{I want...}

I want to be at home right now.
I left Justin and Delainey cuddling in bed this morning and I was SUPER jealous. They are having a Daddy Daughter day though so I know they will have fun. Plus this is my last day before Spring Break and then I have 11 days at home with my girls.

I want to make
Raspberry Banana Soft Serve - it has only 3 ingredients!

I want to wear

I want to try
I want to eat right now

I want to own
Muladhara makes the best yoga pants. Delainey and I both love ours. These lace ones are beautiful.

I want to go

I want to spend more time on 
Jolie's shower prep!

I want to know more about

 This site DressLink. This dress is $6.92

And this cute one is $5.44.
They have some wild stuff too but their prices are crazy cheap.

I want to jump on a plane to go meet my new "niece" Piper. 

My cousin got her new puppy yesterday and I am dying for some puppy breath. And cuddles.

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Nikki said...

Glass beach looks awesome!

Ashley said...

I think you should fly here!! I couldn't imagine glass beach with a toddler after our real beach experience haha. But it looks pretty! You will be off with Justin and D for most of the week - no? That soft serve looks yummy and that reminds me I have cookie dough in the freezer!! Yum!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love that first outfit, makes me so excited for Spring!
11 days off?! Nice! Though I might go crazy at home with A that long lol. It is crazy how fast I got used to working FT vs being at home and now being at home with her for more than a few days seems foreign and we both go a little crazy ;)

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

I was planning on making that soft serve today! Just using strawberries instead of raspberries. And the chocolate chip cookie in a cup is my favorite dessert quick fix!!

Pamela said...

mmm that ice cream! will def have to make! Love those yoga pants!

Bex said...

Oooh I want that first outfit. I really need to save some money for a good spring/summer shopping trip.

I LOVE those floral lace leggings too. I've been trying to justify ordering them but I just bought my purple ones so I should hold off. Ugh.

Rachel Steck said...

Mmmmm that raspberry soft serve looks delicious!
Piper is adorable!! Look at her little puppy toe nails. Gah!

Leigh said...

Ah fun that they are spending the day together! What did Justin have planned?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Enjoy your 11 days off! I am a bit envious, I haven't had a full week off since I started my job last May! I hope the time with your girls doesn't go by too fast!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard the quality of those clothes is about what you would expect for $5.

Katie said...

love all those things!! i want that cute outfit with the bright necklace!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Lucky you with 11 days off! Fun!! Hope D and Daddy had a fun day!

Cute puppy!!!!

Whit said...

Oh my goodness there are so many things I was like... WHAT? I want to know more, wear that, eat that and meet that too ;) lol. That puppy is adorable. That "ice cream" looks delicious, we do it with just the banana all the time and it tastes like ice cream. That beach looks incredible!! xox

Gabriella said...

Chocolate chip cookie in a cup needs to happen now! Looks so good. And I love that they had a daddy/daughter day!