Happy Wednesday! Thank you again for all your comments and emails yesterday. It means so much to have you guys excited along with us. Now on to some randoms.

It was my "niece" Mayela's 10th birthday yesterday. This TOTALLY boggles my mind. 
This was back when I first met Miss Mayela and already loved her to bits.

She has grown into such a little lady who I love having conversations with and getting random texts from. They mainly say things like "my mom is so mean" or "how do you like my new shoes". She has the personality of a 21 year old and clearly my taste in treats.
I am most definitely having my next birthright party at Menchies.

Love her. Happy Birthday Mayela!

This is Delainey's sunflower(s) she planted at Aggie days. I may not have inherited Gran's green thumb but it's possible Delainey has.  We will be re-potting it this weekend.

My lunches lately on my days at home have been very random. I can't say I have been feeling so hot the last 7 weeks so I try and just eat what I can and snack ALL day long. 

I promise I gag through making Delainey healthy lunches!!

I have been loving this nicer weather that is allowing for more dresses and no tights!


We go for a nightly bike ride now because this one asks for her bike all day long!!

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Stacy said...

how does she do on the balance bike - i thought about getting one for my son

Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE that last pic of D! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. :(

Whit said...

Mayela's pixie cut is SO cute. I did double take. That's such an awesome birthday idea and VERY YOU! ;) I expect that come September.
And you look like a baby holding her in the first photo.
We need to have a strider date ;)
I love all the colour on your dress. Super cute! Hopefully you start to feel better in the next few weeks. xox

Jen Linton said...

She's riding a 2 wheeler already?! (Here's where I don't tell you that I couldn't figure that out until I was 7!) MMMmmmm cadbury eggs :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy Birthday Mayela!! So grown up and good choice on birthday venue!!

Love your bright dress! I didn't wear tights yesterday either!! :)

Your snacks look like my snacks! Mini-eggs- excellent for growing babies!

Love her on that bike!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love your dress!! And perfect snacks too :)
Question, with those bikes is the idea that they then can skip the training wheels step?
I want my next party at Menchies!!

Nikki said...

LOVE your dress!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Oh goodness I can't even imagine cooking healthy for a toddler while being all-day-pregnancy-sick! The worst!!

Gabriella said...

Your dress is so fun! She looks so excited about her bike. I love it! Can you send some of those mini eggs to California? I will help you eat them! :) Hope you feel better soon!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You look so young in that first photo but then you really haven't changed all that much at the same time (if that makes any sense). I love that dress and the necklace you paired with it! What a fun, bright outfit!!

Bex said...

Oh man, the food aversions and having to cook for someone else. Stay strong mama.

Leigh said...

Did your niece cut her hair off? She looks so grown up with it like that! And love that D wants to go for nightly bike rides :)