{weekend rewind}

 This weekend was a chilly one! Started off with an AWFUL drive to Edmonton Thursday night with Dad and Jeff for John's memorial Friday morning. The roads were terrible plus it was snowing and dark. So glad they did the driving and I hid in the back seat. We made a change of plans en route and went and stayed with friends in Edmonton instead of going to the lake.
Delainey & Cruz had a sleepover and stayed back with Gramma as Justin had to work. Thanks again Mom.
On our way home Jeff and Dad stopped to help this guy stuck in a snowbank. We knew we had a long trip ahead of us and still they stop to help others. Love these guys.
 {Unfortunately he was out of gas too!}
The drive home was much better until about an hour from home and then it was SO slow. I was a ton of help.
Had dinner with Mom and Dad when we got home and then headed home for a quiet night.
 We got a wee bit of snow. Thankful for this strong snow shovel-er, brave dog walker & chauffeur this weekend - Delainey and I stayed very warm.
Saturday afternoon we had Nixon's 2nd Birthday party - pirate themed!
Crystal again did a great job with the decor and snacks.
Birthday boy enjoying cupckae #1.
And #2.
Our attempt at our annual photo with the birthday boy - nailed it.
Saturday night we put up the upstairs tree - a little Mickey Mouse Christmas Carole watching - she prefers the Grinch. 
We watched Elf while we finished the tree after Delainey went to bed. Then hockey. Of course.
Baby Nadeau was born on Saturday too! Can't wait to meet Marcus Everett soon. Congrats Blake & Karen.
Sunday we did some Christmas shopping and hoped to go "visit" Santa - meaning just look at him and show Delainey so she doesn't totally freak out when we go for her real visit but he didn't arrive until noon {slacker} so we'll have to try again another day.
Sunday evening Mom, Dad & Nana come over the watch the Grey Cup and have dinner. We had a great visit with them and I can honestly say I watched maybe 5 minutes of the game. :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad you guys got to and home safely! I would have hid in the backseat too :)
Oh we have no plans on going to see Santa! Lol. A will freak the hell out and the line ups will make me want to drink ;) Maybe in a few years when I can reason with her ;)

Ashley said...

Ugh I hate being stuck in crappy weather!! I'm a wreck in the car anymore, especially with Noah!! You guys got a lot of snow! We had an above zero weekend!! Love the party decor! She did great!! I also love D's outfit! We didn't watch the grey cup, but I heard you guys won! Lol! Your tree looks beautiful!!

Kaella Neithercut said...

Oh my goodness- I hate driving in bad weather! I'm glad you guys made it safe!!! I'm hoping to take London to see Santa this week!! :)

Whit said...

haha I love that photo Jeff took, so funny! So glad you guys are safe.
You still rocked out an awesome weekend even when the weather made the roads sketch. Nicely done! Looks like fun and I think I beat you on the shortest amt of the grey cup watched, 0 mins ;) lol If that. Go Stamps Go ;) xox Stay warm

Gabriella said...

I thought it was cold here, but you for sure win in that department! Glad you got home safe. I love all the party decor - everything is so cute!!

Bex said...

So glad you guys made it there and back without any issues. Always makes me worry knowing people are out on the roads in conditions like that.

That pirate party decor is amazing!!

Katie said...

is this the first time you left delainey? that's exciting!! are you still nursing? and brrrrrr - so much snow!!! sorry for the bad drive! and what a cute birthday party!

Katie said...

and let me clarify - what a not fun reason to leave. I'm so sorry about your friend. but exciting that she stayed with your mom and everyone survived! :)

Rachel Steck said...

I'm thankful for your safe travel this weekend - and I love that pic your brother took in the car! Gotcha!
What a neat birthday party!
Delainey's vest - I die. So so cute!

Sara Turner said...

That pirate themed party looks awesome (especially love the idea for the map on the floor to the x-marks the spot treasure!)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love the pirate themed party! Looks like a lot of fun - I love seeing what others come up with for parties as I am terrible at things like that! And your tree looks beautiful!