{Delainey's Favorites: Sleep}

That's a funny title. I WISH sleep was one of Delainey's favorite things but it sure is not. She is like me in the sleep department - not a great napper and doesn't want to miss out. 
So any little noise - bam she's awake and wants to be apart of it. Even if it's the wind.
When Delainey was a wee babe she didn't love to be swaddled to begin with but then when she did the Halo SleepSack Swaddle was our favorite thing ever. 
- It's so easy to use ~ zipper and velcro to swaddle. 
- Inverted zipper for easy diaper changes.
- We had a newborn size in the microfleece and then bought a size small when she grew out her first one and loved how cozy they were. Considering these replace blankets - I would want to be nuzzled in a fleece swaddle!
- These are considered "hip healthy" which I liked seeing as she was Frank Breech and when she was little we were concerned about her hips.
How cute is that tiny Miss D!?
- Once we could no longer swaddle her arms (started rolling) she continued to wear it as we could just swaddle her tummy as seen here:
- She just grew out of her size small SleepSack Swaddle!
So when I had the opportunity to review the HALO SleepSack Early Walker - I was thrilled.
When I first saw it - I thought it was genius! And then thought WHY had I not heard of these before?!
About the HALO SleepSack Early Walker & SleepSack Big Kids:
HALO Innovations is dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. In fact, over 1,300 hospitals use the HALO® SleepSack® wearable blankets through the HALO Safer Way to Sleep Initiative. This past summer they launched their new bassinet, the HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper, furthering their commitment to helping babies sleep safely. Which looks pretty cool - take a look at it!

As your child grows from baby to toddler, HALO Innovations offers the SleepSack Early Walker and SleepSack Big Kids.  HALO SleepSacks for toddlers offer your child the warmth and security of a SleepSack so he can fall asleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night as well as unique foot openings for more mobility when awake.
PS. Getting a picture of her in it without Monkey was not happening - SleepSack and monkey means sleep. They go together so no smiles!
We LOVE this new SleepSack Early Walker. It's still just as cozy as her old Halo SleepSack Swaddle {and cozier than any other SleepSack we have found} but gives the option of having her feet out - or you can tuck them in at night. They are roomy and still have the inverted zipper for diaper changes if needed.
Check out the Size chart - we went with the large which is for 12-18 months as I wanted it to last but I would have been totally fine with the medium considering Delainey's weight and size which I didn't have up to date at the time I ordered this one. Luckily this one will likely last her until she is in Kindergarten. :)
SleepSack Early Walker and Big Kids are available in light weight-knit fabric and in Micro-fleece. These are available for purchase on amazon.com, babies r us and target. 
Be sure to check HALO out on:
Thank you Halo for such an awesome product!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh awesome! We still have the full sack for Avery and to say she loves it is an understatement. Though we will need a longer one soon, my only thing is I like something that covers her feet since lots of her pjs don't have feet.
Avery is totally the opposite, the kid might like her sleep TOO much and will sleep through anything. She gets it from her Mom - who slept through a crying baby all the time!

Leigh said...

Might have to check this out for the future as Amelia LOVES to be swaddled!

Ashley said...

We are still using sleep sacks too! I will have to look into one of the ones with the foot holes!! So clever!!

Bex said...

That's cool. I can't remember when/why we stopped using the sleepsack but this would have been cool to use last winter when it was chilly and Liam wouldn't use blankets.