{Yes & No}

Half way through the week! That is a YES!
To these outfits from the Grammy's...
Of course Taylor was in there. Some hated her look - I loved it. The colors together and her hair were perfection in my mind. 
Gwen also looked amazing.

Just no. no. no to these.

To the cuteness that Delainey was last year for Valentine's Day!

How was this almost a year ago?!

To the fact that I have yet to plan Valentine's Day anything. Photos. Meals. Activities. Nada. Get on it Alison.

 To our Polar Stroller skis. Seriously I don't know what I did without them last year! They are amazing. I use them almost every day if the ground allows it. They are so easy to use and they make ravine walks SO much more enjoyable for Delainey and I. We also like to run down the hills with them on and chase Cruz! Plus it's an extra workout for me pushing UP the hills.
To the ravine being SO icy and having patches of cement so we can't use them or the sled right now. Boo. Makes for a bumpy [for Delainey] and dangerous [for clumsy me] walk. Cruz could care less.

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Murdock's mama said...

I know…I need to get our Valentine's Day planned, too! It's coming up SO fast! :)

Kaella Carr said...

Whoa, those skis are awesome!!!! I should get a pair of London and I although the Chinooks tend to melt the snow right away anyway!

London has a Valentines Day party at daycare tomorrow and I'm currently googling "healthy Valentines Day Snacks for Toddlers" as we speak...hahahaha!

Ashley said...

Mike and I have been talking about getting some! Since you know we have soo much stinkin' snow!! Yuck! Love Taylor's dress and I love Gwen!! I agree with your no's what were they thinking? I actually didn't love Madonna's performance!
We don't really do Valentines in our house, but this year I'm trying because of Noah, but we don't have much planned aside from two birthday parties! Haha

T. L. said...

I am with you... I loved Taylor's look!

Those stroller skis look so cool... but definitely not something we need in Vancouver! I don't think it's even snowed this year, aside from on the mountains. And even they are all closed/ closing due to lack of snow!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

V Day is being ignored here this year... Good thing it's only a Hallmark holiday bc I don't have time or energy to do anything! Well maybe I'll do a craft...

TS looks amazing!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We haven't planned much for V day either but we will be on vacation! :) We don't exchange gifts or anything, though. I got him a card, though. I'm just glad we'll be spending the entire day together as our weekends tend to fill up so it's rare that we spend an entire Saturday together!

Carolyn said...

I loved Taylor's look! So gorgeous!! Can we also talk about your blog?!?! I LOVE the new look!!!!!