{Winter Walks}


Winter walks are inevitable in our household - {one} because we live in Calgary and most months show some signs of winter and {two} because we have a dog that requires a lot of exercise!

We knew getting a lab that she would require a morning and afternoon walk and that couldn't change just because we had a baby or it was cold out. When buying our stroller I looked for one that would be good on all terrains - mainly our ravine in the snow and ice. I love our stroller.

One of my main concerns when I found out I was having to have a c-section was Cruz and our walks! Thankfully I was able to get out walking quite early. We went for our first family walk on Day 5 and by 10 days post c-section when Justin went back to work I was back doing ravine walks alone {slowly} with my girls. 

So right from the get-go Delainey was thrown into twice a day walks even on cold winter days. I can count on 1 hand how many times Cruz has missed a walk due to weather. Otherwise we were out there. Cruz could care less how cold it was. I just made sure Delainey and I were dressed appropriately and walks were often cut shorter if needed. Now when we say it's time to take Cruz for a walk Delainey runs to the back door yelling hat or boots.

I've had some people ask how we get out so much in the winter so I thought I would so a post on some of our favorite things that make winter walks more enjoyable.

For years now EACH year I buy a pair of fake uggs. They are comfy and cozy but crap for our winters. This year I finally caved and used my birthday money to buy a pair of Hunter boots and I couldn't be happier. They are the best. They have great traction on ice and snow and keep my feet totally dry.

I also bought cozy Hunter boot socks - I bought mine (black and purple cable knit) both on ebay as they are much cheaper. On the cold days they keep my feet really warm - never had a cold toes day yet!

{I do have a pair of yaktrax for when it's icy but I don't love them at all. They never stay on and are more a pain in the butt.}

Gran bought us these Polar Stroller Skis and as I have said before they are amazing. A total game changer for snowy walks. I wish Kelly had invented these sooner!! Last winter we would bump through the packed in snow and walks would often be frustrating for me and I always felt bad for Delainey with all the bumping (she totally didn't care and would always fall asleep)!

These just glide over any ice and snow perfectly. They come with a handy bag so I can put them on as soon as we get to the snow covered ravine and they are so simple to put on and take off. I don't dread the snowy ravine any longer.

JJ Cole Polar Bundle Me bags - these are like a sleeping bag for the stroller (or car seat when they are little). They also have a little hood you can pull over their head but Delainey hates it so Gramma's hats for her! I still sometimes would cover the bag in a blanket or put an extra blanket inside depending on the weather.
I lucked out and found this one on kijiji for $10!

This is so handy when it's raining, windy or sleeting. Cruz doesn't care what the weather is. We walk!

Sled - Jeff and Jolie bought Delainey this for Christmas last year and it's so fun this winter! It changes it up for walks too so in the morning we stroller ski - afternoon we sled!

We also have the cover or bubble as we call it which is handy when it's windy or chilly. The bubble has vents and we pack it with blankets and have an old sheep skin for her to sit on.

A good comfy carrier is a MUST! We have an older version of the snugli that was handed down to us by my cousin and we love it. When I was on mat leave and Delainey was really small I would almost always carry her for all our walks when it was cold out. That way she also had my body heat to keep her warm and I could throw a blanket over her head to keep the wind and chill out. 

We have always had warm snowsuits for her from teeny tiny when she was in the carrier up until now when she often wants to walk. Ones that have hand covers are my favorite because she hates mitts.

We also have a Warm Buddy from Grampa & Chris. This is a teddy with a pouch you take out that heats up in the microwave so he gives off heat. I have used this a few times when it's chilly out too and then I stick him in with Delainey to cuddle.

Gramma's hats are a must too! I like baby balaclavas but she always tries to rip them off.

A plus to our walks is that they are an extra workout for me! The hills in our community are no joke. I told Justin after one walk with the sled that it felt like the cross-fit games as the snow was so sticky and just pilled up at the front of the sled - Delainey looked like the Grinch who stole Christmas the sled was facing straight up. I almost left her in the ravine I was so tired!

All and all we do love our walks MOST days. Yes Cruz drives me bananas with her pulling. I HATE ice and when people don't shovel their walks. Coyotes should be banned from the ravine. And sometimes I just REALLY hate the cold and wish Cruz was a chihuahua.
BUT the fresh air is so important for all of us, it's good exercise for us all - especially when Delainey can walk with us now too. Plus even as a wee babe it was good to get Delainey out of the house and good for me too! And now Delainey never complains about going out and Cruz is a happy girl.

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Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

This is a super helpful post. I have 3 large dogs that like to get out for walks pretty much every day and I'll definitely be using this as a resource for winter prep for next year. I'm hoping by the time this little baby comes spring will be in the air and I will only have to conquer one more April winter storm (wishful thinking?!). We take our dogs to an off leash park about 20 minutes away so that will add to the coordination of events with actually getting there with a baby, but I think it's do-able. Walking 3 dogs on leash with a baby? Probably not doable haha.

Chelsea said...

I love that!! The skis for the stroller are such a good idea.. I love that you guys take the baby out still :) she looks like she loves it

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I wish we got out more! On maternity leave we ran and/or walked every single day. My BOB stroller was a life saver here. Such an amazing ride for baby! I love the skis for the stroller too! Right now I use the sled if there is fresh snow on the sidewalks or BOB which is nice since it has huge all terrain tires that go anywhere lol. But the ride is a little dicey for A ;)

Ashley said...

Ugh I hate winter walks!!! I'm still considering the stroller skies! And I still need to get a rain cover for the stroller! Everytime I've tried to get the one for our stroller they have sold out!

Nikki said...

How cold does it get by you guys? This winter has been really rough for us with negative temps not fun. I have not been out much with #babybigtruck other than to the mall to do laps which she likes but I know she would like to be outside better. I really like those skis for the stroller and may have to get a pair for next year!

Carolyn said...

I love that you get out for so many walks! My dad takes Weston for a walk almost every day, and I really need to get better about it. I'm such a pansy and think walks in the cold are "too much work" but it's so good for them to get outside! Way to motivate me! :)

Courtney Kassner said...

I love all your gear so much, but I'm so glad I don't need any of that stuff in Memphis! (most of the time!) The matching rain boots are to die for!

Bex said...

Great post! I want a pair of Hunter boots, I didn't think they would be very warm in winter so good to know. I just have Uggs and you're right, they aren't good on ice!!! But warm and comfy for sure.

Liam loves to play outside but I am a wuss and don't like to bundle myself up when it's cold out. I should though, no excuse.

Leigh said...

Those skiis for the stroller are awesome! Are they expensive? I don't mind getting out on the wintery days with both Amelia and Harley, I just can't handle when he pulls me and it's slippery!

Rebekah said...

I love that you get out every day! I refuse to walk in the winter. I just feel terrible for James, no matter how much I bundle him up! When glenda was alive I couldn't have her out long in the cold. We had several people tell us pit bulls are more sensitive to the cold and she seemed to be. She LOVED the snow but would cry after 10 minutes. She loved being a california dog! Ohio winters were not for her!

Gabriella said...

I love cold weather, but I prefer it much more when I am sitting by the fire Homie loves the snow, but his poor puppy paws get chapped quickly. I am not sure this California girl would be able to handle that weather. We like 70 degrees in February! ;)

Katie said...

you are so impressive!! we've walked once this winter! we live on a busy road and have to drive somewhere to walk and I just don't do it!!! and for that addilyn hates the stroller - i hope we can fix that come spring!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You are prepared for anything! We aren't as good at getting out for walks in the winter but mostly bc it's dark early. I really need to make a point to get out though- so good for everyone, even if it takes forever to get out the door ;)