{Delainey update - 13 & 14 months}

Thought I would do a quick update on Miss Delainey who is just growing up so darn quickly. It's pretty amazing the things they learn at this age. It's so fun. She appears to be teething right now so has her fussy moments but otherwise is such a happy kiddo.
{weight & length}
To be updated! We go for a check up next in a couple weeks.

She still loves to eat! She will run to the pantry or fridge when you ask if she wants a snack and when the microwave dings she runs to it too thinking it means food! Currently she loves yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, fruit & veggie bars, grapes, mini cereal bars, black beans, pasta, quesadillas, peaches...
We had our last bedtime nursing session and she weaned like a champ and had no issues at all. She loves homo milk with all her meals and could chug her bottle in minutes if we let her.
She is such a happy kid - loves so much!
Feeding herself
Being silly:
Toys {little people, toys she can pull/push around}
Lucy the lady bug at Gramma & Grandpa's
Looking through books herself
Bike videos
Dance Parties - music
Diaper changes
Putting jammies on and getting dressed in general [for me mainly]
Being hungry. Goes from fine to STARVING and going to wither away in seconds flat.
The word no - cue alligator tears.
These 2 are the best of buds and it couldn't make us happier and more proud of Cruz. She is very tolerant of Delainey. Cruz has lost some of her listening skills and she begs for food now which is all new but we are working on it. I know it's a huge adjustment for her too having a new little person in the house when for years she was our only baby!!
{what's new}
She had her first, second and third sleepover with Gramma & Grandpa.
Has been sleeping SO well. Naps great, goes to bed great and will sometimes sleep in past 7 - knock on wood she keeps it up!
Had her first haircut.
Waves bye.
First play in the snow.
Back to size 2 diapers - way better!
Puts her diaper in the garbage when done with the diaper change. Clean ones sometimes too. ;)
Knows where to go when you say it's time to go workout or go walk Cruz.
Knows to run away REALLY fast when I say it's time to get jammies on or to get naked for a bath!
Says Mom, Mommy, Daddy, Daddaddad, yum, Oh. Makes an X sound for Cruz. Often will say random words but they aren't in context. She basically chatters away all day.
Still only 2 teeth on the bottom.
This is her all done move:
I LOVE this age and stage SO darn much. She is a riot and we laugh a lot. I love spending my days with her and cannot wait for my days off. So thankful for this little person we call our Delainey. 

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jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

Delainey and I have the same dislikes! Love the 'all done'!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

They are so much fun now! Avery hates getting dressed in the mornings for me too. They are so crazy and goofy right now :)

Rachel Steck said...

She is such a treasure. I love the smiles w/the tongue out!

Christy said...

I can't believe how big she is getting!

Courtney Kassner said...

She seems hilarious and happy all the time like Crew! Wish they could meet!

Ashley said...

She is the sweetest!! I think you guys need to come down here for a visit!! Just sayin'!! Love this update!!!

Nikki said...

She's so darn cute!

Leigh said...

Crazy how quickly they grow! She sure does have a fun personality though :)

Gabriella said...

Her faces are too much! What a sweet and happy girl!! xoxoxo

Bex said...

This post makes me wish I had a girl, boys are just so....crazy. Delainey seems like such a sweetheart. And a cute one too. I love the photo of her sticking her tongue out!

Kristin said...

She is the greatest little thing :)

Kristin said...

She is the greatest little thing :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So fun to see her growing up! She's such a doll! I love all the blurry pictures- doesn't stop moving anymore!