{Baby Black Take 2: Weeks 5 -13}

Ok here we go again! I will be posting my weekly updates again on Tuesdays as I did with Delainey - feel free to skip on over if they aren't your thing - I get it. I have loved looking back on Delainey's now that I am pregnant again even though I am cursing how good I felt last time around! ha
This post is going to be a little catch up from when we found out until last week.

I am 14 weeks right now.
{After reading through it I hope it doesn't sound like I am complaining about not feeling good, I am NOT complaining - I am just stating the facts. I wouldn't trade any of this for the world, I am incredibly thankful to be pregnant period.}

Week 4
We found out we were expecting on Monday, March 2nd. {Our IUI was on February 12}
How are you supposed to go to work after this?!
Told Whit. I was instructed to call on my way to work if I had good news and you bet I called to wake her up at 7am.

Week 5 

Feeling SO excited and still so shocked. 
We told my parents and Justin's Mom. Most of my "fertility friends" know.
Tired. I actually napped both days this weekend when Delainey napped and I am not a napper.
Still super bloated from the drugs.
I ate a donut. I don't like donuts typically.

Week 6 

Confirmation with my doctor. November 1 due date. 2 year and 1 month after Delainey! So flippin' amazing.
Naps. It's all about the naps. I nap as soon as Delainey goes down in the afternoon (on my days off of course - I wish there was nap time at work) and without fail my bladder wakes me up after 40 minutes.
Tummy has been feeling off and constant headache. Food never sounds super appealing but always tastes good and I feel a bit better afterwards.

Week 7

We told my brother, Jolie, Crystal, Troy and my cousin Logan by sending them a video of Delainey dancing in her big sis tee I made {video below}.
Feeling not so hot. Nothing sounds appealing to eat. I ate a twix bar for lunch one day at work as nothing I packed I could stomach.
I am still amazed this is happening again. Thank my lucky stars every night.

Week 8

Spring Break week. LOVED this week with Delainey. We were so busy and had a ton of fun.
Feeling rotten all week. SO different from this point with Delainey. I compare it to constantly feeling hungover - massive headache, ugly stomach, all I want to do it lay on the couch and eat McDonald's fries. Smells bother me big time. I can smell the garbage all the time. Cruz's food is the worst. Brushing my teeth is gag city.
Told all my girlfriends because when you don't drink wine they WILL know something is up. Plus they knew we were back at the clinic and asked.
Still so shocked and thrilled.

Week 9

Feeling pretty awful all week. Eating anything that sounds appealing which is all super unhealthy and things I would regularly never eat on a regular basis. I have been craving McD's fries so finally caved and we had them for dinner. So worth it.
Shared the video with Delainey dancing in her big sis shirt with Nana, Gran, Grampa & Chris. NO ONE noticed the shirt! ha

dance from Alison Black on Vimeo.

We also told Auntie Cathy & Uncle Ken.
As much as it sucks not feeling well it is reassuring knowing it most likely means this baby is busy growing and that is all I care about. Feeling so thankful and excited.
Give me all the skittles. :)

Week 10

It was a rough week. Felt pretty awful every day. Eating always helps but then I never feel good after eating. Extremely exhausted. I just wish I would actually get sick instead of all day feeling like I am on the cusp.
Feeling extra thankful this week though. I have a friend who was going through IVF the last month and received bad news and it just reminds me over and over again how lucky we are that IUI worked for us, not once but twice. I tear up just thinking about it and how unfair it is for some families. And how they just spent over $20,000 because NOTHING is covered here for NOTHING. They have nothing to show for it but a broken - very broken heart. It makes me SO mad that an alcoholic can go and get a new liver and pay NOTHING because they ruined theirs and people who struggle to get pregnant go broke trying to make a baby. Makes no sense. {end rant...but not really. I could go on and on}

Week 11 

I feel like a broken record. :) How are you feeling? Not so hot. ;)
I know Justin is ready for me to feel better as much as I am. I'll ask him for dinner ideas cause just thinking about making something is never a good thing and typically he can come up with something I think might be ok - not lately. I am sure it drives him nuts. Sorry babe.
I am also so ready for my energy to start coming back. I feel like a bum as all I want to do is curl up on the couch. Luckily I have Delainey and Cruz that force me to keep busy and stay upright. Smells are the worst for me right now - just opening the fridge makes my stomach turn. The garbage, preparing meals, the oven heating up, our lunch room at work, leftovers, Cruz's food. Smelling people making dinner from the ravine. ick.
My tummy feels like it's definitely filling out more. I am more conscious of it at work and try to suck in all the time. ;)
As much as it sucks to feel like this I am just SO thankful at the same time to be feeling like this.

