

Whit said...

Yikes that goose egg looks painful. Poor little bean. Loving the flowers and good on you with your determination to craft before letting the couch surfing take over ;) lol That's a big point to ponder and all I can say is that you have to do what is right for YOU. You'll know what that is. I'm always here to chat. xox

Nikki said...

I was told I am not allowed to VBAC because of the trama I had to my uterus. My friend did a successful VBAC with her 2nd. Her first and 2nd are jsut abou 2 years apart, in fact they are a month and a half shy of 2 years.

Rachel Steck said...

Okay, who totally didn't know what VBAC until she watched an episode of 19 Kids and Counting last night. ME. Yes, me. I have not had a VBAC - and I feel like a real ding-dong for my previous comment. {Hangs head in shame while hiding under rock}.

Brie said...

I have one friend who has 4 boys - her first was a c-section, and the following 3 were all successful VBACs. And then I also have a friend who had an emergency section with her first, tried for a VBAC with her second and still ended up with an emergency section so she had a planned one for her third. I guess my point is, anything can happen :) I, on the other hand, had a c-section (planned and not by choice), and if I have another baby, he/she will also be planned section. Personally, if I could have a VBAC, I wouldn't, I like the idea of a controlled c-section over an emergency one. BUT, I know it's still a hard decision for you, and you'll make the right one for you and your baby :) xo