{weekend rewind}

Happy chilly and snowy Monday! I can't believe it's March! 
On Wednesday night the girls had a sleepover with my parents. They had a such a good time as always and I had the day to myself on Thursday which has pretty much never happened! And I spent 90% of the day working on Delainey's 1 Year photobook. And no I am not done.

Coloring with Gramma & Grandpa...

And baking!

She is my daughter...

When I picked her up she was too busy having a dance party to Shake It Off to even come see me!

Friday we had to take the car in for some work but loved having Justin home. Delainey gets so excited when Justin pulls beef jerky out of the freezer. She takes her spot and forces Daddy to share! PS. How long is she?!

Friday night Lily came over for another sleepover and Justin went over to Darren's place after dinner. So after Delainey went to bed Lily and I had a little girls night. Painted our nails, I braided her hair, we watched part of a movie and then she requested cuddling on the bed with Cruz.

Saturday morning when Lily came downstairs Delainey was SO excited to see her, she didn't realize she slept over! It was so cute.
Saturday we ran to Ikea for Delainey essentials {more bibs, kid forks} and hot dogs! How amazing is this dog lunch box!

I did one of the bonus workouts I got with Les Mills PUMP called Sports Attack and it was SO MUCH jumping!! A good workout though especially after Hard Core Abs.
Afterwards I went through my craft bin and found a bunch of pompoms and paint so we played with them for a while.

And then did some painting. She really loved it and points to her art work on the fridge every chance she gets!

Justin surprised me with flowers just because. Love him.

Sunday morning eating Dad's sugary cereal! She was so cute - she would back up to get under his arms, get a bite and then duck to get out. Over and over. Cruz just sat wishing she was allowed to do the same gig.

Sunday afternoon I had a hair appointment with my cousin which was so needed and so nice to catch up with both Ashley and Amanda.
The girls had an afternoon with Dad and cleaned the house! Win.
Justin also got some cute pics of them...

Piling her toys on Cruz is one of her favorite games. 

I got home and took Cruz for a walk while Delainey napped and Justin slaved away in the kitchen. It was such a beautiful afternoon.

Sunday night Debbie, Crystal, Troy, Emerson and Nixon came for dinner to celebrate Troy's birthday. Delainey was super pumped to see everyone come in the door!! But her mood faded fast and she was kind of a bear the rest of the night. Womp. Justin made another delicious roast on the rotisserie with his yummy red wine reduction sauce. Crystal made a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and we had a really nice night.

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Christy said...

I love the picture of Delainey and Cruz looking at each other! so cute!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such a great idea with the pom-poms! I need to break those out, maybe tonight as a supper making distraction :) Also, the painting is a great idea, D looks so focused on it :)
I love the puppy snack box :) I need to get to Ikea for a full sleeved bib, they are not easy to find!

Nikki said...

Sounds like a great weekend! BodyAttack is off the hook! The core tracks in attack are always crazy! LOVE the paint on cotton balls! I must remember that!

Bex said...

That pom pom idea is awesome! I still have pom poms for Liam's Valentine's sensory bin that we could use. Definitely going to try that out.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, Delainey looks super long in that photo! She looks like she must be tall for her age! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend. I love that she loves beef jerky!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

I love that pom pom idea for painting! Very fun. Looks like a nice weekend :) It was very windy in RD on Saturday so even though it was sunny out it was still chilly.

Chelsea said...

She is so cute!! I love the painting idea :) I need to try that with my mini

Katie said...

i need to get more ikea bowls and utensils!! and one of those bibs!! and yeah for a day to yourself! I still have months 9-12 for addilyn's book!! I wish it would just do itself! :)

Leigh said...

Busy weekend! Looks like Delainey had fun with your parents :)

Rachel Steck said...

Like I always say - you have THE BEST weekends. What a great idea to put pom poms in a muffin pan so Delainey can sort them #genius. Her artwork is amazing and another great idea w/the clothespins. I love seeing pics of D and Cruz together and my favorite pic is of Cruz in the sunlight. That one's a framer for sure.

Whit said...

Yayy for some alone time!! ;) I have a bag of pom poms I'm taking them out NOW and entertaining the kids ;) Thanks for the idea!!
Cruz is the most incredible dog, getting toys piled on her and getting laid on and she just is chill as can be. So awesome!
Nicely done Justin on the flowers, dinner AND cleaning. Wow I'm impressed!!
Looks like a pretty awesome weekend!! xox

Gabriella said...

You have quite the little artist on your hands! The picture of D and Cruz looking at each other needs to be framed - So precious! I am glad you got some alone time. Can't wait to see the finished product with her 1 year book!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I haven't even started Leo's album... I still need to finish our 2014 one. Maybe I can get a chance this weekend. Nice that you got a day to be productive and some 'me' time!

D looks so cute painting and baking! So grown up!

Those ikea bibs are the best! I need to pick up more. Love that place too much!

What a great weekend!!