{Work It Out: Pump/BBL}

For the last 6 weeks I have been doing my own hybrid of Les Mills PumpBrazil Butt Lift {BBL} so I thought I would do a bit of a review.

My schedule:
I typically try to workout 5 - 6 days a week.
I skip the Les Mills Flow and add in a BBL workout, I also add in a BBL workout when the Pump schedule calls for a walk.
It is handy that the schedule calls for walks though since I walk Cruz twice on my days off and once on my working days {Justin does the morning walk on my work days!}

My PUMP thoughts:

All workout are under 45 minutes which I love. I kinda dreaded getting to the long ones as I am so used to 30 minute workouts now but to be totally honest they flew by.

I really like how the workout is structured. You do a "track" {meaning a song} for each body part and your instructor changes with each track! So before you know it you are done - the workouts really do fly by. Plus the music is great {I chose to NOT Pump UP the music so you can hear the instructions} - plus most of the instructors have an accent. I don't know why I like that.

You work your whole body in the 3 main workouts! Then there is a great ab workout that I really love plus it's only 15 minutes. There is no actual cardio in these workouts. I was ok with this as I was ready for a break some it after mainly doing T25.

The program itself comes with the barbell and two 5lb plates and two 10lb plates. I have been using 30lbs for the leg tracks and I mix it up with 20-130lbs for the other tracks. I definitely have been getting stronger throughout this program at the beginning I used 20lbs for the clean & press tracks now I can easily use 30lbs. I'm thinking of getting some more plates.

I think the one thing I don't love about Pump is there isn't a ton of variation in the first phase. There are basically 3 workouts you do in Phase 1 - so I am glad I am doing the hybrid with BBL.

Delainey has been copying me when I do dead lifts and clean & presses with our tiniest weight and it's so cute. She also thinks the music is great and will all of a sudden break out in dance.

Unfortunately Pump is sold out right now and may not be re-stocked. Les Mills and Beachbody are in a "lovers quarrel" I will call it so it's up in the air if this program will continue to be offered by Beachbody.

MY BBL thoughts:

I have had this program a long time and only enjoy a few of these workouts - some of them are too "dancey" for me. But I really love Tummy Tuck, High & Tight and Sculpt - they range from 35-50 minutes.

All you need is the resistance band that the program comes with. Or you may want to get a stronger one like I did. They also use ankle weights for one portion of a workout but I don't have those and I definitely feel the burn anyways.

These workouts make me laugh. Leandro Carvalho the trainer is a riot - he really gets you to shake your boom boom, says the funniest things and his accent is just too much.

BUT my boom boom most definitely feels it the next day and the day after that! Is great for your tush, thighs and abs.

BBL is one of the programs available on demand so that's an easy way to check it out - plus it doesn't matter if you only do some of the workouts from the program you can pick and choose your favorites from all the programs on demand - make your own hybrid as I have for the same price!

For more information on any of these program or others - please let me know! :)

I am taking a quick 21 day break from Pump & BBL to try out the NEW 21 Day Fix Extreme!

So I will keep you posted on that. I did my first workout yesterday and it was a gooder!

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Nice work! Excited to start getting my body back once our lil man arrives.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Great thoughts! I know I am ready for a break from the 50-60 min workouts right now, especially since I am working out at 5am. Good for you on the weights! We bought extra plates too though I have not got there yet. I did 30lbs for legs tracks and back, then 10lbs on most others, I should have tried 20lbs on the chest track.

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

i am all over these after baby is born. seriously!

Bex said...

I'm so sad that Pump may not be coming back after reading about you and Lindsey doing it. It sounds like something I would really enjoy.

Nikki said...

Love me some pump!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

I'm SO glad I got this program before it sold out! I would have been really upset if I'd missed the opportunity. I am looking forward to doing the full program after the baby is here :) I've never committed to a Beach Body program, but I think it will be the perfect jump start to getting fit again after baby. I am planning on doing Pump with a few PiYo/Yoga workouts mixed in and then running when I am cleared to :)