{Our Ty Guy}

I truly believe people come into your life at the exact right time for whatever reason. I also feel like I have "met" some of the kindest people through the features I have been lucky enough to do on this blog.
Genevieve from MatanteGe is one of those people.

Her and I are collaborating on some Mommy and me toques that I am so excited to share with you once we {I can't believe I am typing this} get some snow - I LOVE them!!

I was so excited to open up the package from her when it arrived but when I opened it I had a very different reaction then you would think. I immediately burst into tears.
{And no it wasn't the adorable hats she made us that caused this reaction}
It was this.

Genevieve is a blog reader and was touched by the posts I had done on Titus being sick and then passing away. 
Being an animal lover and incredible artist Genevieve decided to paint Ty. She does incredible custom pet portraits using color pencils but decided to try her hand at watercolor. I would say she is a natural - and thankfully she said she will be adding more to the shop. It really does look just like Ty. 

She went off this photo which Whit commented in my post that it was one of her favorites.

This photo was taken on one of our many walks up on the ridge overlooking Calgary.
A spot Dust and Whit used to walk with Titus ALL the time before they moved down South.

As timing would have it I met up with Whit and the kids on the 1 month of Ty's passing and was able to give her the gift of this painting. I know Whit loves it and will treasure it forever.
Genevieve sent 2 copies and I framed them both - one for her and one for her parents as I know they had a special connection with Ty and would also really appreciate it. There is something really special about a keepsake like this of a irreplaceable family member like Ty.

Thank you again Genevieve for having the biggest heart. For being so incredibly thoughtful, talented and for coming into MY life at just the right time.

 Please be sure to check out Genevieve's Custom Pet Portraits prints as well as her greeting cards, nursery art, & animal art - she is insanely talented. 

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Mom said...

Genevieve definitely has a talent. WOW!! I know Whitney would have been thrilled to see the portrait and will cherish it always.

Rachel Steck said...

I love it. Amazing. What a wonderful thing to have. Awwww. The best.

Tawnya Faust said...

This is incredibly sweet!! There are some great people in this world :) PS LOVE your new template! xo

Geneviève Désy said...

Wow! Thank you so much Alison for the nice compliments about my work! It was a pleasure painting Ty and surprising you and Whitney. She wrote me personally to thank me and it is the greatest reward an artist could get :) I think you're right, people are meant to cross our path for a reason and I'm so grateful for it. Thanks again! Geneviève xx

Leigh said...

That is so amazing of her to do that! And she is so talented too

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

When I saw Whit post that I was amazed! It is beautiful!! She is very talented and it is such a thoughful gift for Whitney.

Ashley said...

That is such a sweet gesture Genevieve made! She dud a fantastic job!! A keepsake that Whit and her family can cherish forever!! Soo talented!! You are such a good friend!!

Christy said...

so sweet!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Such a nice tribute! She did a great job!

Bex said...

What a nice gift. Such a great picture. <3

Carolyn said...

OMG! What a sweet gesture!! The paintings are so adorable!!

Gabriella said...

This made me cry. The sweetest gesture every, and I am sure Whitney and her family will treasure this forever. Dogs are family!

Whit said...

This was one of the most selfless, beautiful, random acts of kindness I have ever experienced. I actually contacted Genevieve and thanked her, she even had Ty's photo as her screen saver she had fallen in love with him. He had a way about him that just made you fall in love. He is so missed... Thanks AJ for making this beautiful encounter happen. Pretty amazing. xox (Still cry about it today)