Sunday morning I received the text from Whit I was dreading. 
Actually Wednesday night I got a text I was dreading also. 
Both asked if I was around so she could call me.
Whit and I don't talk on the phone unless it's something really good or really bad - we text all day long but phone calls are sparse.
Both times I was in tears before she even had time to dial my number. 
Wednesday we learned that Ty had a large inoperable tumor growing around his heart.
Very early Sunday morning Mr. Titus went to doggy heaven.
My heart literally hurts thinking about what Dust and Whit {& family} are going through. If you are anything like us - dogs are family. Some don't understand it. But nine years ago Ty was their first baby as Cruz is ours. 
Titus was something special. We are lucky to have so many incredible memories with him.
Him Peeing on our Christmas tree.
His temper tantrums. So funny.
Trips to the lake.
Camping in BC.
Countless walks.
Him and Cruz tearing around the backyard - Cruz diving over his head to get away.
When I was watching East when Fin was born Ty literally stood at the top of the stairs and shook his head no when I was calling him down for a walk and then he took off running back to the bedroom. I still can see him doing this in my head and laugh.
He had personality for days and was one of the best.

A dogs life is never long enough.
We love you Ty. 
Thank you to everyone who commented on Ty's first post and who sent Whit some love on instagram too. She needs it - so thank you.

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Kaella Neithercut said...

Awww, I'm so sorry. I had dogs, growing up, and I know how much it hurts to lose them. They truly are a part of the family!!

T. L. said...

I am so sorry for your (and Whitney's) loss :(

Christy said...

:( this is so sad. RIP little guy.

Murdock's mama said...

My sister's bulldog {Uga} turns 8 today, and Adam & I were chatting last night how he isn't doing so well anymore, so this post comes at a tough time. Lots of tears. I agree, dogs are leave a LARGE void in life. I hate even thinking about it! :( Big hugs for Whit & the family.

Pamela said...

awww gosh how awful! :( yes, our dog is our baby too!

Gabriella said...

So much love and hugs to Whitney, her family, and you guys! This just breaks my heart.

Rachel Steck said...

I told Mason last week about Ty, and then I had to tell him of his passing. We are both upset. Hugs to everyone.l

Mom said...

It hurts SO much to lose our furry friends. In time (but it takes a long time) all those wonderful memories of time spent together take over the sadness. Hugs to Whit and the whole family.

Whit said...

Thank you for this post AJ (bawling my eyes out, again) I know your mom is right that one day in a long while our sadness will be taken over by all his hilarious antics and snuggles and adventures. Thank you to all your amazing blog readers for their beautiful comments. This was a really special one to me. I love that picture of him on the bench, one of my most favourites. He is soo loved and SOO missed. xox Thank you again.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, that is so sad... I'm sorry for your friend's loss. :( It's so hard to lose a pet as they are family. Phil's good friend is going through this right now with her cat and it's so sad because she is just going to be lost without him. :(

Leigh said...

So sad about Ty :( I can't imagine what they are going through. Give Whitney a hug for me

Tawnya Faust said...

ahh so heartbreaking :( I'm so sorry for your friend's loss... and your loss. Dogs really are a part of the family, I can't imagine anything happening to our fur baby, Bentley. It's so true they're your babies before your real babies arrive and there are just so many memories that include them. A dog's life really never is long enough.

I said goodbye to my childhood dog when he was 16... it was heartbreaking and to this day I still tear up reading posts like this because it makes me think of him.

Ty sounds like he was such a funny guy with so much personality! I'm sure he will be missed, thinking of you all! xo

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So sad! Big hugs to Whitney! Ty sounds like he was one of a kind.

Ashley said...

Ugh this is soo sad!!! Losing a family member is horrible!!! My deepest sympathies go out to Whits sweet little family!