I think I mentioned this briefly on the blog before but it deserves more than a brief mentioning that's for darn certain.

Jeff and Jolie hired Whitney Cowan Photography as their wedding photographer and I could not be more excited.

There's not much I would redo about our wedding but you better believe we wish Whit was doing photography back then. Every time she posts a wedding I tell her how lucky her brides are and how jealous I am.
She just gets better and better and her weddings are just incredibly well photographed. Looking through her wedding blog posts is like being there in person at each and every wedding she shoots. I love the little details and she makes sure to sneak a photo of every single one from the most beautiful angle possible. Plus Whit's personality is JUST what anyone would want on their wedding day - easy going, sarcastic, funny but serious when she needs to be and gets the job done.
And trust me - it's not only because she's my best friend I say all this. She is just so flippin' talented.

But really - what's better than your best friend photographing your brothers destination wedding on a beautiful farm in New York. Not much. Am I right!?
I cannot wait to see her capture Jolie's beautiful flowers...

Their rings...

Jolie in her oh so stunning dress that she is just going to ROCK! }Seriously her dress is one of a kind beautiful.}

The 34 handsome guys that Jeff has standing up for him. ha ha Just kidding. He doesn't have that many but if he had his way he might! Thankfully he narrowed it down to the handsomest of the bunch. ;)

Us girls in our pretty dresses standing next to the prettiest of brides.

My studly brother in his jeans and boots {and no doubt his Billy Ray shirt underneath}!

And the two love birds themselves on what will easily be the best day of their lives.

{These last 2 are my cousin at the lake - Whit's VERY 1st wedding!}

Oh man. I am sooooo excited and thrilled that Whit is joining us for such an awesome day in June. If she couldn't shoot our wedding - this is the next best thing.

{All photos are from Whitney's website that you can check out and spend hours on HERE. Follow her on Facebook HERE for sneak peeks from all her shoots.}

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That's awesome!! We've said we wish we could get married again to have her do our pics!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That's awesome!! We've said we wish we could get married again to have her do our pics!

Leigh said...

She's going to do such an amazing job!

Ashley said...

Oh that is awesome!! She does such a beautiful job!! True talent!!

Rachel Steck said...

That's fantastic - Whit does a fabulous job!!
Too bad I don't have plans to be in NY in June....we could actually meet in person. #someday

Jen Linton said...

LOVE her work!

Geneviève Désy said...

Wow! Whitney is very talented!

Tawnya Faust said...

GORGEOUS photos :) weddings are so special, in hindsight I wish I would have had more professional photos taken and skipped out on the vegas special ;) lol

Whit said...

YOU!! What the heck. I don't even know what to say. Thank you for being my pusher.. haha.. you & J (& Dust) are the reason I LOVE my job today. You guys gave me the nudge ... or the push off the ledge to start this crazy business that I am ridiculously passionate about. I have met SO many amazing people bc of this camera in my hands and my best friend pimping me out ;) lol Thank you for all the confidence & support. You're amazing!! Can't wait for J&J's wedding and to be in NY together!! xox