Happy Tuesday! Today I have 2 loves to share with you and they are both LEATHER!

First off I have to share these moccs that Stephany from Rad Moccs sent Delainey.

They are BOOTS!!! How adorable are these. I am so sad that I ordered them too big cause I am dying for her to wear them. I love how unique they are and such a perfect option for winter!

They also have these awesome Moccaholic tees that you can pre-order in black or grey.

Ok and these "Loubiboots" are just too much. The red bottoms.  Oh my.

I will be featuring this shop when Delainey's little feet grow into her boots but I just couldn't wait. PLUS nothing on her site is over $28 AND you can get 15% off using the code FF15 so get shopping. Thank you Stephany!
Follow on facebook and instagram @radmoccs.


Next up is Flourish Leather Kids & Flourish Leather. I love these shops.

I first shared this shop here and was lucky enough to work with Danielle again for another Mommy  & Me set.
We went with the sliced skinny golden pearl and they are beautiful.
Unfortunately Miss Delainey is not fond of wearing bracelets right now. :( EVER.
I thought I could wait a while and she would "learn" to love bracelets or she would out grow the "scream and try to rip it off" phase but we are still there.
SO I will be trying to show these off again but until then I have to share.

Danielle has the most insanely beautiful colors - I want one in ever shade because they go with everything! I wear mine all the time and always get compliments on it.
Here are some of my new favorites. Bigger and better!

Thank you again Danielle. Follow on instagram @flourishleatherco

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Rachel Steck said...

Love the pearl colored bracelet!

Murdock's mama said...

Jordyn & I have matching Flourish bracelets...we just LOVE them! :)

Whit said...

Those leather bracelets are super cute. I could totally wear those and we all know how I love my accessories... or not ;) xox

Gabriella said...

In love with those bracelets. Ordering ASAP!!!

Ashley said...

Those boots are adorable!! I also love that wifey tee!!!

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

the red bottoms are GREAT! i am all about moccs lately but need to restrain from buying too many- If i love being barefoot so much, i'm guessing baby will be too :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those mocc boots are so cute!!!

Nice bracelets!! Funky!