{Easter Weekend}

 We had such an awesome, low key weekend at the lake. We headed out Friday afternoon and my brother met us out there Friday night. As soon as we arrived we went for a walk as it was so nice and sunny out. We had a drink and visited with Uncle Ken, Auntie Cathy & Nana and then made our way home for Delainey's bedtime and to get dinner ready for after Jeff's arrived. In true lake fashion we ate 8:30pm.

Her favorite reading material.

Uncle Jeff had to read EVERY book. She loved having him out there with us to play, chase, dance and goof around with.

She helped me make dessert for Easter dinner. She liked the clean up part the best. Smart girl.

Delainey was here.

Unfortunately Jolie wasn't with us as she is in NY for the week getting spoiled at showers and stagettes and looking beautiful as always. PS. I want a barn door on my wall stat.

I was sad I wasn't celebrating with her and the other bridesmaids but thankfully I was there the best way I could be...

Saturday we hit up the thrift store and had lunch with Nana so Delainey could play with all her toys in the toy box there.

Watching Grandpa's belly flops.

That night we were at Auntie Cathy and Uncle Ken's for Easter dinner and they made an amazing roast with Yorkshire puddings. Delicious, I wish I had 2 stomachs. Delainey was so quiet during dinner she was just shoveling beef, yorshires and corn in her face as fast as we'd let her.
Delainey is also becoming a productive part of the family. Uncle Jeff asked her to go get him another beer. She trucked into the kitchen to the fridge - Auntie Cathy gave her a can - she brought it right to Uncle Jeff! :) ha 
The guys stayed to watch the hockey game and I headed home to put Delainey to bed and prep the Easter loot. I then cuddled up on the couch and watched a show on sloths.


We didn't hide eggs the night before, we waited for the guys to get up, we had breakfast and then Delainey and I went and read a book while Daddy and Uncle Jeff hid the eggs. She came out of the room and initially spotted an egg and got really excited. We handed her her basket and told her to keep looking. She LOVED it. I totally thought we would have to help her with this adventure this year but nope. Proof again she is such a little girl already.

It was SO fun to watch and I only took 298 photos. :)

She was pretty excited to learn they were filled with yogurt covered raisins and fruit&veggie bites.

  She sat there and opened and ate every one. {I tortured her to check in her mouth and I can feel 6 teeth coming in right now including molars!}

She may have done her first face plant into a puddle that has a skiff of ice on it shortly after this photo. Thankfully she thought it was hilarious and only required a change of pants.

Happiest Dog EVER.

Reading bike magazines with Dad.

Sunday Jeff had to leave - boo - but we had a nice visit with Ashley and Scott as well as Nana again.

Last year and this year. The change in her is just bananas!

And I would like some Phoenix sun like we had last year please!

Mornings at the lake are my favorite.

We came home on Monday afternoon {Justin had Monday off too - already love this new job!} and we got ready for dinner at Debbie's with Crystal, Troy and the kids.

My girls and I.

Crazy kids after our delicious Chicken Casserole dinner! LOVE them.

We had an awesome visit and again the 2 stomachs would have come in handy because I never want to stop eating the Marshmallow salad {either did Delainey!} but HAVE to leave room for Pistachio Cake. yum. I should have still been full this morning but it didn't stop me from having one of Nana's home made hot cross buns for breakfast. And yes I gained 10 lbs this weekend alone. Yes yes I did.
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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Katie said...

i can't believe what a real little person she is! time is going so quickly!! and a show on sloths? :) that's funny.

Ashley said...

Ok seeing her with the cousins makes me realize how big she is now!! When? How? Haha! Noah ate Easter dinner like a champ too!! 6 teeth? Wowzers! We are in tooth watch over here too, I'm thinking maybe one is coming through! The lake is soo beautiful!
Glad you guys had a great weekend. Looks like you had fun in NY too ;)

Murdock's mama said...

I love this post! The bunny ears, the egg hunt, everything! Photo comparisons are my favorite -- I really need to do them more! I wish you were in AZ this week, too--we head there Thursday!

Jen Linton said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Would like to have a place nearby to escape to and be with family and friends for holidays/long weekends. My favorite eggs from the hunts were the money eggs :) And WHAT is marshmallow salad?! I think I need it.

Leigh said...

Looks like a fun weekend! And how cute is Delainey collecting her eggs? :) Her hair is getting so long too.

Bex said...

What a perfect weekend! Delainey is a sweetheart. She looks so proud of herself collecting eggs!

Brie said...

Just a little jealous over here that you guys have such a beautiful place to escape to on the weekends! And oh my goodness!! Delainey on Easter morning is the cutest thing ever! And love her little knit bunny toque.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like you had an awesome Easter weekend! It's crazy to see how much Delainey has changed since last Easter. She is getting so big! I had a fun weekend at the lake, too. I was there just over 24 hours so it flew by but I am glad I went!

Kaella Carr said...

Aww, it looks like you had a great Easter! Delainey is changing so much these days!

Gabriella said...

Your lake weekends always look so amazing! Miss D is a pro and finding those eggs - I love the bunny ears! So funny and adorable how Jolie included you in the festivities!! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

D is looking more and more grown up every day! Love how excited she was for the egg hunt! Only 298 photos? Next time try harder Alison! ;)