{Baby Mama: Knitatude}

Happy Friday! Despite this lovely weather we have been having the last few days this next shop I am SO excited to share with you is A MUST for our chilly Canadian winters. Cold weather anywhere for that matter! The shop is called Knitatude. Prepare to be obsessed.

The shop owner Chantal is local from right here in Calgary! She got started knitting in 2012 because she asked for a circle scarf for Christmas and didn't get one. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and make herself the perfect scarf - the rest is history. She is a knitting superstar now. And a gorgeous one at that.

She makes headbands

as well as beanies and toques

 And I want them all. PS. You should see the blanket she just made. It's gorgeous.

Chantal graciously made Delainey and I a set of her matching Mommy & Me twisted turban headbands in this beautiful burgundy wine color.
{She was working on these while on a trip to Salt Spring Island which made me so happy as I have great memories from visiting that island myself.}

They are made with 100% acrylic yarn and are so cuddly and soft. The night Chantal delivered them I showed Delainey hers and she proceeded to carry it around with her all night. I practically had to wrestle her for it!

We've worn these on our morning walks lately since it's still a bit chilly in the mornings and they keep our ears very happy!

{pointing to the train!}

Her pieces keep you warm and fashionable all at the same time!

She also has pretty much every color of wool you could possibly think of or want!

I really love the custom button detail at the back too.

We just love them. Don't you?

You can now go nuts in her shop and get 20% off using the code ourlifeandtimes
Be sure to follow Knitatude on facebook and on Twitter & Instagram @knitatude
Thank you again Chantal - you are so talented. 

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Brie said...

So cute! Not sure I can rock a headband like that, but you two look great :) I love knitted things. I wish I could knit myself! Also love that she has acrylic yarn option - wool makes me so itchy :(

Jen Linton said...

So jealous you got some goodies from her! I saw her booth at Market Collective in December and have been following her on social media ever since (not creepy sounding at all!)

Rachel Steck said...

Those are so cute - and beautiful!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...


Joeylee said...

super cute