We are half way through the week, my Friday. Can I get an amen. :) On to some randoms.

{THE greatest...invention}
Chatbooks. They turn your instagram account photos into books.
$6 for 60 pages. Free shipping.
They are awesome.
You can delete photos you don't want in it, perfectly bound, choice of having your text or not, choose the cover photo. SO many options. Delainey loves them.
Get your first book FREE using the code HNNV7CH6

{THE cutest...wet toddler}
I was pretty sad packing away many of Miss D's bathing suits before our swimming trip on Thursday.
Thankfully this adorable one from Ashley fits now.

{THE sweetest...Ohioan}
 Rachel all the way from Ohio (again - yes - she spoils Delainey AND yes I googled what do you call someone from Ohio!!) sent this adorable sloth book to me or maybe Delainey ;) and this fun plush fruit basket to go with Delainey's kitchen. So freakin' thoughtful.
She was pretty excited to rip into the box of goodies despite this face.

{THE best...quote of the week}

{THE easiest...Copy Cat Outfit of the day}

{THE funniest...photo}
In a tunnel reading books at Grandma Debbie's.

{THE most incredible...new hat my Mom made.}
Why yes I sent her a photo of a hedgehog just like this and she whipped it up. And yes again to being obsessed with hedgehogs. Next up Ma - a sloth!
THE end.

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jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

I'm totally looking into those Chatbooks- gives me more of an excuse to post photos of my fur pups :)
Love the maxi skirt outfit! I tried to hop on that bandwagon, but they look NO BUENO on me.

Ashley said...

Ok so I need to do the chat books! Adorable!! And you can't beat the price! How big is the album? 8x8 or 6x6? So glad that swimsuit fits her now!! She looks pretty cute in it too!! That sloth book looks adorable!!

Bex said...

I totally want to get some chat books made for Liam. So fun!

Love the sloth book. :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I know what you mean about packing away bathing suits :( We just bought a couple new ones since Avery basically went from 6 month suits to 18 month ones! So sad.
We have those veggies and basket too, Avery loves them!
Adorable toque!!

Rachel Steck said...

I'm glad Delainey likes her gifts! {I heart you all, all the way from Ohio}. That book was too cute to pass up.
I will check into these chat books for sure. Thanks friend!

Murdock's mama said...

Just ordered a ton {17!!} of chatbooks with your affiliate link! :) Can't wait to get them!!

Kaella Neithercut said...

I'm definitely going to do a Chatbook now!!! Thanks for sharing!!! So cool!

Gabriella said...

I have been working on my Chatbooks. I just need to hit order! D is so cute in her swim suit, and that hat your Mom made is so perfect!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, that hedgehog hat is so cute! Love it! Your mom is talented! I love the photo of D reading in the tunnel!

Pamela said...

I was just checking out chat books out the other night!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So I need to post more on IG so I can make some chapbooks! Cute idea! I bet my kiddos would love them!

So is that hedgehog hat for you or D? ;) Your mom is so talented!

Love your outfit. I miss your outfit posts! I will admit I am looking forward to putting together some nice outfits for work.

Laura said...

looove that chatbook idea! totally going to check it out, thanks!

Laura said...

Just tried ordering my free chatbook - but i'm having trouble with the code. Is it for a 60 photo book? It says "referral code is not valid for this product" when I try to order a 60 photo book. Help is appreciated, thanks for offering!