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Happy Friday. Yesterday was just one of those days. My brain forgot to get out of bed with me, Delainey was teething up a storm/a cute yet grumpy bear, I was feeling rough and it just wasn't one of our best. But it's a new day and I have been waiting a month to share this shop with you while we waited for Delainey's piggies to grow in to this next feature!

We all know my love of moccasins for Delainey and supporting and sharing Canadian shops.
So today I am ridiculously excited to share with you 

The founder and creator of First Prints is Alyssa who is from Vancouver, BC. I don't know how Alyssa does it. I secretly think she gets an extra few hours in the day that the rest of us don't. She's a wife, a dog mom, has a full time "normal" job PLUS makes enough moccs to stock 25 stores and keep up with the orders she gets on her site. Thank goodness she is a coffee lover!

Alyssa sent us 2 pairs of her amazing moccs to show off and they both are real big hits around here/made JUST with our loves in mind.
First up is her Baby Hedgehog moccs. Hedgie moccs = perfection!

I love the subtle print of these moccs so they will go with anything but they still have the leather durability on the soles and heels.

{tee: Crowns and Coroknits shop from Edmonton}

We went with the size 5/6 in both pairs {5.5 inches} so they would fit a while and they most definitely will. 
See easy to follow size chart here.

 {^ I love her little pigtail shadow in this photo!}


 She clearly loves them!

Up next are her incredible Camp Fire moccs. These are easily Justin's favorite pair of moccs, perhaps shoes, that Delainey has owned. When they arrived he immediately loved them. And they are pretty awesome. We have already gotten lots of use out of them in the last week and people comment on them every where - mainly men actually!

These also have the leather sole and heel. Her moccs are so well made and the leather is so soft.

We love moccs because they form to their little feet, allow for breathing room and last a long time/are very durable. They grip to any surface making them perfect for early walker and toddlers alike.
Yes moccs are pricey for babies and toddlers but I truly believe they are worth every penny.

 They say it is actually best for new walkers to walk around barefoot to help develop the muscles and ligaments of the foot, to increase strength of the foots arch and to contribute to good posture - well moccs are easily the next best thing. They still provide tactile feedback from the ground to the babes feet but protect their little tootsies at the same time.

Alyssa makes such unique and fun moccs! I love the different prints she offers.

As well as the tassels and double fringe!

I adore these little details too - the stamp and storage bag with logo.

Right now ALL her moccs are on sale for $30 each so be sure to stock up! PS. They make amazing gifts!

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Thank you again Alyssa!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love these! D is so cute. I say that weekly but I can never get over how cute she is. Where is the long sleeve mountain top from? Love it too. Those head wraps are to die for :-)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love these! D is so cute. I say that weekly but I can never get over how cute she is. Where is the long sleeve mountain top from? Love it too. Those head wraps are to die for :-)

Mom said...

You took some great photos of those Mocs. Very nice!! I love the shadow shot too :)

Leigh said...

Those are so cute! I think Delainey should start being paid for her modelling skills - in goldfish crackers of course ;)

Kaella Carr said...

So cute!!! She's a great model!!

Bex said...

So cute! I'm tempted...

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sooooo cute!!! I totally noticed them on Friday but didn't see the cute print! Love them both!! D is the best little model- please tell her to share her tips with my uncooperative children! Haha!

Love that pigtail photo too!

Brie said...

Oh my goodness, I love these!! I don't usually like "prints" on mocs, but these ones are awesome, especially the campfire ones.

Ashley said...

So cute!! Love those hedgehogs and the camping ones!! Checked out her shop and love them all hahah! I love how Noah walks soo well in Mocs!

Whit said...

These are super cute. I love the camping ones. :)