{Baby Mama: A-Bomb Apparel}

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a weekend full of fun stuff planned!
I am sure looking forward to ours.
We've had a couple busy of days - Wednesday it was so nice out so we met up with Whit and the kids at the zoo. The animals were all out and happy to see us!
 East and Delainey were as cute as EVER! It was such a great morning.
Then yesterday we had the Momstown Christmas party. It was a little chaotic and busy but we had a nice visit with Nicole (Audrey & Leo).
 Delainey was not thrilled with their uber fake Santa. No real beard and under 40. Santa fail.
 Alright on to the real reason for today's post!
Today I get to share with you a shop that is not only plum full of bright, fun and very unique apparel - it is a shop that was created with a ton of passion.
A-Bomb Apparel was founded by the beautiful and talented {she's kind of a superstar guys!!} Ashley Battersby of the US freeskiing team!
I will let Ashley introduce herself and her shop first...
I have been doing my small business for about 8 years now and decided to call it a bomb Apparel because my nickname in the ski in the street became a bomb when I was about 12. my first passion and love in job is a professional skier, I have been skiing since I was 18 months old and I am now currently on the US freeskiing team and an Olympic hopeful! I am also a bronze medalist in X Games in gold medalists and dew tour! skiing has been my passion ever since I could remember, but when I have had for ACL(major knee surgeries that take 6-12 months to heal) I decided to start my own company. It all started because I have always had a very creative and original way of dressing and never wanted to look like anybody else. And also in the ski industry I wanted to make something completely different from all the other companies out there. So that's why I started :-) and with my down time with my major surgery is, I had to find another passion that I truly loved and believed in! My fashion style was never the same as everyone else - I always wanted to be different, so I really hope that shows in my clothing line :-)
Here are some of my favorite pieces...
Ashley made Delainey a pair of her leggings and a matching headband and even made me a matching mama beanie!
Her pants are made of black fleece so they are nice and cozy for our Canadian winters.

LOVE our Polar Stroller skis too [thank you again Gran] - make our snowy walks a breeze!

Love the fun A-Bomb logos!
I adore the bright aztec pattern and like how Ashley used it as a waist band and at the ankles - such a fun pop of color.
The headband is also made of the fleece so is perfect to keep her ears warm and toasty too.
{Squirrel onesie: c/o Mini Souls - check out thier Christmas loot - the Milk & Cookies tee & Xmas Skelly tee are too cute}
My hat is perfect to throw on to run errands when a shower hasn't happened yet...or for days! :)
We love our matching A-Bomb Apparel!
Now you guys can shop to your hearts content using the code Alison20 for 20% your order!
Also make sure you keep your ears open for the name Ashley Battersby - I am certain you will hear it in the upcoming Olympics!
Thank you again Ashley for turning your passion into this awesome shop.

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Christy said...

the mama and daughter matching is just the cutest thing ever! take advantage of it while you can!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the headband! Avery still rips anything off her head! Brat. I love your toque too! Have a great weekend :)

Rachel Steck said...

So cute! You are both beautiful.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the leggings!! And the matching headband and hat are too cute!! I really need a new hat, I'm off to check her out!!

Leigh said...

That picture of Delainey and Easton holding hands is too cute! Love her stuff :)

Ashley said...

Love Nicole's kids expressions in the Santa pic haha! Poor Miss D! I agree that Santa is creepy! We take Noah to see Santa tomorrow morning for the first time!! Hopefully it goes well! He's not shy at all, so I'm hopeful for a good pic, but he is a it out of sorts today with a new cough.
Soo neat you got to work with Ashley!! Her stuff looks pretty awesome! Love the pop of colors!!
Have a great weekend!!

Sara Turner said...

Love those leggings! so cute how everything matches. I went to the website, and got all the way to checkout to buy a pair of my own... but the shipping to Canada was a deal breaker unfortunately. Ah well. Her stuff looks awesome tho!

Whit said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that beanie on YOU and the headband/pants combo on D!! Adorable. You guys are so stinkin' cute!! The squirrel onesie is SO cute too. I give up ;)
Ps. that was one of the best zoo dates ever!! We have to do that in the new year. xox