Before Christmas {I know - I am such a slacker} I was contacted by PMD - personal microdermabrasion to review their tool. The PMD is a tool that is supposed to replicate a microdermabrasion treatment given by professionals since the PMD uses the same aluminum oxide crystals as a professional microdermabrasion session. 

Disclaimer: I have never had a professional microdermabraison treatment so I don't have that to compare it to.

Cost: $159 for the entire kit, which includes a variety of disks for all levels of sensitivity, 2 caps (one large for body exfoliation and one small for facial exfoliation), 1 reusable filter and a how-to DVD. I like that the tools plugs in so no batteries are needed. Toddler toys go through enough batteries!!

What to do: I had the box open for WEEKS before I actually tried it. First I watched the how to DVD which I never do but I figured it was my skin {which is sensitive as is} and I was going to be using a "tool" so I better know what I am doing. Thankfully it was really simple. I washed my face, figured out which disc to use and took a deep breath (I don't know why I was nervous!) I held my skin tight with my left hand and used my right hand to swiftly move the tool across my skin. 

{Warming: Make-up less post shower faces to follow! :) This is my "before" photo.}

Results: The suction feature was noticeable, but not painful at all. It was really easy to use - plus no mess or clean up like if you were doing a mask or something similar.  After my first treatment my skin felt so incredibly soft and healthy. I asked Justin if I looked 10 year younger cause I kinda felt like I should based on how nice my skin felt!
Since then I have used it 5 times. I know I should try and use it weekly and it takes less than 10 minutes but I still struggle to "find the time" ha. But with that said, I am not one that would go out and have one of these treatments done - so having the option to do it at home works for me.

 I feel like it has minimized fine lines around my eyes & nose and mainly has made my skin feel so much more refreshed, even toned and less dry. 

Thoughts: I give the PMD a thumbs up.  I am happy with the results that I have seen so far and I will continue to use this HOPEFULLY on a weekly basis.

You can find all the details about what is included in the PMD kit here.

Before and Afters are available on their site as well - it's great if you have acne scars as well.
Check out the media buzz - it's been featured on The View, The Talk, Extra TV, Michelle Money and more!

{I received the PMD tool in exchange for this post and my honest opinion}

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Murdock's mama said...

Hmm...wonder if this would help my age spot <--how in the world do I have an age spot at 28 {got it when I was 27!!!} Unfair!

Nikki said...

Your face looks less red too!

Bex said...

You are gorgeous fresh faced. I had chemical peels done a few years ago when I was dealing with acne, but since then have pretty decent skin. Although, I wouldn't mind looking a little younger. Sounds like a cool tool, probably nothing I would shell out that kind of money for though.

Mom said...

Like you have lines!!! Hand that PMD over and we will do a real test. Should have used it when you left it at the lake.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...


I have a clairisonic brush and the only reason I use it regularly is bc I can use it in the shower!