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I thought I would pop in quick to tell you about the April sales for Beachbody (how is it already the middle of the month)!?? I always get really excited about them, mainly because I own most of them and think they are all SO great.

April Deals:

{Canadian $: PiYo CP is $154, PiYo Kickstart CP is $198, P90X3 CP is $176, Ultimate Reset CP is not available in Canada yet}

The PiYo program alone is $66 {Canadian}.
Plus you get a free DVD "Hardcore on the floor" and free shipping!
PiYo is all about low impact - high intensity movements inspired by yoga and Pilates. It's with superstar trainer Chalene Johnson who is one of my favorite trainers and it requires no equipment - just your body weight.
It's a 60 day program which makes it $1 a day to workout. Can't say no to that. 
I'm not a huge yoga fan but I enjoy these workouts. They can still be challenging without all the jumping and lifting like many of the Beachbody workouts. I plan to start this again in a couple weeks and hopefully complete the entire program.

P90X3 for just the program it's $132.

P90X3 is a great option for those who like variety and 30 minute workouts. I have tried all the workouts in this program and they are all for the most part really great, change every day and like I said have tons of variety.  It's with trainer Tony Horton. He is a great trainer but I have to be - honest he drives me bananas. His jokes, his incessant talking...mute.
This program comes with a total of 16 workouts that you do over the 90 days and each workout is 30 minutes. 
You have resistance workouts, power workouts (heavy weights!), cardio workouts and workouts that work on your core, balance and flexibility like yoga and pilates. Anyone can do these workouts as there is always a modifier and you can make them as hard or as easy as you want depending on what weights you choose or how hard you push yourself on the workouts that don't require weights!

Shakeology alone is $143. That's why it's great to get a Challenge Pack - you get the program and Shakeology for an awesome price. You can also now order a Super Sampler for $33 which gives you one pack of every Shakeo flavor or a Vegan Taste Sampler for $22 which includes only our Vegan options (which are my favorite ones)!

If you have any questions about any of these programs or others just let me know. I am always happy to help you find the right program for you!
PS. Summer is just around the corner!! ;)

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Bex said...

Thanks for sharing my review. Loved Piyo! I'm going to order 21 day fix!

Whit said...

Kicking butt and taking names girl. There's some wicked sales!! xox

Rachel said...

I just they would make Shako more affordable!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I need Chalene's abs!