{stocking stuffers}

If you are like me you haven't quite finished your Christmas shopping yet. I hope to power through tomorrow and get most of it done - fingers crossed.
Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas {in my mind!}:
I featured them when Delainey was just a wee monkey...
They have some great festive bows now - perfect for girls or bow ties for your little man...
Or crowns...super cute for birthday parties also!
 Le Petit Coco
We adore their moccs - you have to check out her new stuff - she is even doing sheep fleece lining as an add on now!
And Danielle also makes bows to match your moccs (we have 2 coming our way to match D's moccs)!
 Sara Ellie Bows
Sara makes the cutest Christmas bows and headbands!
We love all her bows & clips!
Carrie currently has lots of great accessories that would be awesome stocking stuffers!
I also love this new Poncho she has.
Use coupon code BLOG25 to get 25% off your order!
 Modern B Boutique
Can't go wrong with filling a stocking with pretty jewels!
Use Code ALISON for 15% off and check out the site for the free shipping code - you can use both!
I found these Play mat shirts on etsy and think they are genius!
A back rub while the kids play - yes please!
Can't forget the pups!
Get them a new dog tag from Sofa City Sweethearts
Or a fancy collar from Addison Logan
Cruz only shops at these 2 stores! :)

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Rachel Steck said...

Such cute stuff!

Stacy said...

ooh i love the shirt - genius - i could go for a back rub while they play. I try to get my 7 year old to rub my back and she thinks its cool....all of 3 mins!