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Happy Thursday! First off I have to brag about the fabulous new coach I added to our team this week: Gabriella

I am so excited for her as I know she is going to be amazing. She loves Beachbody workouts as much as I do and is ridiculously dedicated to her workouts - she gets up at 4:30am if she needs to and takes her workouts with her on all her business trips - even when they are in Hawaii! Welcome Gabriella!
PS. If you want info on becoming a coach let me know! :)
Now today I have to tell you about this amazing new program.
21 Day Fix Extreme!

About a year ago, Team Beachbody launched one of their biggest at-home fitness programs, the 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese [I talked about it here]!

The 30 minute workouts combined with easy to follow nutrition and portion control quickly became a top seller and produced some amazing results along the way. Ashley and her hubby just finished their first 21 days and combined they lost of total of 15lbs and almost 23 inches - in 21 days!! 

The goal with the new 21 Day Fix Extreme is to create killer results, more muscle tone, advanced new moves, and a tightened up nutrition plan - think no cheat meals, chocolate or wine {gasp}. BUT it's only 21 days and you will love the results!
 This workout is meant to take your results to the next level and get you shredded! In the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Autumn shares with you her competition meal plan to help you shred those pesky pounds that many of us hold on to.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is a great step for those who have completed the 21 Day Fix and are ready for a new challenge or graduates of other programs like P90X3, Insanity, Focus T25, etc. 
21 Day Fix Extreme is also a great program for those who don’t have much weight to lose but want to get shredded and see abs, those who take their workouts and nutrition seriously, or anyone who doesn’t want to count calories, weight their food, or make complicated recipes. It would also be perfect if you have a big event coming up that you want to look great for - wedding, beach trip, reunion, etc.

The program is 21 days long. You get 7 workouts with the program [Plyo Fix Extreme, Upper Fix Extreme, Lower Fix Extreme, Cardio Fix Extreme, Dirty 30 Extreme, Yoga Fix Extreme, Pilates Fix Extreme. If you are familiar with the original fix they are the same names just EXTREME!
You also get a BONUS workout when you order through your coach [ME!]. And there will be additional workouts for purchase [Power Strength Extreme & ABC Extreme]. 
You workout for 21 days in a row. Each workout is 30 minutes long.
This program is NOT for someone just starting out or at a beginner fitness level. This is an advanced program, so you want to make sure you workout consistently before you start this program.

Good news! BOTH 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are on sale this month!
Let me know if you have any questions or want any more information on either of these programs!

{^ prices are slightly higher for Canadians. of course.}

PS. Reason 2398 why I love Focus T25. Results.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

SO tempted to try this program! Email me details :) Is the Extreme one available?

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Love your workout posts…I'm dying to get my PIYO on once I get the all clear…I may be in touch with ya about T25 after that. Boo ya!! I can't wait--keep sharing your success stories mama. You're so inspirational.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great deal!! 21 Day Fix is the next program I buy. i'm going to do T25 again first though.

Love all these inspirations!! Makes me want to go workout right now!! :)

Ashley said...

Aww thanks for the shout out!!! Funny I posted about this today too! Hahah! There is no way I'm ready for extreme haha, but I'm glad you clarified the difference because I was wondering!! Such a great program! We are some happy with it! I bought mats and new weights today!!