{weekend rewind}

 Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a holiday so it was nice to have an extra day at home and lucky me - it's only a 1 day work week. 
Rewinding back...Thursday night I had dinner with my girls we went to Diner Deluxe in Aspen Landing. It was such a cute place, delicious and totally family friendly. Plus you could have breakfast for dinner if you wanted! I got to have a good snuggle with Mr. Theo too.
Friday morning I met Nicole {Audrey & Leo too} last minute for a zoo trip. The weather was too good not to get out and it got me out of grocery shopping!
The kids had a blast and the tigers were really active and close by. Delainey gets so excited when she sees an animal from our puzzles or books.

{I did end up getting groceries in the afternoon as Nicole told me that the new Super Walmart finally opened right behind our house so I checked it out.} Delainey was in a goofy mood and was saying hi and waving to everyone!
Saturday morning Justin went out to Moose to Mountain Bike with Brian {yes in February}! He had a great time and I am so glad he got out.

Delainey and I stayed home (& Cruz of course) and made cookies! I thought she may be too young to enjoy it but she totally surprised me.
She knew to eat the dough...

 Stamp out cookies...

 Eat the icing...

And make a monstrous mess. Success. I loved our morning together.

Delainey also watched her video Valentine's {over and over again!!}from Gramma & Grandpa all the way from Belize. We enjoyed the sun and went for a long walk in her Valentine's hat from them too - that Gramma made of course!

 Cruz thinking why are you making me sit if she get to run away?!

For dinner Justin made another delicious roast {that he wasn't happy with} but it was still delicious. Delainey's special plate.

The meal was great but the night went downhill fast. Delainey was sleepy, tired of waiting to eat and chucked her milk on the floor and the lid popped off. WOMP. That made her even more mad! We weren't loving the situation either. 
Nothing a cookie and early bed time can't fix. I should have gone to bed at the same time.

Mornings. They've been starting early lately. Delainey for whatever reason {lord I hope it ends soon} is up between 4:45-5:15am. And not just up playing and happy in her crib either.
She is obsessed with farm books and tea parties right now too.

Sunday afternoon we went to Audrey & Leo's joint birthday party. Nicole did such a great job decorating & baking.

 We had a fun time - Delainey played with Audrey's kitchen & the other kids, we snacked, visited and I got some cuddles with Amelia!
 Sunday afternoon Lily arrived for spend 4 days with us.
Monday morning we needed to get out of the house so we headed down to the river for a walk and play at the park.
Meanwhile in Calgary...

 Lily helping me read to Delainey before bed.

Lastly I have to share this shop because when I saw this Shake It Off tee I knew Delainey HAD TO HAVE IT! Delainey LOVES the T-Swift Shake it off song.
It's from Root Avenue.

moccs c/o: Le Petit Coco

Find the Shake It Off tee and hooded shirt here.

I also love this "I'm the Mamma Bear" Tank & the "Pretty Fly for a Small Fry" raglan. Such a fun shop!
Follow Root Avenue on Instagram and Facebook for new releases, giveaways and coupon codes.

I will leave you with this video of Delainey shaking it off!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

OMG THAT VIDEO!! I love it :) So excited to see you girls this weekend! It has been too long.That Shake It Off tee is perfect.

The party looked awesome!

I agree that cookies can fix everything ;) And tea parties are pretty awesome!

Rachel Steck said...

I am envious of your great weather and I love that shake it off shirt!
Break it down Delainey, you're such a great dancer!!

Murdock's mama said...

Jordy love Shake It Off, too -- so cute! Yikes, 4:45a is brutal! I can't believe you guys have open {non frozen} water right now! Jealous! :)

Murdock's mama said...

PS...SO jealous of all your parents travels!!

Erin said...

That video is hilarious...she is just too cute!!

krink said...

Oh my goodness! You two are in trouble... That girl already knows how to "drop it like it's hot!" Lol 😉 LOVE it!!!

Bex said...

That video is adorable. Girlfriend definitely knows how to shake it!!

T. L. said...

That video!!! Hahaha she sure can shake it!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So glad we got to see you guys twice so close together!! Definitely fun times! Loving this warm weather!!

Ahhh D is such a good little dancer!! So adorable! That shirt is so you! Love it!

Ugh cleaning up spilled milk is such a pain!

One day work week= awesome!

Nikki said...

That video though! OMG I LOVE IT!

Gabriella said...

The cookie making and that dancing video! Too much cuteness! Glad that your weather is cooperating. :)

Whit said...

Bahahaha.. OH My Goodness, that video made me laugh and totally made my day!! I love her shaking her thang!! Daddy on the other hand may not ;)

You baking with Delainey was awesome, nice work mamma!! You always have stuff on the go and your weekends are always jam packed with awesome activities. Love it see the recap and your mom made THE MOST adorable hat for her with the hearts on the ears. Love that!! xo

Ashley said...

Love that video haha she is pretty much twerking. When did she get soo big? She looks like such a little lady!! Your weekend sounds fun! Paddle boarding in February? Crazy!! Definitely couldn't do that here haha!! The party looks soo cute!!!

Kaella Carr said...

HAHAHA! I love the video! That girl has sweet dance moves :)