{lake louise}

Ok this past weekend was amazing. We are so thankful we were able to getaway {huge thank you to my Mom and Dad for taking the girls}!
We dropped them off shortly after 1 on Friday and headed out of town. I didn't know where we were going as we had a Gift Certificate {thanks Uken and ACathy!} to put towards the weekend that was good to 3 hotels and Justin was surprising me. So I knew it was either Deer Lodge or Buffalo Mountain Lodge. We veto'd Emerald Lake Lodge as it was pretty far but really only half an hour past Lake Louise - but anyways - after passing through Banff I knew were were headed to Lake Louise! Good choice babe!
We hoped to do a hike or snowshoe when we arrived but it was snowing like mad and really foggy so we decided to just relax before dinner.
We went to Baker Creek Bistro for dinner - SO amazing. We ate there once before when Delainey was a wee babe and she joined us. This time around we ordered the exact same thing and it could possibly be my favorite meal. Justin had Bison and I had the Rossalline pasta - our waitress was like "oh you finished the whole thing!!" Heck yes I did. {chunkymonkey}.
That evening we had a drink by the fire and then played some rummy {no TVs in the room - it was rustic}.
Coffee on the balcony. Don't mind if I do! We woke up to a beautiful clear day and lots of fresh snow.
Each morning we also went and had a coffee in front on the fire place and read the paper.
Checking out Chateau Lake Louise and the ice sculptures.
We headed out later that morning for our hike. We chose to hike rather than snow shoe as we didn't think there was enough snow but we were the first tracks up there and really there was more than enough snow.
It was a great hike - uphill all the way and quite steep at times but so beautiful and quiet.
Made it to the top at Mirror Lake - 7km.
Justin of course surprised me with a glass of wine to go with our beef jerkey and fruit bar! :) 
Thinking of our girls!
After our hike we were going to go for a skate on the lake except it was SO insanely busy we said forget it. 
And the only thing that would have made our lodge stay perfect was if the hot tub wasn't out of order...that would have been amazing after our hike!
So Justin had a nap and I actually layed with my eyes closed the whole time he napped! Then we layed in bed and ate chips and had a beer before getting ready for dinner. ha ha
On our way out for dinner!
We had dinner that night in the Mount Fairview Dining room at our lodge.
Our meal was amazing {Justin had Grilled Alberta Beef Tenderloin and I had Free Range Chicken Breast}. But unfortunately they were really short staffed and it took forever to see a waitress and then to get our drinks and yada yada.
So we took our dessert coffees to go and sat by the fire. And yes - Justin drank a coffee - only when it's a B52.
That night we goggled a new card game called Spit. It was a lot of fun once we figured it out!
Sunday morning we were up early so hit the lake for a skate before the rest of the troops woke up.
It was a beautiful day - we totally lucked out weather wise.
I was showing off my moves.
LOVE this man.
Ice castle was really cool.
On our way back we stopped in Canmore for lunch at the Iron Goat.
View was amazing and we had some great pizza.
Then we picked up the girlies!! Even though it was a nice break - we missed them so much .
It was another amazing day so hit the ravine after Delainey napped - Delainey was pumped to be able to run the ravine again!
I fell on the stairs while holding D as we were leaving my parents and I think it was my ring that scratched her poor little face. :(
Playing some hockey before bed...
And in case you are wondering - Delainey and Cruz had a great weekend with Gramma & Grandpa.
They sledded a few times, went to the zoo, colored, played lots and enjoyed walking in this amazing weather. Thank you again SO much. xoxo
Not sure why these video are so huge but anyways. Like I said the lodge had no tvs but we watched all the videos my parents sent an embarrassing amount of times! :)
This one kills me. She is so silly.

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Murdock's mama said...

That place looks AMAZING! What a fun weekend!! :)

Rachel Steck said...

What a beautiful place to stay for a few days! Amazing!!! I have never seen anything like that in person. It looks unreal. I'm glad you and Justin took a few days to spend together alone. We parents need that, more often than we take it. Jeremy and I spent a week at the beach this past Sept/October and it was amazing. These videos are too cute!

Tawnya Faust said...

What I wouldn't give for a weekend away with Adam... unfortunately with no family here I'm afraid that will happen when our kids are like 20. Ugh. That trench on Delaney is adorable!!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I so need a weekend away like that now! What gorgeous weather too! Love the wine at the top of the hike. Smart Justin!!

Looks like the girls had fun too! Funny how we miss them.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

LOVE the video of D spinning! So funny!
So happy you two got away, so important. We were just talking about going away but need to plan where and when still. We have a few day trips planned this spring and summer but nothing overnight yet. Hopefully soon!
Love your pics from your weekend, I love going to the mountains :)

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

Looks like it was a great weekend! Good job to Justin for packing the wine- although, I think it would have sniffed it out a bit sooner ;)

I'm already craving nights away like that, but with no family around and 2 CRAZY INSANE pups, it's impossible! Thumbs up for the grandparents!!

Ashley said...

You guys are soo stinkin' cute together!! Glad you guys got a weekend away and I'm jealous of the location!! And I guess we will always have another reason to come back since we didn't make it to lake Louise!! Lol! Your dress is super cute! Noah is sporting a shiner I think from him wiping out and it's almost in the same spot as D's!! Are you okay from your fall? Did you fall far?

Kaella Neithercut said...

It looks like you had an amazing weekend! It's so awesome that your family is close, and able to take D, so you can have some time together! I have only been to Lake Louise once, as a teenager, and never really realized how lucky I was to be somewhere so incredible! I definitely want to go back some day!

T. L. said...

It looks like you guys had a great time, and a relaxing weekend. Lake Louise looks so beautiful! I love that Justin packed some surprise wine for you guys!

PS: Sorry if this shows up 3 times... I have just had to write it out 3 times :)

Gabriella said...

Amazing weekend! That looks like the most beautiful place ever, and I love the no TV in the room. Sometimes you need to just get away from it all. You guys are adorable together! The video of D spinning with her beads is too much! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a beautiful getaway! I would love to visit Lake Louise some day. It looks so beautiful and peaceful up there. Looks like Delainey had a blast too - that video of her spinning is so funny!

Mom and Dad said...

What beautiful photos of Lake Louise. The hike looks awesome. We need to get up there and do that. We sure did enjoy our weekend with Delainey. Hope we can do it again very soon. We are thinking a week at the lake this summer!!!

Nikki said...

Looks like y'all had a great weekend away! We are gearing up to go away for a weekend in March and I will not lie I can not wait! In the mean time we have a night "off" this weekend and I am looking forward to that as well!

Leigh said...

Looks like you love birds had lots of fun and decent weather! We've been to Emerald Lake Lodge and it's gorgeous there as well. I say you go there next time!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

My boyfriend is dying to go to Lake Louise - we're looking into all the details on the best time of year to go we want to see it when it's at the prime gorgeousness of it all.. Lol.