Happy Wednesday and last day of work for me! Yippeee!
Unfortunately we have Justin at home sick today.
He informed me yesterday he has a man-cold as he appeared from upstairs with his hoodie over his head, PJ pants on and trail of kleenex behind him. He knows he's pathetic when he's sick but I sure hope it doesn't last long and the rest of the house doesn't get it.
Anyways on to some loves...

{Mom & Dad}
They are home from their trip to Texas and their cruise! Cruz has already had a sleepover and we've had a visit - aka they got their Delainey fix! Excited to spend more time with family over the holidays.

{new phones}
Justin has been dying to get his hands on the new iPhone 6 so we agreed it would be our Christmas gift to each other even though we don't typically exchange gifts. It took a while for the ones we wanted to be in stock but - he is in love. I am getting used to it - it's much bigger - I think that's the only thing I am getting used to. It's so light and skinny too. I will say I LOVE that my battery lasts all day long. My old phone would drop to 96% just by unplugging it after charging it all night and by noon it would be 50% without me hardly using it. So last night at bedtime it was still 86% - mind blown. The camera is also WAY better quality and we all know pictures make me happy.
I went with gold and Justin went with space grey.
{book lover - finally!}
Every night Delainey moves all her books from the shelves she can reach in her room and then piles them next to the rocking chair where we sit and read our bedtime stories. She will then choose her favorite and sit on that big pile of books and read.
{cardstore }
All our Christmas cards are sent and I love how they turned out - well I mainly just love the 3 cuties on the cards with me}
{photos - shocking I know}
Nixon & Emerson's Gramma Liz emailed me some shots she got of Delainey from Nixon's party and they are pretty cute. Love this cheeky girl and photos just make me SO happy!
I loved Taylor Swift's performances on the Victoria's Secret Fashion show - other than the fact she was clearly lip-syncing she was great and looked pretty phenomenal. Even though she could afford to eat a few cheese burgers. Actually she should come spend some time in our staff room right now. Someone should tell my stomach I did not need 3 Andes chocolate mints and a piece of double chocolate [I think there was banana in there] cake bread for breakfast. Thank goodness it's my last day here!!
It's great. Just read it and have a fabulous day.

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Leigh said...

Oh no, not a man cold! Those are definitely the worst kind of colds out there ;) Fingers crossed you and Delainey don't get it either. That's so cute that she moves all of the books :)

Gabriella said...

Your Christmas card is adorable! Those pictures of D are so cute. Her smile is seriously the best! Yay for last day of work before vacation! I hope Justin feels better!

Murdock's mama said...

Love that last quote...thanks for sharing! Also, you totally made my day with the holiday card!!! THANK YOU for including us! :)

Rachel Steck said...

Oh boy. I hope Justin's man-cold is over soon. Yikes.
I love that Delainey uses her pile of books as a chair! She's such a cutie!
I thought Ms. Swift did a great job too at the VS show. I try to watch that every year. Jeremy thinks I'm weird...

T. L. said...

I have an iPhone 6 Plus on order and I am soooo excited for it. My trusty 4S sounds like yours...the battery dies SO fast. I actually carry a battery pack in my purse because it can't even last a few hours of doing errands and running around! So annoying.

Bex said...

Ugh. My phone battery is horrible right now too. I'm waiting until I'm eligible for an upgrade in February and then will probably splurge on the 6 as well.

Loved your Christmas cards. Displaying mine proudly on the fridge :)

Ashley said...

Not the man cold!!! Uh oh!! Hope he feels better soon!!
Love the new gold iphone, I'm hopeful to get it in July!! Your Christmas card is hanging on my fridge!! Hopefully you get yours soon!! I think I sent it before the Christmas cut off!! Soo cute!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love your bedtime reading tradition - love that you've got a little book-lover on your hands! What cutie! And my Christmas card design is very similar to yours except it's red!

Whit said...

oooh NOOOO... not the Justin-man-cold ;) ... yikes. I hope he feels better soon!!

That's such a cute little habit Miss D is in. Always fun what they decide to start doing :)

Love the quote and Miss Taylor Swift. So awesome and yes she needs some cheese burgers. xox