It's no secret on here that I love Taylor. I could listen to her music all day long. There is really not one song of hers that I can think of that I don't like and her music just makes me happy. She is insanely talented and creative. I also give her huge props for staying true to who she is. No crazy Miley Cyrus moments and she followed her gut when she wanted to branch away from "country" music.
She also has a huge heart and adores her fans - check out this video:  
I'm even starting to love her new look and style...
I still have a bone to pick with her though for not coming to Calgary on many of her latest tours. And once again I got her email saying she would be in Edmonton for her new tour but not Calgary. :( Womp womp. We have gone to Edmonton for her concert before and I joked with Justin that it would be a good Christmas idea if anyone asked for one. 
Well my Mom and Dad know me well and I was SO surprised Christmas morning when I opened up tickets to her concert in Edmonton in August. I cried. Because that's what I do. My Mom and I are going and I am already SO darn excited!! Us and a million tweens! :) She puts on an amazing concert!!
Thanks again Mom and Dad!
New video for one of my favorites from her newest album.

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Ashley said...

Oh wow!! Lucky girl! You will have soo much fun!!!

Whit said...

That's awesome, I love her too and I'm obsessed with her look! Going to be a sweet show!!

Gabriella said...

What a great gift! How you feel about Taylor is how I feel about Tim McGraw!

Pamela said...

awww how fun!!!

Kaella Neithercut said...

Awesome!! I love her too! I had the chance to interview her, a few years ago, and she was super sweet! Have so much fun at the concert!

PS I LOVE that song!!!

Leigh said...

What a perfect gift your mom got you! I'm sure you guys will have lots of fun at the concert too! :)

Rachel Steck said...

I love her too! I'm so excited that you get to see her in concert! What a wonderful Christmas gift. I would have totally cried too.

Katie said...

i love her too!! and watched that video the other day! she seems so sweet!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ahhhhh so jealous!!! I so want to see Taylor!! What an awesome gift!!

Funny, I am also going to Edmonton for the Maroon 5 concert, that I got tickets to for Christmas!!