{weekend rewind}

 Happy Monday! Another weekend for the books. We went into the weekend with no plans and as always filled our days. 
Rewinding back to Thursday - Gymnastics day!! I was way more excited than Delainey but now that she knows what Gymnastics is that might change. I won't get there early anymore because holding her back from running into the gym was not an easy feat. 
We started on vault/trampoline tumbling track/pit, then bars, floor, beam/mini tramps. She had a BLAST! She would have been much happier if it was a free for all because something would catch her eye and she wanted to go try it out. Mainly the HIGH beams. She loved the pit, tumble tack, log rolls and balance beams. The coach was great - there are only 5 in our group {ages 18 months to 2 years} and even though the circuit is set up she realizes that these kids have a mind their own and won't necessarily sit to show her a tuck, pike and straddle sit! {Unless I am the Mom and then you will sit to show me tuck, pike straddle! ;) }

The coach asked where she wanted her stamp at the end of class and she pointed to her cheek. Ya no. We agreed on her feet.

Friday we had a quiet day at home, we cleaned the house, did a PUMP workout even though I just wanted to lay on the mat the whole time, played in the backyard A LOT to distract Delainey from her darn teeth coming in and went for a long walk in the afternoon. Delainey now climbs up to the big slide at our park alone (Cruz often follows her) and holds my hand to slide down.

So proud of herself. We were reading a book and she HAD to go searching for the horse puzzle piece to match. Loves 'hoses'.

Using Cruz as a chair.

Friday night Debbie, Crystal, Troy, Emerson, Nixon as well as cousin Kirk and 2 of his kids Tye & Grady come over for pizza. Kirk and the boys were in town for a hockey tournament so it's always awesome to spend time with them.

Delainey and Nixon doing what they do best!

Kids table!

Saturday morning Justin headed out to Canmore with Brian to go riding so I decided to venture downtown to take Delainey to Aggie Days. I didn't know if she would really be into but it's a free event and I knew it was a good set up as I used to go when I worked in Preschool years ago.

She loved it. We saw pigs (this huge guy is 2 years old, weighs 500lbs and has 7 day old piglets!), goats, sheep, horses, ducks, chickens, chicks, cows and bunnies. Delainey pointed to every one and said "hose" {horse}. There was opportunity to pet some baby goats, chicks and sheep but Delainey put her brakes on there. She loved watching the dogs herding the sheep & ducks!
We had a great time, I just wish I didn't have the stroller as once inside Delainey wanted out so she could get up close to the cages or I was holding her to see into the cages. But we parked a ways away so I needed it to get there! :)

Unfortunately for the guys - once they got out the mountains they were faced with white out conditions and it wasn't the best ride. They came home early had a beer on the deck at Brian's and then we met up at our place for a last minute BBQ date.

Justin BBQ some burgers and smokies and I made Apple Crisp for dessert. Justin said it was the best one I have made so I thought I should share the recipe. They called it The Best and Easiest Apple Crisp on pinterest so they didn't lie! I doubled the apples and topping only because I peeled and chopped 7 apples before looking at the recipe.  

Jammie buddies! Soon these two will be the best of friends.

Amelia is getting so big and strong and I loved getting some cuddles in.

Sunday Justin tackled his to-do list in the morning. I was lazy and hardly did anything other than bath the child and iron my work outfits. After Delainey's afternoon nap we went to watch Tye's last game. They won and he was MVP of the game! Whoo hoo!

Delainey and Nixon watching the Zamboni!

Running the halls between periods!

Emerson was really into the game. ;)

Reading books after dinner.

And that is a wrap!

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Leigh said...

Thanks again for having us over! Still can't believe how big that pig is! I'll have to keep that in mind to take Amelia in the next couple years :)

Ashley said...

Such a fun weekend!! Look at that pic of Amelia and D! Soo cute! That Apple crisp sounds yummy! I might have to try making it!! Love apple crisp!! We finally got some nice weather too,map we managed to get outside but man we have soo much yard work to do, it will be a bit before it is child safe, as there is ill stuff left over from the Reno to clean up!!

Chelsea said...

How much fun!!! I want to put Lily Jane into gymnastic with the Mommy and me class. I think she would love it!!!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww gymnastics sounds (and looks) so fun! I think I would need a nap after ;) I will get A in for January for sure, it will be our potty train motivation ;)
The Aggie days looks awesome! Anything with animals is a hit :)
Such cute pics of the girls together!!
Does D sit for the hockey game?! I am impressed! I say that to A all the time now, please just sit still for 2 mins lol.

Jen Linton said...

Ooo free events are the best! Now I want/need to make apple crisp (even though my mom and I just put together a chocolate pie!!)

Whit said...

Looks like a wicked chill weekend, I wanted to take the kids to Aggie days too. Just no time. Looked like it was fun to show D all the animals. You most certainly did fill the days ;) haha.. That's great!! That class looks fun I'll have to find one for Fin in the fall! We can compare notes ;) xox

Bex said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!

I couldn't imagine teaching a gymnastics (or any) class for kids that young. At a gymnastics birthday party, Liam was all over the place, not at all interested in listening to the instructor go through the circuit. Yikes.

My dad and I had planned to go to Aggie Days with Liam too before we all came down with the plague! Looks like fun, we will have to remember for next year!

Mmmmmmm Apple Crisp!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, for an unplanned weekend you ended up doing a lot and seeing a lot of people which is awesome! I can't believe how big that pig is!!!

I am glad Delainey liked gymnastics class. That is awesome that the class size is small and that the teacher is understanding of the kid's attention span!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh too bad we missed Aggie Days! Looks like fun! Strollers can be annoying sometimes but I don't dare venture without it! Where would I put my coffee? ;)

Amelia is getting so big! Still looks so little beside D! Glad she enjoyed gymnastics!

Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE that she's in gymnastics!!! So fun!