{I'm back}

Happy 2015! :) 
How the heck is everyone?! We had a nice break but it's also nice to get back into routine. Kinda.
I have a lot to catch up on but I'll start with this past weekend - even though it was pretty darn low key since it got really cold on Friday night.
Friday morning Delainey, Cruz and I met up with my friend Alison, her daughter and pup and we went for a walk in Bowness Park - due to the floods there are still a lot of paths closed so detour after detour we ended up way further away then we wanted to be and then had to get back to the trucks - 10km later - we made it. ;) Thankfully Delainey slept half of it and was nice and cozy in her bundleme bag!
Friday night we went for our annual potluck dinner with Justin's EV boys [old school friends]. I was so excited as there are 2 new babies! I got a good cuddle and got to feed Finn his bottle after 20 minutes of trying to convince him to wake up! Delainey was not impressed to say the least.
Illyana was tucked in the carrier the whole time so I missed out on cuddles there.
The rest of the weekend was spent at home - in jammies - not sorry. We took all the Christmas decor down, cleaned, worked out [I'm so sore!], played with our little bear of a toddler. I'm guessing it's mainly her teeth bugging her but she was not always a happy girl this weekend and she is fighting naps and bedtime like WHOA. It's exhausting.
We watched The Counsellor [it was so so - nothing special] on Saturday night and enjoyed the last of the tree.
We also made popcorn [the best batch I ever made Justin tells me!] and Justin had to save a little bowl for Miss D cause that's what his Mom used to do. :)
 Enjoying their snack on Sunday.
 I made Delainey some finger paints yesterday following this recipe:
 It was super easy but then when it says to let it cool - I put them in the fridge because I'm impatient like that and it totally changed the consistency. So don't do that.
 They still worked fine and we had fun.
 Good thing it's edible!
 Tastes like nothing - I tried it too.
 Kind of an artist I would say. :)
 Snacks with Cruz - always.
 Showing off her muscles at dinner - typical. :)
 This one has learned how to turn the music on/off on our alarm clock and thinks she is pretty tricky. Does a little boogey each time she turns it on which makes this trick totally ok with me. 
And that's it! Have a fabulous day!

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Leigh said...

This weather is the shits! Makes it hard to go anywhere or do anything as I'd rather be hibernating. Love the masterpiece that D made! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the edible finger paint idea! We might need to steal that idea the next cold day we are house bound :) Too funny with D and the alarm clock! A learned how to turn our sound bar on and off last week too so now the TV volume is constantly on and off lol.

Gabriella said...

I enjoy my routine as well, but being back at work is really hard today. I miss Homie! That edible finger painting is such a cute idea. I love her muscle picture! :)

Murdock's mama said...

Those finger paintings are priceless! :)

Ashley said...

The finger paints look fun! I will have to remember that for when Noah is a bit bigger!! I'm trying to find some sensory stuff for him at this age, but it's tricky! Noah is getting top teeth right now and is off, hopefully they both get their teeth quickly lol. The nap wars are back eh? Oh Miss D! Noah is doing better with it, but is down to just two naps a day and none after 4:30 no matter how tired he gets! Lesson learned!! We de-Christmased on New Years Day! It is super cold here now too and snowy! Yuck!

Carolyn said...

Love the paint idea!!! Was it SUPER messy? I might need to try that with Weston!

Amber said...

I thought it would be nice to get back into a routine too but this Monday has been hard on me! We are getting a massive blizzard here in Kamloops and with not enough snow plow budget + lots of hills it means TERRIBLE driving conditions. Also my head hurts from looking at my computer all day. Only one hour to go...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is so cool that you made paint! My mom made play doh for us when we were kids and it was also something you could eat (but wouldn't want to because it was disgusting) but it was nice to have larger batches of play doh to play with versus the small little containers you buy in the store. Sorry to hear that Delainey has been fighting naps and sleep - that is not fun for anyone!

Janna Renee said...

I was wondering how that movie was. It looked kinda strange. Seriously, she gets cuter every time I see her! Now I want to see her little dance, haha.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Ha I'm totally impatient too.. I just did my first gel manicure on myself and they are tore up.. Pretty little bedroom wall you have!

Whit said...

I love chill weekends!! ;) Ok that little man, Finn, is adorable. I love that sleepy newbie phase.
Delainey's muscles are huge ;) lol So cute!!

Katie said...

i need to try that paint!! and that is so cute about the popcorn! :)

Bex said...

I totally need to make Liam new finger paints. Love Miss D's little painting!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love all the Delainey pics!! So cute painting, eating popcorn, being silly!!

Audrey loves to paint too!