Week 12

Such an awesome week. We got to spend time with Baby Black #2 and it really is one of my most favorite moments. It's SUCH a relief seeing them flipping around in there. And let's be honest - that there is only ONE! ha I feel SO much better just knowing this babe is doing so great. Makes the all day nausea the last 7 weeks so so so worth it. Bring it on I say - if that's what this babe needs to grow. But really I keep telling myself "hopefully one more week then you will feel better". One more week. :) Belly is definitely filling out. Any abs I may have had pretty much said see ya later thanks to all my eating I am sure!

Week 13

 Told my boss/friend on Monday so I feel SO much better having her support and then felt super excited to let our secret out of the bag!
Which we did! So overwhelmed by all the love from everyone.

Still feeling rotten and since last weekend my headache has been kicked up a notch which is annoying but it is what it is. I have had a headache pretty much daily since December when we started Letrazol so I've become accustomed to it really. We had a doctors appointment and all is well with the babe which is all that matters. Always puts my mind at ease.

{shirt c/o there's a peanut in my belly}

Whew - that about wraps it up. :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am excited to follow these updates again! I love your little bump too, you look awesome! I hope you feel better soon, I know you are not complaining and cannot imagine ho hard it can be with a toddler and feeling crappy :( I was so lucky with A I think I am scared to get pregnant again and feel crappy, though it is all worth it no matter what!

Whit said...

SAWEET!! Grow baby grow.. and maybe let mom have a night off the nausea. Hang in there momma, that nausea means good things as tiring as it is. You can always vent, venting never means you aren't grateful, sometimes we just have to express it to make ourselves feel a little like someone gets it. I get it!! Love ya and so excited for this sweet little bean!! Come on November 1st!! ;)

Kaella Carr said...

I LOVE that video!!! She's just the cutest little dancer. It's London's favourite song right now. He knows the words, ha ha, so I should really get a video of it soon!

I'm so excited to read your updates and my heart is so happy for your family! xxx

Murdock's mama said...

Love these...can't wait to read them every week! So happy everything looks great!!! :)

Christy said...

I still feel like I smell garbage all the time! and every time I get on the train I swear it smells like urine.

I hope you are feeling better! It's so rough! I'm still getting sick but its all worth it! <3 so happy for you again!

Sarah said...

i am so thankful for science and IUI's!! amen to that.
can not believe how amazing bodies are… and that you carried D in that awesome body of yours! ABS.

Katie said...

this is so great you're writing all of this down! and I want your abs even while you're pregnant. you are just so cute! I can't believe they didn't notice d's big sis shirt! that's kind of funny. and it makes me so mad how expensive fertility treatments are. and that insurance doesn't cover it and that people have to go through that anyways, let alone have to pay for it.

Ashley said...

Love the video! I think you need to do a tutorial on how you made the shirt? Or just tell me! Haha love it!! Look at your bump already!! Hopefully you feel better soon! It might just be a boy!! Lol! I had a dream someone I know has a boy and everyone else has had girls... Love these updates! Soo sad for your friends! Fertility treatments are soo expensive...

Bex said...

Aw, love the updates and photos. The video is adorable. <3

Gabriella said...

That video is so adorable! Girl has moves! That is so funny that nobody noticed the shirt. I love your updates, and really hope you start to feel better soon. I could not be happier for you guys and am so happy that you have another little miracle on the way! <3

Leigh said...

So excited to follow along with your pregnancy journey! Love the video of Delainey dancing...so cute! And so funny that they didn't pick up on it

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Look at the little bump!! Don't feel bad about 'complaining'. It's still hard to feel this way regardless of how grateful and worth it it is. Hopefully soon you will start feeling better and the headache will go away.

That video of D dancing is priceless!!

Carolyn said...

YAY for bumpdates! :)

Jen Linton said...

Yay for baby #2! :):)

Melissa said...

Congratulations on baby #2! So exciting! We are hoping and praying for #2 as well, so glad your IUI worked again! Can't wait to see another beautiful baby on your blog!