[We heart snacks}

Thursday already?!
It's been a busy week so far and the blog got away from me. Justin was off with us Monday and Tuesday and yesterday Mom, Nana, Jolie, Delainey & I went to Ikea and then to order my bridesmaid dress so I just haven't sat down to the computer in days!
It's darn cold out there too and we both have a bit of the sniffles so some plans we had got put on hold and we decided to just hangout at home today.
Anyways to make up for it I have an awesome shop to share with you and a GIVEAWAY!
 Litsie Creations is one of our newest loves!
Susan is the mastermind behind this shop and is from Ontario - she is a retired Family Studies teacher with 3 sons and 2 grandchildren - so she has lots of free time on her hands! :) ha ha
She creates the best little snack bags! She makes these in 2 different sizes - one is just perfect for snacks. I make a trail mix for Delainey and she can snack on that when she is waiting for a meal or just needs a snack - she is like me and needs lots of snacks throughout the day!
The other is a perfect size for a sandwich, apple slices, carrots, orange slices - or even a cell phone in your beach bag! I think I would also use it for traveling when you want to bring a nail polish and want it protected!

All bags are eco-friendly, re-usable, waterproof & dryer safe - with fancy pro-care lining!
Delainey has even already figured out the zipper to open them up!
Perfect for her little hands!
We went with the Bicycle Citron print for Justin of course!
She has fabulous prints to choose from (some organic fabric as well) and they are so professionally made. My favorite prints are the Elephant Train and the Lark Dreamer.
She also has larger wet bags that are perfect for wet swim suits, wet or dirty clothes, cloth diapers - etc. We used ours for our wet swim suits after swimming and it was so handy to just toss in our bag - we also used the sandwich size bag for our creams and mini shampoo/conditioner. 
These she makes these in 2 different sizes as well.
The uses for these bags really are endless! Make up, dog treats, soothers, gym clothes - you name it! And you can use them over and over again and wash them easily with the rest of your laundry or just by wiping them out. 
Now Susan is offering a giveaway to my readers - a small and large snack bag in your choice of print!
To enter:
1. Check out her shop - tell me your favorite print and what you would use one of her bags for!
2. Like them on Facebook HERE
You can place orders in her Etsy shop HERE or via email litsiecreations@gmail.com
Susan is also offering you 10% off your order (GREAT Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!) using the promo code Litsie3 when you convo her an order!
Thank you again Susan - we love your shop! Winner will be announced next Thursday.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love these! We obviously use wet bags all the time and have a small snack bag too, which we love! All her prints are SO cute, I love the Octoberama. We would use them for snacks (probably puffs!) and cloth diapers!

Murdock's mama said...

We have a few of these & LOVE them!

Courtney Kassner said...

I can't believe how big our babies are getting! She is just too cute!

I love all the prints, but I think I like the Octoberama blue the best!

Katie said...

liked on facebook!

Katie said...

and so so cute! i want the elephant train snack bag! and i can't believe how long her hair is getting - she is adorable!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

I can't believe how much snow y'all have already!!!

Ashley said...

I love the whales or elephants!! I like on fb too!!
I should look at getting a wye bag for swimming or travelling with!! We use one bag for puffs and the other has soothers in it!!

krink said...

Okay AJ, I really like the Organic Birch Fabric in Octoberama Blue. Being a mom of two CONSTANTLY snacky kids, I'd use them for snacks of all kinds... goldfish, animal crackers, apple slices, dried mango, grapes, pretzels etc. Fingers crossed I win won for once ;)

Jennifer Golding said...

Liked on Facebook. Love the elk print! We would use these for snacks as we are just starting food, or wet clothes....we had our first diaper blowout today and had nothing to put clothes in, one of these would have been so handy!

Mom said...

I liked her on FB and would choose Optic Blossom. They are a great product with SO many possibilities.

Bex said...

I like the elephant ones.

I just picked up some Curios George snack bags for Liam's Christmas stocking.

nutcaseinpoint said...

i liked on facebook

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

I like the elephant train wet bag- i'd be able to throw my sweaty gym clothes in it at work!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Hope the sniffles go away soon!!

Love reusable bags! I like the octoberama or bicycle print.

Meghan said...

I really like the Octoberama print and would use it for the beach or the gym!!

Laura Hit said...

I'm not sure if I posed right when I had to log in...so the abridged version of my comment in case I did! Liked on facebook and love the patterns - especially Octoberama as my kids will see it best in the backpack. Would love it to send snacks to school - sometimes a baggie is better then a reusable container, but I cringe everytime I reach for a zipper baggie.

Michelle said...

LOVE these! The snack and wet bags are so practical and would make great gifts! Selfishly, I like the bird spoke pattern :) Thanks for the giveaway Alison!