{weekend rewind}

I love that my weekend starts on either Wednesday or Thursday with my girls. SO lucky. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE working part time. So thankful Justin works hard to make this possible. Thanks babe.
Well Wednesday was one of those day I was SO glad we had no where we needed to be. They said on the news it was one of the worst commute days in years due to the ice and snow. 
Thankful Justin could work from home also. And Delainey was a huge help.
I LOVE this photo. Delainey loves Cruz so much it makes my heart burst.
This is a typical Delainey photo. Snacking. Wearing her beads. And she loves to sit on this toy in the basement while I work out.
Thursday we celebrated 2 years since we had our IUI that gave us Miss D. We are so thankful for that day, medical technology, that nurse who performed the procedure and our doctor. 
Such an amazing day. Cheers!
Getting groceries we did the free cookie deal for the first time at the bakery. Delainey had no idea what to do with this big cookie! She LOVED it once I broke it up for her and put it in her snack bag.
Lunch time - all done!
Fashion blogger in the making...
Saturday mornings are my favorite.
Reading about what Uncle Jeff does and finding the puck. She points it out on every page.
Saturday afternoon we finally got to meet the adorable little Marcus. Blake and Karen came over for a visit and I didn't put him down. Oh how I love sleeping baby snuggles and he is just so sweet. Delainey was NOT happy at first and then decided it was ok and had Justin read her every book she could find.
And no - she never takes the beads off. :)
We brought this swing up for Marcus to try out and Delainey decided she wasn't giving it up.
 Sunday morning I went to an Orange Theory Fitness Class with Amy and then we had coffee. 
It was a great workout and I LOVE trying out new workouts. I am going to a couple more classes with her this week (she gave me a free week pass - thank you again!) so I will do a full post on my thoughts next week.
Late Sunday afternoon we went up to my parents as Cruz and Delainey were having a sleepover and spending the day with them today.
This gave us the opportunity to meet with Leigh (her adorable belly) and Brian for wings at the watering hole.
We had a great visit and as always a delicious meal. Thank again for the date guys and Mom and Dad for having the girls.
Happy Monday!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What a fun weekend! Love D in the bouncer chair :) And a night out is always a great way to end the weekend :)

Gabriella said...

Her "cheers" and "all done" are so cute! Marcus is adorable Glad you got your baby snuggles fix.

Bex said...

Oh man, I can't take Liam to the grocery store without getting him a cookie. He also has to ride in the car carts - just a note if you have those at your grocery store, they are so much harder to maneuver. Don't show miss D or she will probably always want to ride in one haha.

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Look at Miss D in that swing!! When did she get soo big?? Haha! Can't believe it's been 2 years!! I remember those texts clear as day! Best day ever!! The day a miracle was made!! We have had crummy weather here too!! Boo!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, that photo of Cruz and Delainey is so sweet! I love that they are best buds! We had icky weather here last week too and there were so many accidents. I was very thankful for my walking commute.

Leigh said...

I love D's style with the beads and the scarves! So cute. Thanks again for the wing date :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

D is looking so big! Can't wait to see you guys this week! Sounds like a great weekend!

D has great fashion sense- always accessorizing like her mama!!

Aww what a sweet newborn!! What happened to ours?

Cheers to the 2 year IUI anniversary! Great reason to celebrate!

Whit said...

Looks like an awesome weekend!! I love those photos of D with her beads!! LOL