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Oh Friday - how I love thee. We had a cute little visitor yesterday. Well two really. I was happy to get in lots of snuggles with Miss Amelia - she is just so precious I can't get enough. Leigh looks amazing also.

Today I have an awesome Canadian shop to share with you from beautiful British Columbia!

Wilde Woods makes the sweetest winter moccs I call them! They are nice and cozy for our chilly winters and so darn cute at the same time.
Justine the creative shop owner sent Delainey a pair of her ultra moccasins in this awesome purple plaid.

They are lace up moccs with a wool heel and have jiffy grip fabric used on the bottom so they are non-slip.

^ I had Delainey's vest done up and it looked much better but girlfriend was having a teenage moment and wanted it unbuttoned. It HAD to be unbuttoned. Lord help me if this is starting already! ;)

 Delainey's moccs are 5' long.

 They are seriously adorable. Even Justin who doesn't usually notice the cuteness of Delainey's wardrobe LOVES these. He commented on how awesome they were the second he saw them.

They are so well made and I love the mix of fabrics. Wool, flannelette and leather laces.

Wish they came in my size. :)
Check out her other items:

Wilderness Hats - this set and new print is my FAVORITE!

Follow Wilde Woods on facebook and instagram @wildewoods
Thank you again Justine and happy weekend everyone.

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Ashley said...

Look at your littlest visitor!!! Leigh does look great!!! Such cute little shoes - you know I'm a sucker for baby shoes hahah

Rachel Steck said...

Oh I love these shoes! Miss D is beautiful in purple ~ so so pretty. Those shoes are just awesome.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Leigh looks great!!
Those shoes are so cute! And unique. I am finding shoe size for A very random, her Nike's are a 5 so I ordered a size 5 rain boot and I swear she will wear it when she is 5! lol.

Bex said...

Aw hi Leigh!! I want baby snuggles!

Those shoes are cute!

Christy said...

So cute! those shoes are amazing!

Leigh said...

Thanks for letting us come over to get out of the house and for spoiling Amelia with cuddles :) Those are super cute. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Mom said...

Very cute indeed.
Excuse me but aren't you the girl who HAD to wear a dress under your snowsuit to go to tobaganning?!?! Haha

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a sweet little baby!! And all that hair!!! Leigh looks great!

Love those mocs! So unique!!

Hahah to D not wanting her vest done up! So it begins! Sorry mama! Maybe around 2.5 she'll be cooperative again!