{Delainey: 15 &16 months}

I feel like Delainey is changing so much these days yet putting what she is like in writing is really hard and I miss so much detail in these posts. I need to carry a note pad with me everywhere to note the words she says or silly things she does.
There really isn't much of a baby in this little body anymore. She understands so much of what we say, follows directions and chats all day long {until we are in a group of people then is super quiet}. She prefers to run than walk and prefers to walk on her own then get a ride in the stroller or cart any day. She has an amazing little personality and gets a million kisses a day. We just can't help it.
So a little update is in order...

{weight & length}
32 inches
She went through a picky stage but we are pretty sure it was her teeth bugging her. For the most part she only wanted soft foods - yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, pouches, mama chia, oatmeal...Thankfully she is back to her old self and is happy to fill her face and tummy with pretty much anything. She tries to feed herself with a spoon and fork and [albeit a very messy process] she does well and then just prefers to use her hands after a while.

Running, being chased.
Books [obsessed is more like it] she would and does bring us books to read all day long. She also has a love for the 3 hockey books she has, she will bring us those over any books and tries to make us ready them MANY times a day.
All toys really, putting puzzles together, musical toys. Taking EVERY thing out of a basket.
Cruz, throwing a ball, being outside.
Showing us her tongue or her belly. Tickles. Monkey.
'Dear Zoo' is also a favorite.

~ When we are making dinner. Some nights we just look at each other and shake our heads...it's like the world is ending in Delainey land. Even if we give her a snack or try and play with her while 1 of us makes dinner. It's just a big fat no. Scream fest. She will also throw herself on the ground clearly telling us she is not ok with the dinner making process...no bueno Miss D.
~ Getting her diaper changed or getting dressed.
~ Having her hair dried with a towel after a bath and having lotion put on.
~ Getting her face wiped is also up there.

She says a lot of words independently now: boots, hat, coat, bus, go, up, Mom, Dad, Daddy, Cz {is Cruz}, yes, ball, kay...
She copies words so often now too and will repeat them. I'll say "ok we are set" and she will repeat "set", etc. 

{what's new}
~ She still naps twice a day. They vary from 30 min {for us} to 2 hours {for Grandma Debbie}. She goes to bed around 7:00pm and sleeps usually until 6:30am. Unless she hears us in the morning on my work days when Justin walks Cruz, then she is up before 6 but we put her in our bed so she can watch us get ready.
~ She is in size 2 huggies diapers.
~ She puts her dirty clothes in the laundry basket in our room. Or anything that's on the floor in her room really. I was packing her bag for her weekend with my parents and I left the room for a minute to get her bag and the next thing I knew she was gone and the piles of clothes. Everything was in the laundry basket.
~ Almost 4 teeth.
~ My Mom made a little book with pictures of family members and she can point pretty much everyone out now.
I know I am missing a million things - I could go on and on about her but that's her in a nut shell right now. She is so fun and full of energy and we love watching her learn and have fun - just makes my heart burst. WE love this little peanut in absurd amounts.

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Mom said...

Looking back at the very sparse (pathetic) record I kept of you and Jeff, all your Delainey updates are fantastic. What a great record of all her stages.

Rachel Steck said...

And this is why I wish blogging {and Facebook} had been around when Mason was little. What great tools these are now for documentation.
I love love love Delainey's hair in a little pony tail - too cute. She sounds like so much fun! Wish I was there...:)

Carolyn said...

Aww! :) Love this! Seriously. SO SIMILAR! HAHA Weston hates meal making time too - he gets so angry!!

Leigh said...

LOVE these posts! She is definitely changing, but what a fun stage! :)

Bex said...

She's seriously such a cutie. So fun watching them learn and grow.

Liam is the same way with dinner. It's so hard so I usually try and have stuff prepped ahead of time or put on a show to distract him so I can cook.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Gah, love this post!! She is so cute and so smart! It is so funny to ready how alike her and A are - the supper time thing, the diaper changes, the lotion hate, the love for books...
We are on a food strike right now but I think it was a tummy bug, not sure though!

Sara Turner said...

She's growing up so quick! What a happy little girl. I love this series of posts, it will be such a great series to look back on years down the road when she's all grown up!

Christy said...

I can't believe she is 16 months already!!!

Katie said...

time is going so fast!! i love her petite adorable self! she's looking more and more like you!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

First of all, I LOVE the new blog look!! {great work Justin?!} She is growing up so fast and is so so cute. I love how silly and goofy they are at that age; it's so much fun. Dinner is tough for us too, I've started resorting to pulling out a sensory bin, with an old tablecloth underneath it and Brooke will fill up the cup/spoons with whatever (rice currently) I put in there. Gives me about 10-15 minutes to get things going! You're doing so great with her. She is a lucky little lady :D

Erin said...

So sweet! She is growing up so fast...such a beautiful little girl!
Oh...and by the way...I LOVE THE NEW BLOG!!

Courtney Kassner said...

She's getting cuter and cuter each month!

Love the new blog design!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love her!! She is just the cutest! So many words!! And what is with the dinner making shenanigans? It's the same thing here! No idea how to make it better, except wine for parents?

She's still so petite! Must be all that running she does!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, she is so cute! I love that she loves books so much! She sounds like a fun, spunky, happy little girl! I have to laugh a bit at the dinner-time fits, though, because it's amazing how dramatic toddlers can be!! I've seen plenty of that with my nephews!