{Work It Out: Carbon38}

Hi. My name is Alison and I am obsessed with workout clothes.
{Hi Alison}
Carbon38 is like heaven for a workout clothes obsessed person like myself. I can and DID spend way too much time on this site. On multiple occasions. They have some of the coolest and most unique items I have seen. Their models also have the prettiest hair!

I was excited to have the opportunity to share this site with you and was thankful when they asked me to choose something to review from a specific designer - narrowed it down for me!

Designer Zara Terez has some very cool and unique leggings - think prints with blueberries, weights, kale (yes the veggie!), peacock and speakers! 
I was torn between the Turquoise Butterflies Leggings {they have fuchsia butterfly capris too!}

and the Black Triangles capris...both equally fun.

I asked Justin and he said go triangles - well my friends at Carbon38 sent me both! {Thank you again!}

I love this print. The are bright, cheery and kind of abstract in the sense you wouldn't necessarily realize they are butterflies unless you looked closely.

I went with a size small in both pairs and they fit me really well except I do find the waist band a little tight but if I fold it down (like I do with most of my workout pants) they are perfect!

Both pairs are 80% polyester and 20% spandex so they are very sleek and comfortable. They are such amazing quality, nice and thick - not see through at all.
These black triangle capris are awesome. They go with everything and I love the print just as much as I thought I would!

This was the photo Justin snapped of my handstand. What can I say he's handsome but not always the best photographer.

They have everything you can think of or would need! You can shop by designer - they some really cool designers like Adidas by Stella McCartney, Onzie, Michi, Alo Yoga, Alala, Vimmia and SO many more.
Or you can specify between bras, tops, bottoms, extras {like these socks for you krink}and locker room.
They also have some fun headings you can shop from [like Campus Style, Model Off Duty, City Warrior, Wild Cat, etc] where they pair up items from their site in categories that might match your specific style.
What would you choose from this site?

Like I said. I'll take one of everything. It's all amazing. Get shopping. Now go!
Be sure to follow them on facebook, instagram and pinterest.
Thank you again Carbon38.
PS. I apologize for the massive photos of me. With this new blog layout I cannot get the photos to size properly...working on it!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love these clothe! I also addicted to workout clothes! haha. I will keep this site in mind, I always look for unique and fun prints!

Rachel Steck said...

You look amazing! {nice booty shot Justin!}

Murdock's mama said...

I love the look of these...I'm going to check them out. I desperately need more workout gear if I really am going to run this race!

Murdock's mama said...

I love the look of these...I'm going to check them out. I desperately need more workout gear if I really am going to run this race!

Ashley said...

I like the triangle pants!!! Soo cute! Also which nikes do you have? I just ordered myself a pair of Nike free trainers - my old Adidas were soooo heavy compared to shoes now a days haha

Kaella Carr said...

HAHAHA that handstand photo made me laugh!

I LOVE the black ones! I am also addicted to workout clothes. I swear I have just as many as "regular" clothes now! LOL!

Leigh said...

Love them! And I don't think that picture by Justin was a mistake ;) haha

Bex said...

Dammit Alison! Stop tempting me! I love the handstand photo actually!

Mom said...

Love them! I need something fun like that instead of boring black.

Gabriella said...

The triangle ones.....ahhhhhh! I have a slight obsession with workout clothes too. I am trying a no spend February, but dang it, now I want to shop! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the triangle pants!! Obsessed! Might have to buy them stat! I need to break out a bit I think!

Love the photos- the hand stand one made me laugh!

krink said...

I had no idea they sold grip sox! Awesome! Thx

Katie said...

I am obsessed with workout clothes too!!! LOVE the ones you picked!