{The cutest.}

{Lily reading to Delainey. The cutest.}

 {Our book obsessed girl. The cutest.}

{The girl who used to be scared of dogs - then was scared to touch Cruz's paw for the longest time (but wanted to SO bad) - now spends her free time laying on the floor talking to Cruz and holding her paw. The cutest.}

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Chelsea said...

How darling.. My little girl loves to look at books too :) This is so cute
Chelsea@ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Katie said...

so cute!!!

Gabriella said...

You bookworm is the cutest! And how adorable is Lily with D and Cruz!! :)

Pamela said...

aww I love how she holds her paw!! so sweet!

Whit said...

That is definitely the cutest! xo

Mom said...

Lily has definitely come a long way from the girl who insisted the dogs be locked up when she came over or would jump on the couch and curl up if they got out. So great to see. I bet Delainey loves having someone else to read to her. Good for both of them.

Leigh said...

Love how much Delainey loves to read! So cute :)

Rachel Steck said...