{weekend rewind}

Happy Monday!
Our weekend had the perfect amount of busyness and down time in my opinion. Well I had down time, Justin kept busy with chores of course!
Rewind back to Thursday - we had gymnastics in the morning. I decided to let Delainey run free for a few minutes in hopes she may be a bit tired for gymnastics and not want to take over the place! Ha - fat chance. 

I took some photos of her new leggings from Muladhara yoga. The shop owner Amanda asked if I was interested in Delainey being her "Muladhara mini ambassador" which of course I said yes to! We love these leggings and Delainey is now hooked up for gymnastics class. They are a perfect fit: long enough in length, fit in the waist AND the foam pit bits don't stick to them!

Waiting for class to start. Eyeing the slide she is obsessed with.

She still was a little chaotic ball of energy but thankfully she loves class even if I won't let her climb up the high beams or do forward rolls with no hands off the crash mats.

After Gymnastic we had a little family date when Justin got home from work {more on that tomorrow} and then I headed out for pizza with my girlfriends and to watch part of the game {before it was past my bedtime}. 

More helmet prep.

Grocery shopping perks. She thinks it's hilarious to offer me a bite and then pull it away. They really should gives Moms a free cookie too.

Friday afternoon this sweet faced girl above was a troll! She is getting more teeth and was NOT happy about it. At 2pm when she still hadn't napped and was roaring like a lion from her crib I realized why someone invented wine and ice cream. 
So she got up, we took Cruz for a walk and had Popsicles. Justin had a work social Friday night so I lazed on the couch and watched the Bruce Jenner special.

Saturday morning we decided to run a few errands and go to the bike shop to pick out Delainey's bike. 
Justin's buddies at the shop were super helpful and Delainey was in AWE. A room FULL of bikes!! She kept pointing to every bike and saying "bike", touching them all and then stopping and looking around and says "wooooowwwwww".

We didn't know what to expect and thought we need to help her a lot with balance but she knew just what to do. We started in the house and she independently walked around and around. 

So we moved outside to the drive way and she was so excited and seriously cute. ;)
They say the first stage is just to walk around with it and then they will learn to sit and push with their feet. So far, she's a pro - says the proud Mom.

I'm not quite sure who was more excited about this. Delainey or Daddy!

Helmet kisses!

Justin was riding with her and she loved it.

 {We bought a Strider}

Coloring and snacks.

{slippers c/o Parker & Posie, My new favorite hoodie: Crowns & Coroknits}

Cruz cuddles.

Reading up on Strider bike safety.

Before bed on Saturday night Delainey would go get one book from her room, climb on the couch, cover herself with the blanket, press play on her music wand, read her book. Repeat. Silly thing.

Saturday night Justin and I watched a few episodes of Suits and the Flames game. Go Flames Go!

She loves feeding Cruz now. She gets the scoop from us, tells Cruz NO while she fills her bowl (or tries to get it all in the bowl) and then puts the scoop back in to the pantry. :)

Justin playing on the stairs as per usual.

Mom and Dad came for a visit so we showed them her bike riding moves.

Delainey took a selfie!

We had a fun play at the park to wrap up our Sunday!

This morning Delainey woke up asking for her bike and wanting to put her helmet on at 6am. Brainwashed.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Those bike photos are SO cute!!! I want to find a tricycle for A this summer, the old vintage kind so I might be on a hunt for a bit! We bought a helmet too but of course it is a no go. Sigh.
How cute is it that she feeds Cruz?! I want to get Avery doing it, and we have tried but she prefers to play in the food ;) I love her selfie :)

Ashley said...

Love the bike photos!! Justin must be one proud papa!! Can they put training wheels on it or are you just going to skip over that stage? Mike was pretty happy to see the Canadians move on! Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Murdock's mama said...

So cute! I'm glad you love the bike! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love how much she loves bikes!! I bet it was so fun to see how excited and in awe she was at the store!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend aside from the teething!

By the way, we had friends over on Saturday night and I made the apple crisp that you blogged about a couple of weeks ago - it was a hit so thanks for sharing the link to the recipe! I would definitely make that again!

Whit said...

Looks like a super chill weekend!! That's so awesome, the bike seems to fit her just right! I'm sure Dad was thrilled on that one ;) lol So awesome.. And that's so neat she is a leggings ambassador ;) xox

Ashley said...

baby bikes, baby helmets and baby piggies are the cutest things ever! haha I love weekends with just the right mix of downtime and play time! She's so cute on the steps with all her toys haha!

Brie said...

Oh my goodness, those bike photos are too cute!! I wish Sully was going to be a little bit older this summer so we could get him on a strider, but I think that might be pushing it?!

Do they give out free cookies at superstore? I always thought that was just a safeway thing, haha.

Rachel Steck said...

Delainey's little face when she's riding in the hallway - she LOVES that bike!! What a great day for her and Justin. Cuddles with Cruz and filling her dog bowl, I love it. So so cute. I am envious of your weekends.

Bex said...

She's so cute on her bike. <3