{Spring Break}

 Well Spring Break is almost over so I thought I would share what we have been up to! I have tried to plan something fun each day for Delainey.
Tuesday we went to the zoo again {we were there on Monday with Justin!} But this time we went with Auntie Crystal, Emerson and Nixon. It was a chilly day but we had lots of fun.

The bears came out to see us!

Having a snack and playing on the stairs. She looks so big! I told her she couldn't go any higher on the stairs and she put her hand up and said ok ok ok. 

Wednesday we painted eggs in the morning. I got these great paintable eggs from Walmart for $2 and they were a hit. We made some pretty water color eggs and you bet I am going back for more. Delainey loved it.

This was the reaction I got when we were all done. Quite the drama queen.

Wednesday late morning we went swimming. I SO wish I could have a camera in there cause Delainey got brave and decided the little slide was the best thing ever. I know I am her Mom but she was so flippin' cute. The first time I helped her up the stairs and helped her slide and then jumped in with her. Then I would just help her out of the pool, she walked to the stairs, then climbed up, sat down {showed me her muscles like she was so excited!} and then pushed herself down and I caught her. Repeat 15 times until it was time to go! She even waited in line if she had to! Such a big girl.

We had some great walks. These little legs walked 40 minutes today!

Cruz got a new hedgehog collar and thinks she is pretty fancy. She is. 

 Today we had lunch with Nana. Delainey loved her old high chair and the fact that she got 2 servings of ice cream for dessert!

This afternoon we went to the playground and played with Cruz in the backyard. It's beautiful out there today!
That wraps up our week so far! Tomorrow we are headed to the indoor playground in the morning.

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Ashley said...

Love her new swimsuit! Ps. Carters has a fantastic sale!!
Sounds like such a fun week! Did you find it busier everywhere because of March break? Love the new collar Cruz!

Jen Linton said...

I;m tired just reading about your week so far! Love her bathing suit and the stair shot :)

Bex said...

So cute. Love the sass sitting on the stairs. Cruz's new collar is super cute!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you have been having a great week with Delainey! Do you use regular paint on the eggs or does it come with some? I bet my nieces would love them!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is so awesome that Delainey was so brave and excited about the slide at the pool! It sounds like you've got a little fish on your hands! I hope she likes the lake as much as the pool, but I bet she will! And she does look SO grown up in these photos! She's totally lost her baby face and looks like a toddler! I love that red sweater - it looks so cozy and warm.

Christy said...

I can't get over how big she is getting!! I can't believe it!

Pamela said...

that picture of her on the staircase is adorable!!

Rachel Steck said...

What an awesome spring break! {Nice collar Cruzie!} Glad you have been having lots of fun!

Brie said...

Love her little swimsuit! And those seats in pool change rooms are awesome! We went to the WEM waterpark for a work xmas party and I was horrified that the change rooms in the family change rooms had no benches, no chairs, no seats in the wall!

Murdock's mama said...

What a FUN week! We have those eggs too, but haven't painted them yet.