Happy Thursday! Mom & Dad are home from their road trip and Delainey & Cruz already had a sleepover last night (Cruz has had 2 actually)! So I'm all alone at home this morning before I pick them up for gymnastic. I tried my hardest to sleep in but couldn't get back to sleep after Justin left.

Since we were kidless last night we headed to Earls for a bite to eat (I had been daydreaming of the chicken, apple and brie sandwich I was going to have ALL day). It hit the spot as did my cucumber moscow mule. It's all about the glass. :)

We also headed to the mall so we could look for cowboy boots for Justin to wear as a groomsman for Jeff and Jolie's wedding. NEVER ever did I think I would see Justin in cowboy boots! Either did he as he said while he was trying them on that Jeff is the only person who could get him in boots. He found a great pair he really likes.

Speaking of wedding...Jeff and Jolie's wedding is TWO months away!! I am SO darn excited.

 This means I need to get my butt in gear with shower/stagette prep and also find shoes/jewels to go with our beautiful dresses and Justin now just needs jeans.
I think Delainey's flower girl outfit is pretty much set as long as she grows into her moccs that Danielle made her. 

Also on the topic of heading to NY for the wedding...we are SO relieved and happy that Auntie Crystal, Uncle Troy, Emerson and Nixon will be looking after our Cruzie girl! We kinda panicked/my heart totally sank when our regular Cruz sitter ended up being unavailable and everyone else who would happily look after her is coming to the wedding!! 
Thankfully they love Cruzie enough to take on a dog for 9 days! Thank you again! I know she is going to love all the attention. And yes I will come vacuum for you for days afterwards Krink.

I think we need these at the lake for bonfires.


We had an awesome day yesterday. It started with Whit and the kids coming over for a nice ravine walk and play at the park. When it was time to go East kept saying "I can't go home" and needed a play at Auntie Alison's  - don't have to twist my arm for more time with these guys! So they came in for a snack and play. They were all playing so nicely and quietly that Whit and I could have a good chat too. WHY were no photos taken - I have no idea. Fail.

After Delainey's nap and Cruz's walk we spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard painting a big rock that we borrowed from the ravine, throwing the ball for Cruz and enjoying a chia seed popsicle!

Lindsey shared this article on Three Truths about C-Section Mamas that I thought was a good read and happened to find this article on the same site about The Scars of Infertility

That's enough rambles for me! Have a great day!

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Whit said...

The wedding is coming and it's SOOOO exciting!! Now I"m not sure what I'm most excited about... Justin in COWBOY boots ;) lol or Delainey in her ridiculously cute tutu!! Awe you know you could have left Cruzie with me if I wasn't tagging along ;) Love her. Such a great date yesterday, they played so quietly... we gotta do that again.. next week!! xox Ps. Nice work on a date night... please tell your mom and dad they can come and pick up East & Fin Sat morning!! lol

Christy said...

those articles are great, thanks for sharing!

Murdock's mama said...

I love everything about 1-4!! :)

Nikki said...

Where in NY is the wedding?

Leigh said...

Lucky you guys for having great parents and getting a date night! :) if Crystal needs help or a break, I am around and Cruz is more than welcome here :)

krink said...

We are more than happy to take Cruzie! And the kids keep asking when she's coming for her sleepovers 😉
Question... Where did you get your watercolour paint set? I need one!

Ashley said...

Love those articles!! What the heck is a cucumber Moscow mule??? Lol
Are you flying in to TO for a layover at all?? I should try to see if we can meet up again. I know I was going to look into it.. But I haven't. Maybe on a weekend? Love those wine glass holders, we have some for the lake that we put in the sand!

Rachel said...

We could have totally taken Cruz for you guys. Keep us in mind next time ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

How exciting that the wedding is only 2 months away!! I can't wait to see pictures from it! Especially of you and Delainey in your dresses - and the bride in her dress, of course (I love looking at wedding photographs, even when I don't know the people).

My parents have glass holders that are similar to those wine glass holders. They come in very handy when we are playing bean bag toss!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

2 months? Wow time has gone by quickly!! I can't wait to see it all come together!!

Fun times with Whit and the kids!

Those are good articles <3

Jen Linton said...

Ahhh that wedding is going to be so much fun I bet..can't wait to see pics :)

Gabriella said...

2 months away! So fun!! I am going to have to get that wine holder for my Dad. He would get a kick out of it!