{Ty guy}

Quick change of plans for today's post. It's been a while but it's Cruz here. 
Mom was planning on posting about her stupid workouts and we both decided today our Ty guy needs the spotlight. He's had a rough few days and he needs all your good thoughts and prayers - whatever you've got. Please send them to Titus Cowan the sweetest bully around. 
If you've never met Titus let me introduce you. He's big and strong.
But the biggest ham, sweetheart and the best snuggler {other than me}.
 He taught me bad habits like getting on park benches.
He's a great Kamjam judge and handsome as heck.
We swim together.
and play.
He is my bestest friend. 
And not only that he is family. Mom says sometimes friends become family and the Cowans definitely fall into this category.
 I mean just look at this face. 
We love you Ty. Stay strong buddy and just deal with all your Moms extra lovin' right now ok. SHE needs it. 
Hugs & Kisses
Cruzie & family.

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Rachel Steck said...

Doc and I want to send well wishes and tons of good thought to Ty, and Whitney, and the rest of the family. I care about him a lot too.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww thinking of Ty, Whitney and family! Sending them lots of love and well wishes!

Ashley said...

Is everything okay! Poor guy!! Hope whatever it is that he pulls through!!!! Sending love!!

Bex said...


Leigh said...

I saw Whitney's post on IG....poor guy! I can't imagine going through that and losing a pet.

Gabriella said...

I have been saying lots of prayers for Titus and the whole Cowan family. I can't imagine how they must be feeling. Homie sends hugs too!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So sad :( Thinking of the Cowans.