{weekend highlights}

 This weekend seemed extra busy but we had a great time none the less. 
I still can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away! On to some weekend highlights:
Miss Independent wants to feed herself all the time...
But then soon realizes it's not so easy with the spoon and this method is where it's at:
 "Dad check me out I get messy when you are at work - take that"
 The weather was awesome so we made sure to take advantage of it!
 Friday night we had our annual Christmas get together with my girlfriends and at Christmas all the men and kids come! It's a little chaotic and crazy but it's awesome to see our group dynamic changing. AND I got to cuddle 3 babes. 
{D dress: c/o Avantgarde Studio - FINALLY found red tights and a red cardigan after searching everywhere! Walmart came through for me because it would be been awful if my vision for her outfit didn't come true - ha ha. Shoes: Joe Fresh, Headband: I made.
Mine: Old Navy, Necklace: Modern B Boutique}
 Daddy & D selfie!
We all bring a sweet and savory dish - I made 2 cookies from Jen's blog - Classic Peanut Butter Blossoms 
{mine did not turn out this red}
Both were tasty. I also made Loaded Potato Crisps
We had a ton of food and our tummies left happy.
Delainey and Laurel - Delainey was REALLY sad that Comox was outside most of the night. 
She cried many times wanting her inside!
 All the girls and babes - missing Julia & Sara.
Me [Delainey], Barb [Taylor], Carla [Laurel, Troy, Theodore}, Krista [Charlie] & Nicole.
 And because I like comparison pics...
Last year heading to the same party and this year - check out those cheeks!
 Saturday I met up with Sara - my ornament swap buddy to exchange gifts. She got me the cutest owl ornament and this pretty snowflake mug! We were lucky to live in the same city to exchange so we didn't have to worry about shipping. Thank you again Sara!!
Saturday we also had a visit with Grandma Debbie while Justin did an oil change for her.
 Sunday morning we went to Dustin and Whit's for our annual Christmas brunch and gift exchange. As usual they made delicious breakfast sandwiches [our fav] and yummy dehydrated hashbrowns. Whit also made an AMAZING home made eggnog - it was like an eggnog milkshake. Definitely need the recipe! And the guys enjoyed a few craft beers [yes starting at 10am] from Dust's Beer Advent Calendar [coolest idea ever]. And the kids ran around and played - it was perfect.
Justin took this photo [which I love] - Delainey and Fin were playing behind the curtain together 
and it reminded me of this photo Whit and I took together. So excited for these girls to grow up together.
 Part of my gift from Whit was these leggings and they are the softest leggings EVER! Love them. Thanks again for everything Whit.
And that's about it. :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww what a fun weekend! I hear you about the vision thing, Lol. I have the perfect dress for A but NO idea where to find tights. The dress is black with gold polka dots so need (ok, want) something to go with it.
Avery liked to feed herself these days too, which goes okay unless it is quinoa ;)

Rachel Steck said...

I too would have cried wanting Comox in the house!
What a great weekend!

Gabriella said...

So happy you were able to find the tights and sweater. You both look beautiful! Also, look at all those babies at your girlfriend get together! I love it!! The picture of D and Finn is soooo cute! Best friends for sure!

Leigh said...

Busy weekend for you guys! Look at you striking a fashion blogger pose ;) So glad wally-mart came through for you! Her outfit sure was cute :)

Whit said...

hahah dehydrated potatoes... shhhh it's a family secret ;) I'll give you the recipe for those, great for camping or to throw in the back of your car in case you get stuck in a snow bank in the country ;) lol

Holy smokers that's a FULL weekend. You need another weekend to recover from your weekend ;)

Love the pictures and oh my word D looks like such a big girl in that comparison. And you looked gorgeous as always, I can't get over all the babies!! So crazy!

Those peanut butter blossoms are SO good! You are on it girl!! xox

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like a really fun weekend - how fun that your friends all have kids! I love your and Delainey's outfits! You girls look great! And yum - I love peanut butter blossoms!!!

Bex said...

What a great weekend. Glad you found the tights and cardi for the dress!

Rachel and John said...

I got an owl ornament too! Love it!

Ashley said...

Her outfit is perfect!! Crazy the difference a year makes!! You guys look great!! Look at that messy face! Noah is wanting to feed himself more and more, but he ends up flinging it everywhere... Soo not ready haha. Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Heidi @ Idlehide said...

I also got an owl ornament:)
Your little family is beyond adorable!

Katie said...

I LOVE those leggings!! where are they from?