{Baby Mama: Muladhara Yoga}

Happy Friday! :)
Even though I do all my workouts at home a nice workout outfit totally makes the workout better. ;) Plus I'm not gonna lie - I wear workout gear to run errands a lot too. That's why today I am super duper excited to have the opportunity to share a special little shop called Muladhara Yoga.

Amanda is the lovely shop owner and creator of all these amazing items and she is located right here in Calgary!! Amanda is a yoga teacher (Moksha Yoga Calgary - 2 locations) and creates all of these items based on what she would wear while teaching.
 Check out her beautiful items...
Leggings  - I LOVE these with the lace at the top.
As well as shirts, yoga tops and shorts in the sale items! Plus she has new items coming out all month!
And check these Mini Yoginis out too for babes and toddlers! Adorable I tell you. 
I was so excited to see this new fabric {colorwave} come in when Amanda asked me which fabric I wanted because it is so bright and fun. And I was even more excited when she asked me what size Delainey wore! Mommy & me yoga pants!!
I am wearing a size small in her crops
I love that they have a wide waist band for comfortable coverage over the belly...
or it can be folded down - how cute is my little yogi?!
 I always love details.
 I decided to tryout some yoga poses for photos instead of typical photos but afterwards decided that was kinda silly of me since Amanda is a yoga instructor and I simply goggled fun yoga poses and attempted them. So Amanda - I apologize for my incorrect form. :)
 Let me tell you - this pose - not as easy as it looks. Justin and I almost peed our pants when I did numerous face plants into the ground and then he told me to stop for the fear of me getting carpet burn on my face. ;) But I've been practicing after my workouts and I'm pretty good now!
I LOVE these crops. They are so comfortable - I have worn them many times doing T25 and the 21 day fix and they are fantastic. Not remotely see through, made incredibly well and are amazing quality of fabric and craftsmanship.
Plus we can match - total win in my books. 
Delainey is wearing a 12 month is the blossoming baby yoga pants from her Mini Yoginis series.
They are so freakin' cute! And they are a great fit on Delainey as well.
The minis have this cute waist band in a contrasting color.
And some silliness doing her own yoga moves!
You can shop and get 10% using the code ALISONANDJUSTIN until January 31/15.
Check Muladhara Yoga out on facebook and instagram @muladharayogi
She also sells her items at the Moksha Yoga Calgary South location.
Thank you again Amanda. Happy Friday. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

First of all, you are amazing for just trying those poses!!! I'd definitely hurt myself!
Love these matching pants! I'll definitely check them out. And wide waist bands are a must!

Leigh said...

What awesome pants! Love that she made you matching ones for Miss D too.

Ashley said...

I did not succeed with yoga, especially any moves like that - maybe when i get some muscles back ahahaha. but I didnt love yoga like I thought I would! The pants are cute though! I like yoga clothing!!

Chelsea said...

Those Yoga pants are to die for :) I love them.. I am normally in workout clothes on the weekend because they are so comfy.. Can't wait to look into these
Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Christy said...

you are killing me with the matching! I think I'll have to get a pair of those crops one day!

Gabriella said...

Love! I am a little obsessed with the Pop Dot Yoga Crops. So cute!! Your Yoga poses are awesome, and so are Miss D's!! I love the pony tail on top of her head - her hair is getting so long!

Sarah said...

Such cute stuff!! I am a fan of wide waistbands too! I love how colorful all of those pieces are!


SO in love with all of those work out clothes!! A good workout outfit definitely makes me more excited to go to the gym!

Bex said...

Ok, I love you, but I hate you a little for just googling yoga poses and being able to do the forearm stand. I've been working on that for months and you just do it. Also, your abs. Just stop. I mean that in the best way. <3

Going to check these out. Because I need to shop like I need another hole in my face.

Mom said...

Impressive poses!!
Love Delaineys leg up on the wall pose...so cute.
Definitely going to look at her site.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Um seriously, you just looked those poses up and did them? Impressive!

The pants are awesome!! Love the matching!!
I need new yoga pants like I need a hole in the head but I love these!

Whit said...

haha I LOVE Delainey's photos at the end doing Yoga!!! So freaken cute. Plus you look incredible, all that hard work girl. Pays off!! I love the yoga pants with the lace. definitely a go for groceries pair of pants ;) lol xox